Alum Fellowships

Thanks to generous gifts from alums, the Alumnae Association and the College offer a small number of fellowships to Mount Holyoke College graduates each year. Applicants may apply to multiple fellowships through one application as long as they meet the criteria for each award. If you have received a fellowship in the past, you may apply again, but preference will be given to those who have not yet been awarded a fellowship.

Applications are due by December 15. Other important dates:

  • All applicants will be notified of final decisions via email by May 15.
  • Financial awards will be disbursed by July 30.

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Available Alum Fellowships

The 1905 Fellowship:
Awarded regardless of year of graduation, field of work, or place of study.

Bardwell Memorial Fellowship:
Awarded to a recent graduate (within five years), without limitation to field of work or place of study.

Dr. Mary P. Dole Medical Fellowship:
Awarded for research to alumnae, preferably to those who hold a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Frances Mary Hazen Fellowship:
Awarded, preferably, to a candidate in the field of classics.

Hannum-Warner Travel Fellowship:
Awarded for travel and study, preferably in Asia (although the West is not excluded).

Lyon’s Pride Fellowship:
Awarded, preferably, to a candidate pursuing a LGBTQ, gender, or feminist studies project.

Mary E. Woolley Fellowship:
The Alumnae Association’s most prestigious award, granted regardless of year of graduation, field of work, or place of study.

Rachel Brown Fellowship:
Awarded for the first year of graduate study in the physical or biological sciences to those who majored in these fields.

Richard A. Johnson Prize:
Awarded to a candidate planning to teach at the secondary level in any discipline.


If you have questions about the Alum Fellowship application process, visit the Fellowships FAQ.

You will receive notification of your completed application (all required materials received). If you have any questions, please email the fellowship coordinator.

Additional Funding Opportunities

The Mount Holyoke College Office of National Fellowships promotes and handles applications to several major fellowships. Review the major fellowships list to determine which awards match your interests, education, and experience.