Alumnae Stay Program

Photo by Abarra / Wiki Commons

Photo by Abarra / Wiki Commons

Volunteers in the Alumnae Stay Program provide free, temporary, and safe housing to a Mount Holyoke College student or alumna traveling to pursue academic and professional growth. Your involvement with the program can make it possible for students and alumnae to reach their career aspirations.

Join the Alumnae Stay Program

  1. First, read the terms and conditions of the program.
  2. Next, log in to the Alumnae Directory using your email address and password.
  3. In the “Alumna Information” section of your profile check the box next to “I wish to participate in the Alumnae Stay Program.”
  4. Your information will now appear in Career Directory search results if a student or alumna selects the option to include Alumnae Stay volunteers.

Search for Alumnae Stay Volunteers

  1. Log in to the Career Directory.
    Students, if you have not registered for the Directory you will need the CID number from your OneCard.
    Alumnae, to register you will need your Alumnae ID, which appears in each issue of the Laurel Chain enewsletter or on the back of your Alumnae Quarterly.
  2. Choose “Yes” in the dropdown option under “Alumnae Stay Volunteers.”
  3. Enter any remaining criteria and click “Search.”