Alum Fellowships FAQ

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Who is eligible to apply for a fellowship?
Any Mount Holyoke graduating senior or alumna with a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke may apply for a fellowship to support her independent research or graduate study.
How many fellowships are awarded each year?
The fellowship selection process is highly selective, and a limited number of applicants receive awards each year. The number of recipients varies based on the candidate pool.
What are the deadlines I need to remember?
  • November 30: Application Deadline – all application materials including recommendations must be received by fellowships coordinator. For 2022, this deadline has been extended to December 15.
  • May 15: Notification – all applicants will be notified by this date.
  • July 15–30: Funding – all winners will be mailed checks during this timeframe.
  • June 30 (following year): Project Summary Reports Due – recipients must send final reports to fellowships coordinator.
Do I need to submit a separate application for each fellowship?
No. Any application received will be reviewed and considered for all offered alumnae fellowships.
Can I apply for a fellowship to support graduate studies?
Yes. Please specify the purpose of your graduate work in the essay and how the funding will help advance your study goals. For examples of former award recipients doing graduate work, visit the Application Requirements page.
I have not yet been accepted to the graduate program for which I seek funding. May I still apply for a fellowship?
Yes. If you are not accepted to a graduate program, however, your award may be revoked.
Do I have to submit transcripts for all coursework that I have completed?
Only current students are required to submit transcripts. Alumnae do not need to submit transcripts.
Is there any specific format for letters of recommendation or information that the committee would like to be included in the letter?
The letters of recommendation should speak to your dedication and ability to achieve your project/graduate study goals. Letters may give examples of past achievements that indicate potential for success with your proposed project.
Can I apply for a fellowship if my project or coursework already receives funding from other sources?
Yes, but you must indicate the funding that you receive or may receive on your application.
Am I allowed to apply if I have received a fellowship in the past?
Yes, but preference will be given to those who have not yet been awarded a fellowship.
When will I be notified if I will receive a fellowship or not?
By April 30, all applicants will be notified.


If you would like to confirm that your materials have been received, email the fellowship coordinator or call 413-538-2188. For information on fellowships offered through Mount Holyoke College, click here.