Award Recipients Past and Present

“Year” denotes the year that the award was given; “class” denotes the class year of the alumna.

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Achievement AwardAnn Merchant Boesgaard20211961
Achievement AwardJudith Richmond Walters20211966
Achievement AwardLaverne Y. Berry20211971
Achievement AwardBarbara Moakler Byrne20211976
Achievement AwardSusannah Sirkin20211976
Achievement AwardSherri L. Burr20211981
Achievement AwardRosemarie Marshall Johnson20201960
Achievement AwardHelen Desfosses20201965
Achievement AwardPamela Giles Bailey20201970
Achievement AwardJoele Frank20201970
Achievement AwardLila Mary Gierasch20201970
Achievement AwardSusan Kare20201975
Achievement AwardLydia J. Young20201975
Achievement AwardPriscilla Painton20201980
Achievement AwardKavita Nandini Ramdas20201985
Achievement AwardMarcia Clare Hofmann20202000
Achievement AwardHelen G. Drinan20191969
Achievement AwardBarbara Elizabeth Kream20191969
Achievement AwardLeocadia I. Zak20191979
Achievement AwardBarbara Dombkowski Desoer20191974
Achievement AwardSusan J. Koch20191964
Achievement AwardMary F. Platt20191974
Achievement AwardMary Lee Warren20191964
Alumnae Achievement AwardFrances G. Burwell20181978
Alumnae Achievement AwardLan Cao20181983
Alumnae Achievement AwardLina Maria Rivero Cashin20181988
Alumnae Achievement AwardLynn M. Kelly20181978
Alumnae Achievement AwardSusan Rieger20181968
Alumnae Achievement AwardEleanor G. Rogan20181963
Alumnae Achievement AwardSusan Shirk20171967
Alumnae Achievement AwardPolly Dix Schaafsma20171957
Alumnae Achievement AwardSarah-Ann Lynch20171982
Alumnae Achievement AwardJudith A.
Alumnae Achievement AwardSheryl Foulke Kelsey20171967
Alumnae Achievement AwardKatherine
Butler Jones
Alumnae Achievement AwardSusan Higinbotham Holcombe20171962
Alumnae Achievement AwardJane Rebecca Hammond20171972
Alumnae Achievement AwardSusan M.
Alumnae Achievement AwardBlossom Andrea Damania20171992
Alumnae Achievement AwardTahmima
Alumnae Achievement AwardBarbara Beers Burkholder20161956
Alumnae Achievement AwardBarbara B. Stallings20161966
Alumnae Achievement AwardCandida Perotti Wolff20161986
Alumnae Achievement AwardHolly Metcalf20161981
Alumnae Achievement AwardJanet Bond Arterton20161966
Alumnae Achievement AwardMary P. Duffy-Guerrero20161966
Alumnae Achievement AwardSarita Gupta20161996
Alumnae Achievement AwardTami Gouveia20161996
Alumnae Achievement AwardSadaffe Abid20151995
Alumnae Achievement AwardLaurie Fendrich20151970
Alumnae Achievement AwardMary Bremer Kelley20151965
Alumnae Achievement AwardCatherine McArdle Kelleher20151960
Alumnae Achievement AwardMaria S. H. Gochoco-Bautista20141978
Alumnae Achievement AwardJoAnna Mendl-Shaw20141969
Alumnae Achievement AwardNancy Bermeo20131973
Alumnae Achievement AwardMarjorie A. Muecke20131963
Alumnae Achievement AwardMuriel T. Davisson-Fahey20131963
Alumnae Achievement AwardSusan E. Edwards20131968
Alumnae Achievement AwardCynthia Rapp Curry-Nilson20131963
Alumnae Achievement AwardHeide L. Gardner20131978
Alumnae Achievement AwardH. Catherine Wild Skinner20121952
Alumnae Achievement AwardSarah P. Quarrier20121992
Alumnae Achievement AwardEllen Bachman Mendelson20121962
Alumnae Achievement AwardPatricia A. Robertson20121972
Alumnae Achievement AwardNancy B. Kenyon20111956
Alumnae Achievement AwardRosemary Cox Masters20111961
Alumnae Achievement AwardSybil Bailey Stockdale20111946
Alumnae Achievement AwardAnne M. Gaffney20111976
Alumnae Achievement AwardHelga Jahncke Hernes20111961
Alumnae Achievement AwardMargaret Smillie Child20111951
Alumnae Achievement AwardDeborah Klein Walker20101965
Alumnae Achievement AwardM. Eileen Shanley Kraus20101960
Alumnae Achievement AwardKathryn A. Willmore20101965
Alumnae Achievement AwardMerrill Wasserman Sherman20101970
Alumnae Achievement AwardBarbara Smith20091969
Alumnae Achievement AwardElizabeth Masten Hammill20091965
Alumnae Achievement AwardBarbara Tarbell Zeckhousen20091959
Alumnae Achievement AwardDiane Fuller Doherty20091959
Alumnae Achievement AwardFaith Wilson LaVelle20081943
Alumnae Achievement AwardJudith Gedney Tobin20081948
Alumnae Achievement AwardMarion Kingston Stocking20081943
Alumnae Achievement AwardAstrid E. Merget20071967
Alumnae Achievement AwardBarbara A. Cassani20071982
Alumnae Achievement AwardMary Ann Sweeney20071967
Alumnae Achievement AwardPatricia Perkins Andringa20011966
Alumnae Achievement AwardElise Karas Kenney20001955
Alumnae Achievement AwardNoel Robbins Congdon20001950
Alumnae Achievement AwardSister Antonia Maria Arcangiolina Guerriera19961929
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersPaul M. Weissman2018
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersDavid Wilson2014
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersLaurie S. Priest2013
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersJoanne V. Creighton2009
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersBarbara S. Downey2003
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersRuth L. Elvedt2003
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersNancy C. Lech1991
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersMary Kay Shaw1991
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersKatharine S. Jacobson1987
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersCarolyn M. Berkey1982
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersM. Elizabeth Brothers1980
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersElinor G. Truman1978
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersDavid B. Truman1978
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersEunice Deforest MacKay1974
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersMeribeth Cameron1969
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersRichard Glenn Gettell1968
Alumnae Association Honorary MembersRoswell Gray Ham1957
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRabiya Javeri-Agha20211983
Alumnae Honorary DegreeChloe Zhao20212005
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen Drinan20201969
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLynn Pasquerella20201980
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCarol Geary Schneider20151967
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSheila Lirio Marcelo20151993
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMeredith Monk2015
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRobert Forrester2015
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJoanne R. Lupton20131966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMallika Dutt20121983
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAzar Nafisi2012
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNeil Tyson2012
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBernard LaFayette2012
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNancy Ahlberg Mellor20111959
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMargaret Marshall2011
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMartha Nussbaum2011
Alumnae Honorary DegreeGordon Sato2011
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSheila Barshay Goldbloom20101947
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJoanne Vanish Creighton2010
Alumnae Honorary DegreeGail Collins2010
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVictoria Hale2010
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLolowah al Saud2009
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary McAleese2009
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHarriet Levine Weissman20081958
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCharles Ogletree2008
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCarol Gilligan2008
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Gray2008
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEleanor Reed Adair20071948
