Alumnae Fellowships FAQ

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Who is eligible to apply for a fellowship?
How many fellowships are awarded each year?
What are the deadlines I need to remember?
Do I need to submit a separate application for each fellowship?
Can I apply for a fellowship to support graduate studies?
I have not yet been accepted to the graduate program for which I seek funding. May I still apply for a fellowship?
Do I have to submit transcripts for all coursework that I have completed?
Can I submit unofficial transcripts?
Do I need to request that my Mount Holyoke transcript be sent to the Alumnae Association?
Is there any specific format for letters of recommendation or information that the committee would like to be included in the letter?
Can I apply for a fellowship if my project or coursework already receives funding from other sources?
Am I allowed to apply if I have received a fellowship in the past?


If you would like to confirm that your materials have been received, email the fellowship coordinator or call 413-538-2188. For information on fellowships offered through Mount Holyoke College, click here.