Westchester, New York Club

College Seal Embroidery Kits

The original version of these cross-stitch kits sold very well during Mount Holyoke’s sesquicentennial. This improved version features an easy-to-follow, full-color, inkjet-printed design chart. The seal, in three shades of blue, measures 11″ square, just the right size for a 14″ square frame or pillow form. Also included are fourteen-count ivory Aida cloth, DMC floss, tapestry needle, and full instructions from which the uncommon woman can teach herself this easier-than-it-looks craft. One alumna reports that her framed, cross-stitched seal hangs on her office wall, where it attracts far more attention and admiration than the law-school diploma hanging next to it! $23 per kit plus $4 postage for any quantity. Add $2 each if you would also like a 5″ spring-tension embroidery hoop. New York residents, please add sales tax. Send orders, with check payable to Sharon Campbell Rubens ’73. Contact the Alumnae Association at 413-538-2303 if you cannot login to see Sharon’s mailing address. The Mount Holyoke Club of Westchester receives one-quarter of the proceeds.

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  1. Doug Beland says:

    I was looking for my cousin sharon Campbell Rubens. I have have not seen her since the 50’s. She has a sister named Sheila and a brother named gorden. If she is the same person as is listed on this web site I would appreciate you giving her my information. Thanks. Doug Beland