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHilda C. Apuy2006US 2006
Alumnae Honorary DegreeKitty Eliopoulos Kyriacopoulos20061945
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEric Reeves2006
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJoyce C. Oates2006
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEugenie Scott2006
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBarbara A. Wilson20051968
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBeverly D. Tatum2005
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNina Totenberg2005
Alumnae Honorary DegreeKrisana Kraisintu2005
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNancy Skinner Nordhoff20041954
Alumnae Honorary DegreeKim Campbell2004
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDorothy Height2004
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNadine Strossen2004
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNancy Woodward Hendrie20031954
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJane Famiano Garvey2003MA 1969
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAmartya Sen2003
Alumnae Honorary DegreeClaude de Renty du Granrut2002GS 2002
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLila M. Gierasch20021970
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNoor Halaby of Jordan2002
Alumnae Honorary DegreePeter J. Gomes2002
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEllen Baxter2002
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJean E. Taylor20011966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRita R. Colwell2001
Alumnae Honorary DegreeOm Dutta Sharma2001
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRuth Simmons2001
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDorothy Rooke McCulloch20001950
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRoberta Guaspari2000
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSamuel R. Insanally2000
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary P. McPherson2000
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFrances Hall Miller19991960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNancy J. Vickers19991967
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVirginia Hamilton Adair19991933
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAma A. Aidoo1999
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnna Quindlen1999
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLilian Cramer Randall19981950
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary E. Clutter1998
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnita L. DeFrantz1998
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJohnnetta Betsch Cole1998
Alumnae Honorary DegreeGloria Johnson Johnson-Powell19971958
Alumnae Honorary DegreeArturo Madrid1997
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMadeleine Korbel Albright1997
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAminata Sow Fall1997
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnneli Cahn Lax1997
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLinda Chavez Chavez-Thompson1997
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMarjorie Benedict Cohn19961960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Luckett Murray19961954
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDonna E. Shalala1996
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Maples Dunn1996
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAdele Mintz Dalsimer19951960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen W. Donovan19951969
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSusan Gitt Gordon19951946
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth Topham Kennan19951960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJames H. Billington1995
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSarah Caldwell1995
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEdmund W. Gordon1995
Alumnae Honorary DegreeNita Melnikoff Lowey19941959
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMichi Nishiura Weglyn19941948
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnne C. Edmonds1994
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLorraine Monroe1994
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFelice Nierenberg Schwartz1994
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJudith Kurland19931967
Alumnae Honorary DegreeTheodore R. Sizer1993
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJean McPherson Bennett19921951
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSheila Evans Widnall1991
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen Murphy Tepperman19911938
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJay Tepperman1991
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Galbraith Moore1991
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFrancoise Lievre Dieterlen1990MA 1954
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJanet A. Emig19901950
Alumnae Honorary DegreeIda B. Scudder19901925
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnn Richardson1990
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMatilda Stewart McIntire19891942
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFrances Cooper Volkmann19871957
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDolores Hayden19871966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJudith Voris Reppy19861958
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnne Kumari Paul Batra19861943
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth Barrett Barrett-Connor19851956
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSiegried Achorn Centerwall19851946
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBarbara Prentiss Hinckley19841959
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen A. Padykula1984MA 1948
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRuth Whittemore19831938
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSergei A. Schelkunoff19821923
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAlice Stone Ilchman19821957
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary E. Corning1982MA 1949
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJanet Baker Young19821947
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth Storey Landis19821942
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVirginia F. Durr1981
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnn Merchant Boesgaard19811961
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCatherine G. Roraback19811941
Alumnae Honorary DegreeIsabel Steele Blish19811931
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCatherine McArdle Kelleher19801960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBeryl Robichaud Collins19801940
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEllen Goodman1979
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth Lewisohn Eisenstein1979
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMarjorie S. Hooper19791929
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJean E. Sammet19781948
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVera Kistiakowsky19781948
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFlorence Schorske Wald19781938
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBarbara F. Palser19781938
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMargaret K. McElderry19781933
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRuth I. Abrams1977
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMabel Murphy Haith19771937
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVirginia Mayo Fiske19771932
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDorothy Hewitt Hutchinson19771927
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJulia A. Harris1976
Alumnae Honorary DegreeM Elizabeth Peters Tidball19761951
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRuth Gill Van Cleve19761946
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMarjorie Fiske19761935
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBarbara J. Betz19761931
Alumnae Honorary DegreeClare Boothe Luce1975
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCarol C. Laise1975
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJill Ker Conway1975
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLucy W. Pickett19751925
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary E. Manchester19751920
Alumnae Honorary DegreeChristianna Smith19751915
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRebecca Loose Valette19741959
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen Bennett Brown19741924
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDorothy L. Blair19741914
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMatina S. Horner1973
Alumnae Honorary DegreeGrace A. Rotzel19731913
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLucile Tomlinson Wessmann19731933
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBarbara M. White19721941
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFlorence Anderson19721931
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAlice Kimball Smith19721928
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMargaret A. Judson19721922
Alumnae Honorary DegreeConstance E. Hartt19721922
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen S. Mitchell19721917
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth M. Lee19721910
Alumnae Honorary DegreeL Landman Huxtable1971
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJean S. Boggs1971
Alumnae Honorary DegreePhoebe Baroody Stanton19711937
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRichard G. Gettell1970
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAlma S. Jacobs1968
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary V. Gaver1968
Alumnae Honorary DegreeKatharine Meyer Graham1967
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnna Mary Wells19671926
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLillian Hellman1966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeLillian Gish1966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMartha Hill Davies1966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMorris Carnovsky1966
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Higley Mills19661921
Alumnae Honorary DegreeVirginia Apgar19651929
Alumnae Honorary DegreeKatharine Butler19651920
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen Vincent McLean19651915
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEleanor Lansing Dulles1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJanet Ward McArthur1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHarper Lee1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeSusanne Langer1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeFelisa R. De Gautier1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEllsworth Bunker1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAnn Adams Rothschild19621926
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Sears1962
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCora Du Bois1960
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMildred Trotter19601920
Alumnae Honorary DegreePhoebe Baroody Stanton19591937
Alumnae Honorary DegreeBeatrice F. Hyslop19591919
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMarian Anderson1958
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen Sawyer Priestley19581926
Alumnae Honorary DegreePauline Tompkins19571941
Alumnae Honorary DegreeDorothy W. Gifford19571922
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJ. William Fulbright1956
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEmma Carr19521902
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEleanor D. Mason19511919
Alumnae Honorary DegreeHelen D. Bragdon19511918
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMargaret E. Conrad19481917
Alumnae Honorary DegreeElizabeth George1947
Alumnae Honorary DegreeEva Le Gallienne1937
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMildred McAfee Horton1937
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRoberta Swartz Chalmers19371925
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary A. Cheek19371913
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMary Ely Lyman19371911
Alumnae Honorary DegreeMiriam F. Carpenter19331903
Alumnae Honorary DegreeAda L. Comstock1912
Alumnae Honorary DegreeRobert McCloskey1936
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJames Joseph
Alumnae Honorary DegreeJudy Blume
Alumnae Honorary DegreeWendy Kopp
Alumnae Honorary DegreeCharles Swift
Alumnae Medal of HonorRhynette Northcross Hurd20211971
Alumnae Medal of HonorNancy Bellows Perez20211976
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCharlotte N. Church20201970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy L. Sun20201980
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Blake20201985
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKarena Strella20201990
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAshanta Evans Blackwell20201995
Alumnae Medal Of HonorV. Radley Emes20202000
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Cochary Gross20191979
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJennifer Rochlis20191994
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara Schmidt20191969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Taylor20191979
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Altman Falkenberg20191964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVijaya Pastala20191989
Alumnae Medal of HonorEleanor Chang20181978
Alumnae Medal of HonorMaria Zoe Mossaides20181973
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarrianna Field20171997
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarcia Brumit Kropf20171967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Redmond VanWinkle20171982
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSandra A. Mallalieu20161991
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Cannon Gump 20161956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJulianne Trabucchi Puckett20161991
Alumnae Medal of HonorJoan Winkel Ripley20151955
Alumnae Medal of HonorBarbara Cooke Monks20151970
Alumnae Medal of HonorNancy Zone Bloom20151960
Alumnae Medal of HonorBeth Tietze Lowd20151965
Alumnae Medal of HonorLyndy Dean Alexander20151980
Alumnae Medal of HonorSusan Swart Rice20151970
Alumnae Medal of HonorDana Feldshuh Whyte20151960
Alumnae Medal of HonorJane A. Zimmy20141974
Alumnae Medal of HonorSusan Clark Iverson20131968
Alumnae Medal of HonorSally Sears Donner20131963
Alumnae Medal of HonorNancy Boggie Kuehler20131965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJeanne E. Amster20121977
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoanna MacWilliams Jones20121967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Butler Coe20121952
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Beth Topor Daniel20121982
Alumnae Medal Of HonorErin L. Ennis20121992
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElaine Kasparian Elliot20121962
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAntoria Howard-Marrow20111981
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLinda Ing Phelps20111986
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Lyles MacPhail20111991
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJennifer A. Durst20101995
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan Ford Mongeau20101980
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Steeves OÍNeil20101985
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMelinda A. Mann20091979
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLily Klebanoff Blake20091964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLinda Giannasi OÍConnell20091969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary M. Casey20091984
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPhyllis Carlson Freeman20091959
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarole D. LaMond20091974
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEdith Swanson Middleton20091954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorArax Simsarian20081943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Bump Marsh20081958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLeslie J. Gianelli20081983
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret E. Broadbent20081938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSandra Klamkin Schocket20081958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSuzanne Lenz Janney20081968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorW. Rochelle Calhoun20081983
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMaureen McHale Hood20071987
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRebecca Clarke Foster20071982
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSuzanne Ellis Stoyer20071957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAvice A. Meehan20071977
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Jobes Kiradjieff20071957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCornelia Griffin Farmer20071967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDayle Fort Jones20071952
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCynthia W. Rodman20071982
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCerise Jalelian Keim20061981
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEllen Hyde Pace20061981
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudith Shepherd DeBrandt20061966
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSunny Park Suh20061991
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSuzanne P. Franchetti20061991
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Kingman Williams20051960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCynthia L. Reed20051980
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Dippel Archambeault20051965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGail Moffat Hudson20051960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJill M. Brethauer20051970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatherine Murphy Maloney20051945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Stark20051985
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Kirshner-Rodriguez20051985
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVirginia Beal Grissom20051940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAlma Tina Hogan20041974
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSheryl Y. McCarthy20041969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPhyllis Thornhill Riffel-Shwedo20041954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNina R. Chomsky20041969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Mairs Gephart20041949
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Victor Jones Giersch20041964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarion Spencer Lebourveau20041944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorL Priscilla Booth Behnken20041944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen L. Calvelli20041974
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGretchen Wuth Hays20041964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarole Rubin Greenbaum20041954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSally J. Lemaire20031968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancie L. Fimbel20031968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMaureen E. Kuhn20031978
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Kamerling Allyn20031963
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKaren M. Hendricks20031976
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHarriet Levine Weissman DHLE20031958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDeborah A. Northcross20031973
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCatherine C. Burke20031978
Alumnae Medal Of HonorClaire Burgoyne Brouwer20021957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKaren Davis-Delk20021982
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSusan Bonneville Weatherbie20021972
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSusan dÍOlive Mozena20021967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorConstance van Zelm Lank20011956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEmily C. Young20011971
Alumnae Medal Of HonorIsabelle Pearson Weber20011946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan Shapiro Green20011966
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudith Marshall Kennedy20011961
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha M. Ferry20011966
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPhyllis Smith Meth20011951
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSarah Hogle Herrlinger20011956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAlicia I. Barela20001965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDeborah Adams McKean20001960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Belcher Rogers20001940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMindy McWilliams Lewis20001975
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNaomi Hall Talmadge20001935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSusan Beers Betzer20001965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVirginia Snell Brouillard20001950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorChristina G. Huemer19991969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEllen M. Cosgrove19991984
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKathleen C. Maurer19991984
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatie Glockner Seymour19991979
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLaVida Dowdell19991974
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLeslie A. Bowen19991974
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLouise De Vel Muller19991954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarilyn Ursu Bauriedel19991964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMiriam Dormont Wagner19991944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Chambers Goff19991964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSheila Markley Black19991969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVirginia Cotins Eisenhart19991939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAlberta Loughran Helms19981948
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Lipton Ellner19981953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Weddell Scott19981943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCynthia White Morrell19981968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHolly Hannah Lewis19981968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarianne DePatie Fouhey19981978
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Wright Kurtz19981938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy J. Drake19981973
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSarah A. Nunneley19981963
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Minges Auburn19971972
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara McClearn Baumann19971977
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Allen Wilson19971972
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Ritchie Deady19971947
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPeggy Brumfield Bruton19971957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen Clark Severinghaus19971927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCharlotte Pugh Ellithorp19961946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJean Dawson Lee19961946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKaren G. Klingensmith19961971
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarcia Mead Lebre19961971
Alumnae Medal Of HonorArleen McGrath Heiss19951970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEleanor Graham Claus19951955
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJ. Calvin Cole Wygant19951920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan Corcoran Steiger19951960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKristin Stueber19951965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLinda Yu Bien19951975
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLois Stowe Leavitt19951945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Lou Judd Carpenter19951955
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Wendnagel Johnson19951965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Reynolds Burkhardt19951940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSally Crichton Lewis19951965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorConstance Hutzler Simon19941939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGloria Frankenthaler Ross19941944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan McMahon OÍHayer19941944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKristen M. Widham19941969
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLouise Briggs Appleton19941939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarydell Rose Bright19941939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAlice K. Smith19931928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Kotting Sadowsky19931963
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnne Ensworth Whitney19931958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Nutting Boldt19931933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha L. Hazen19931953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha Skinner Cargill19931943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEllen Jacobson Petrino19931968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDiane Zweil Lehder19921967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothea Hollmann Shedden19921927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEvelyn Anderson Lee19921937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoyce Chaikin Ahrens19921962
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Moyes van Bergen19921962
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara Margulies Rossotti19911961
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Hausman Kahn19911941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Ferguson Eaton19911941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Johnson Ware19911971
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBetty Widtman Berg19901920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarole Corcoran Huxley19901960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Fish Guardenier19901965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFrances Hall Miller LLD19901960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJameson Adkins Baxter19901965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJane A. Barth19901955
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudy Harris Rawson19901970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Graham Davis19901965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Marks Perkins19901950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPamela B. Stuart19901970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Willan Wakeley19901940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Heckel Oppenheimer19891964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Forbes Morison19891939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEllen Kattwinkel Wilson19891954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSusan Smith Parkhurst19891959
Alumnae Medal Of HonorR Elizabeth Wadt Mulcare19891964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPolly Jacoby Cody19891939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLisa Lansing19891964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRosemary Matchak19881973
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Pahl Jaquith19881963
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Button Nathan19881968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Baisler Doyle19881963
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarion Becker Barnett19881948
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarcia Taylor Seifert19881958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLinda Renasco Cadigan19881968
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLeslie A. Miller19881973
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan Rodemann Howson19881948
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoan Bennett Chapin19881953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJane Arnold Franklin19881938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen Spencer Fritch19881953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorH. Thomas Willits Hallowell19881928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGrace Strachan Arnold19881943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEsther Richardson Nighswander19881933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEmily L. Wick19881943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarol Bissell Truesdell19881958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarjorie Fisher19871942
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarguerite Harrington Lapp19871927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorIsabelle Baird Sprague19871937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorH. Paul Mills Sloan19871937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElinor Shanbaum Azenberg19871957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarol Willett Rodman19871952
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAudrey Taylor MacLean19871957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVirginia Taylor Potsubay19861936
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSarah Fisher Liebschutz19861956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSallie Austin Raleigh19861961
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha Payne Greene19861953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudith Marshall Meserve19861956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorIrma Riedinger Frank19861936
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHenrietta Howell Slote19861951
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara Chase Herr19861941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSandra Germond Pritz19851960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Jane Farnsworth Grasty19851945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha Dolkart Bernstein19851965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLetitia Noss Mutter19851950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJuli Shea Towell19851955
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoyce Howard McFarland19851955
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJanet Falik Aserkoff19851965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Topham Kennan DHLE19851960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorE. Prescott Edie Barker19851925
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy B. Derick19851965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCaroline Harrison19851935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCaroline Fuller Sloat19851965
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarilyn Meyers Stick19841964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKathryn Eppston Rabinow19841964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoyce Chesebro Buckingham19841954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJ. Alfred Montignani Guest19841934
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Everts Stewart19841939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRenee Scialom Cary19831948
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Claytor Woodbury19831958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLuella North Kemble19831933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorSusan Eisenhart Schilling19821932
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJean Longstaff Thompson19821952
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJanet Abbe Rider19821957
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara Hertwig Meschter19821937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Hale Teaford19821967
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth C. Baldwin19811941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary E. Koether19811951
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarian Strong Moore19811961
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEleanor Ferguson Ballard19811936
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBetty Hedberg Quinn19811941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Norton Masland19801945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarty Harlan Carlock1980MHMA
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJoyce Johnson Spencer19801960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJanet C. Hall19801970
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Vastine Eaton19801930
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Rooke McCulloch DHLE19801950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Gill Van Cleve LLD19791946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth G. Clouse19791929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatherine Shockey Lafrance19791964
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatherine Goodman Ensworth19791929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth M. Boyd1979MHMA
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth C. Ham19781928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarol Michel Beaven19781933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCarolyn Czaja Topor19781958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLoraine Seaver Perdue19781938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNell Becherer Smith19781953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnne Worley Hummer19781953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCatherine Gamble Curran19771947
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDeborah Holt McIntosh19771952
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarian Berky Read19771942
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarian H. Courtney19771927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarietta Banks Hobkirk19771932
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Hopkins Spooner19771927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnita Ganot Stickel19761941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudith Kramer Stein19761956
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNathena H. Fuller19761941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth M. Ferry19761921
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEileen Shanley Kraus19751960
Alumnae Medal Of HonorIrene Gillette Steiner19751935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarion White Southworth19751940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMartha Carr Stisser19751950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMiriam Barber Judd19751925
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRachel Reynolds19741934
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Willard Geismar19741950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAlice Jeghelian19741949
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnn Schweitzer Alexander19741949
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGwendolyn Miles Smith19741929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLucinda Wanner Kasperson19731950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMuriel Saulpaugh Thiessen19731938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Sanguineti King19731940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarilyn McConnell Black19731948
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarilyn Marsden Birchall19731943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJudith Turino Gideonse19731958
Alumnae Medal Of HonorIrma L. Rabbino19731953
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen Warren Smith19731908
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth C. Lawson LLD19721933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarianna McNees Heaney19721937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLaura Elton Cranshaw19721950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Gray Coit19721922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCelia Olney Goodale19721945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth MacIver Sisson19721947
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Cousins Waters19711946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarcia Wells Erley19711946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorM Elizabeth Peters Tidball DHLE19711951
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFrances Morgan Campbell19711926
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Bucknam Wadsworth19711941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDrue E. Matthews19701935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Dunlop Moore19701932
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGenevieve F. Pratt19701920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Frolich Bachman19701950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBeryl Robichaud Collins19701940
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Crane Furnivall19691950
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Metzler Siefert19691944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKathryn Rothwell19691929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJean Fowler Harris19691939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJane Cushman Deyo19691944
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Coddington Gerdine19681933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorPatricia Best Morten19681943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEva M. Johnson19681928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEunice Simm Howe19681938
Alumnae Medal Of HonorErnestine Stowell19681943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorBarbara Waugh Stephenson19681945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorVirginia Brillinger Sherman19671935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGale Stubbs McClung19671945
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEmily Searing McKnight19671917
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEleanor Greene Rogers19671942
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy R. Frost Goodrich19671927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorClara R. Ludwig19671937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNellie Fergus Smith19661941
Alumnae Medal Of HonorNancy Skinner Nordhoff DHLE19661954
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Robertson Mackall19661925
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Cutler High19661921
Alumnae Medal Of HonorShigeyo Miura Tomita19661919
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Graves Thomas19651927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth Goode Sprague19651928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFaith Wilson LaVelle19651943
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatherine Salisbury Hazen19651926
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCatherine Bellows Longyear19641927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFlorence S. Kimball19641939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLorna Stockdale Heggen19641923
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRebecca G. Smaltz19641923
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Parr deFerranti19631930
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLouise Austin Kugler19631922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorCatherine Henderson Weddell19621917
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothy Bolles McCarthy19621922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorE. Brown Working19621924
Alumnae Medal Of HonorElizabeth A. Green19621931
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFlorence M. Read LIT19621909
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen G. Fisk19621917
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen Sanders Allen19621912
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJ. Gibson Kaltenthaler Bunting19621922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJean Bradford Page19621936
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarie Harding Richardson19621930
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMarion Truesdell Brister19621916
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary E. Tuttle19621937
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatharine Butler19611920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargery Fassett Consoer19611913
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Budd Dunn19611929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Bozarth19611935
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEleanor Moore Webster19601922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJanet Brewster Murrow19591933
Alumnae Medal Of HonorKatharine Sartelle Roelse19591914
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Stief Moffatt19591929
Alumnae Medal Of HonorP Florence Gorse Smith19591916
Alumnae Medal Of HonorAnna Hull19581930
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJane Allen Birge19581928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJulie Braverman Rothbard19581939
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLouise Hoyle Craig19581908
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLouise Reynolds Weiser19581919
Alumnae Medal Of HonorDorothea Smeltzer Schleuning19571928
Alumnae Medal Of HonorFrances Unger Meade19571946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorJessie Scarborough19571925
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGwendolyn Glass19561946
Alumnae Medal Of HonorH. Searle Painter19561909
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary A. Cheek19561913
Alumnae Medal Of HonorEdith Simpson Schleicher19551922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMariette Cassels Land19551927
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary E. Manchester LLD19551920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorChristine Everts Greene19541912
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary L. Atsatt19541904
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMaud Gage Graves19541922
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMargaret Lewis Atwood19531920
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMeta Mallary Ellis19531910
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Louise Forbes Foster19521921
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHelen M. Voorhees19511915
Alumnae Medal Of HonorRuth Douglass19511923
Alumnae Medal Of HonorGertrude Knox Wells19501909
Alumnae Medal Of HonorHarriet Newhall19501914
Alumnae Medal Of HonorMary Higley Mills MA19501921
Alumnae Medal Of HonorLottie G. Bishop19461906
Alumnae Medal Of HonorR. Love Thompson19461907
Alumnae TrusteesSusan J. Trabucchi1987
Alumnae TrusteesSusan D. Bateson1976
Alumnae TrusteesLinda Yu Bien1975
Alumnae TrusteesLinda Renasco Cadigan1968
Alumnae TrusteesLila M. Gierasch DSC1970
Alumnae TrusteesLeslie A. Miller1973
Alumnae TrusteesKristen A. B. Comings1993
Alumnae TrusteesKavita N. Ramdas1985
Alumnae TrusteesKathryn M. Kelly1983
Alumnae TrusteesKathryn Eppston Rabinow1964
Alumnae TrusteesKatherine Salisbury Hazen1926
Alumnae TrusteesKatherine L. Kraschel2006
Alumnae TrusteesKatherine Butler Jones1957
Alumnae TrusteesKatharine Butler1920
Alumnae TrusteesKaren M. Hendricks1976
Alumnae TrusteesKaren Davis-Delk1982
Alumnae TrusteesJudy Harris Rawson1970
Alumnae TrusteesJudith Kurland1967
Alumnae TrusteesJoyce Chaikin Ahrens1962
Alumnae TrusteesJoanne Hammerman Alter1949
Alumnae TrusteesJoan Shapiro Green1966
Alumnae TrusteesJoan Corcoran Steiger1960
Alumnae TrusteesJeanne M. Luboja1973
Alumnae TrusteesJeanne E Amster1977
Alumnae TrusteesJanet Hickey Tague1966
Alumnae TrusteesJanet Falik Aserkoff1965
Alumnae TrusteesJanet C. Hall1970
Alumnae TrusteesJanet Brewster Murrow1933
Alumnae TrusteesJane Allen Birge1928
Alumnae TrusteesJameson Adkins Baxter1965
Alumnae TrusteesIrene Kaplan Leiwant1947
Alumnae TrusteesIrene Gillette Steiner1935
Alumnae TrusteesHenrietta Howell Slote1951
Alumnae TrusteesHelene Rabb Cahners-Kaplan1942
Alumnae TrusteesHelen Spencer Fritch1953
Alumnae TrusteesHelen G. Fisk1917
Alumnae TrusteesHelen D. Bragdon1918
Alumnae TrusteesHelen Blyth Hazen1925
Alumnae TrusteesHarriet Levine Weissman DHLE1958
Alumnae TrusteesGwendolyn Glass1946
Alumnae TrusteesGloria Johnson-Powell DSC1958
Alumnae TrusteesGloria Frankenthaler Ross1944
Alumnae TrusteesGay Humphrey Matthaei1952
Alumnae TrusteesFrances Hall Miller LLD1960
Alumnae TrusteesFaith Wilson LaVelle1943
Alumnae TrusteesEunice Simm Howe1938
Alumnae TrusteesEllen M. Cosgrove1984
Alumnae TrusteesEllen Jacobson Petrino1968
Alumnae TrusteesEllen Hyde Pace1981
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Topham Kennan DHLE1960
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Taylor1979
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Onyemelukwe Garner1989
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Goode Sprague1928
Alumnae TrusteesAnn Neuberger Aceves1956
Alumnae TrusteesAnn Lunger Jones1962
Alumnae TrusteesAlma Tina Hogan1974
Alumnae TrusteesAlicia I. Barela1965
Alumnae TrusteesAlice Stone Ilchman LLD1957
Alumnae TrusteesVirginia Cotins Eisenhart1939
Alumnae TrusteesEleanor B. McGrath1974
Alumnae TrusteesDulcy Singer1955
Alumnae TrusteesTina Young Poussaint1979
Alumnae TrusteesE Louise Noble Seely1935
Alumnae TrusteesE. Brown Working1924
Alumnae TrusteesMabel Murphy Haith DHLE1937
Alumnae TrusteesMaisha I. Hamilton1970
Alumnae TrusteesMarcia Wells Erley1946
Alumnae TrusteesMargaret Claytor Woodbury1958
Alumnae TrusteesMargaret L. Wolff1976
Alumnae TrusteesMargaret Lewis Atwood1920
Alumnae TrusteesMaria A. Cirino1985
Alumnae TrusteesMarjorie Fisher1942
Alumnae TrusteesMartha Skinner Cargill1943
Alumnae TrusteesMary Beth Topor Daniel1982
Alumnae TrusteesMary Bremer Kelley1965
Alumnae TrusteesMary Budd Dunn1929
Alumnae TrusteesMary E. Manchester LLD1920
Alumnae TrusteesMary E. Tuttle1937
Alumnae TrusteesMary Graham Davis1965
Alumnae TrusteesMary Norton Masland1945
Alumnae TrusteesMelani S. Cheers2002
Alumnae TrusteesMildred Trotter1920
Alumnae TrusteesMindy McWilliams Lewis1975
Alumnae TrusteesMiriam Barber Judd1925
Alumnae TrusteesNancy Button Nathan1968
Alumnae TrusteesNancy Gerstein Novogrod1971
Alumnae TrusteesNancy J. Drake1973
Alumnae TrusteesNancy J. Vickers1967
Alumnae TrusteesNancy Marks Perkins1950
Alumnae TrusteesNell Lothrop Forstall1915
Alumnae TrusteesPatricia Crane Furnivall1950
Alumnae TrusteesPauline Tompkins LLD1941
Alumnae TrusteesR Elizabeth Wadt Mulcare1964
Alumnae TrusteesRenee Scialom Cary1948
Alumnae TrusteesRina Tucker Harris1989
Alumnae TrusteesRoberta Haig Schneiderman1952
Alumnae TrusteesRobin Chemers Neustein1975
Alumnae TrusteesRuth Gill Van Cleve LLD1946
Alumnae TrusteesRuth Olmsted Truex1932
Alumnae TrusteesSarah A. Nunneley1963
Alumnae TrusteesSarah G. Miller1975
Alumnae TrusteesSarah Streeter Lester1911
Alumnae TrusteesSava Berhane2007
Alumnae TrusteesSheryl Y. McCarthy1969
Alumnae TrusteesSusan Beers Betzer1965
Alumnae TrusteesSusan Bonneville Weatherbie1972
Alumnae TrusteesM Elizabeth Peters Tidball DHLE1951
Alumnae TrusteesSusan dÍOlive Mozena1967
Alumnae TrusteesLudmila Schwarzenberg Hess1967
Alumnae TrusteesEileen Shanley Kraus1960
Alumnae TrusteesVirginia Brillinger Sherman1935
Alumnae TrusteesEleanor C. Chang1978
Alumnae TrusteesEleanor Graham Claus1955
Alumnae TrusteesEleanor Greene Rogers1942
Alumnae TrusteesEleanor Sauer Daniel1936
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth A. Palmer1976
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Allen Wilson1972
Alumnae TrusteesAnn Schweitzer Alexander1949
Alumnae TrusteesArleen McGrath Heiss1970
Alumnae TrusteesAshanta N. Evans-Blackwell1995
Alumnae TrusteesAstrid E. Merget1967
Alumnae TrusteesAudrey A. McNiff1980
Alumnae TrusteesAvery B. Ouellette1998
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara A. Cassani1982
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Dombkowski Desoer1974
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Friedman Mishkin1957
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Hertwig Meschter1937
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Margulies Rossotti1961
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara McClearn Baumann1977
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Moakler Byrne1976
Alumnae TrusteesBarbara Waugh Stephenson1945
Alumnae TrusteesBeryl Robichaud Collins1940
Alumnae TrusteesCarol Bissell Truesdell1958
Alumnae TrusteesCarol Geary Schneider1967
Alumnae TrusteesCarole Corcoran Huxley1960
Alumnae TrusteesCarolyn Lipton Ellner1953
Alumnae TrusteesCatherine Gamble Curran1947
Alumnae TrusteesClaude de Renty du Granrut LLDMHGS 1948
Alumnae TrusteesCynthia Gibson Beerbower1971
Alumnae TrusteesCynthia L. Reed1980
Alumnae TrusteesDarienne L. Dennis1978
Alumnae TrusteesDeborah A. Northcross1973
Alumnae TrusteesDeborah Holt McIntosh1952
Alumnae TrusteesDivita Mehta2004
Alumnae TrusteesDorothy B. Derick1965
Alumnae TrusteesDorothy Parr deFerranti1930
Alumnae TrusteesDorothy Rooke McCulloch DHLE1950
Alumnae TrusteesCasey Accardi2015
Alumnae TrusteesAnn Blake1985
Alumnae TrusteesCatherine C. Burke1978
Alumnae TrusteesDebra Martin Chase1977
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Cochary Gross1979
Alumnae TrusteesKatherine E. Collins 1974
Alumnae TrusteesHelen Gannon Drinan1969
Alumnae TrusteesCarrianna K. Field1997
Alumnae TrusteesEllen J. Flannery1973
Alumnae TrusteesHeather Harde1991
Alumnae TrusteesMarcia Brumit Kropf 1967
Alumnae TrusteesChau Ly 1997
Alumnae TrusteesNatasha Mohanty 2003
Alumnae TrusteesJennifer Rochlis 1994
Alumnae TrusteesKarena Strella 1990
Alumnae TrusteesMona Sutphen1989
Alumnae TrusteesMichelle Toh1985
Alumnae TrusteesKaitlyn Szydlowski2009
Alumnae TrusteesLouise Wasso1975
Alumnae TrusteesElizabeth Wharff1975
Alumnae TrusteesSarah Xefos2006
Alumnae TrusteesLynn C. Pasquerella1980
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardDianna Roberge Wentzell20211986
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardJulie Solso Guelich20201970
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardLynn Pasquerella20201980
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardFahima Aziz20191979
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardEllen M. Cosgrove20191984
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardMary Williamson McHenry20191954
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardMirella Jona Affron20181958
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardW. Rochelle Calhoun20181983
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElizabeth Ward Tannenbaum20181968
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardHelen Marie Shields20171967
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardPenelope Laurans Fitzgerald20161966
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardMarguerite L. Brooks20141969
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardKay Althoff 2014FP 1984
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElizabeth W. Bauer20141959
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardMartha Cowen Cutts20131968
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElinor Miller Greenberg20131953
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardRita Rothenberg Calvo20131963
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardPatricia Gifford Henderson20121962
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardKristen A. Renn20111986
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardBarbara Burns Moran20111966
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElizabeth Maxwell Lee20101965
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardAnne Conger McCants20091984
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardNancy Ahlberg Mellor20091959
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElaine Tuttle Hansen20091969
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardNancy R. Disenhaus20021972
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElizabeth Wilson Poe20001972
Elizabeth Topham Kennan AwardElizabeth Topham Kennan DHLE19951960
Honorary Degree RecipientAnita F. Hill2020
Honorary Degree RecipientJanet Mock2020
Honorary Degree RecipientPatricia A. Robertson20141972
Honorary Degree RecipientKaren Jennings Lewis20141974
Honorary Degree RecipientDeborah E. Harkness20141986
Honorary Degree RecipientMona K. Sutphen20131989
Honorary Degree RecipientMary C. Mazzio20131983
Honorary Degree RecipientKavita N. Ramdas20131985
Honorary Degree RecipientClare Waterman Waterman-Storer20091989
Honorary Degree RecipientDebra Martin Chase20071977
Honorary Degree RecipientSusan D. Kare20011975
Honorary Degree RecipientSuzan-Lori Parks20011985
Honorary Degree RecipientGlenda A. Hatchett20001973
Honorary Degree RecipientRoy R. Neuberger1999
Honorary Degree RecipientNancy J. Gustafson19981978
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret W. Conkey19961965
Honorary Degree RecipientAnn Willis Richards1995
Honorary Degree RecipientDaphne M. Park1992
Honorary Degree RecipientPatricia Scott Schroeder1992
Honorary Degree RecipientCatherine Higgs Milton19921964
Honorary Degree RecipientEvelyn Fox Keller1991
Honorary Degree RecipientAnna C. Roosevelt1991
Honorary Degree RecipientFranklyn G. Jenifer1990
Honorary Degree RecipientWendy J. Wasserstein19901971
Honorary Degree RecipientDolores Prida1989
Honorary Degree RecipientBarbara Stoler Miller1989
Honorary Degree RecipientAntonia Glasse1989
Honorary Degree RecipientLouise George Clubb1989
Honorary Degree RecipientWilliam J. Wilson1989
Honorary Degree RecipientAdele Smith Simmons1989
Honorary Degree RecipientAnn Lane Petry1989
Honorary Degree RecipientGlenn Close1989
Honorary Degree RecipientHenry G. Cisneros1989
Honorary Degree RecipientRuth J. Dean1989
Honorary Degree RecipientJean Sudrann19891939
Honorary Degree RecipientJames O. Freedman1988
Honorary Degree RecipientMadeleine M. Kunin1988
Honorary Degree RecipientAntoni Zygmund1988
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret McCleary1988
Honorary Degree RecipientShulamit Ran1988
Honorary Degree RecipientKapila Vatsyayan1987
Honorary Degree RecipientAlice S. Huang1987
Honorary Degree RecipientSilvio O. Conte1987
Honorary Degree RecipientDavid Baltimore1987
Honorary Degree RecipientMaya Angelou1987
Honorary Degree RecipientSara Lawrence Lightfoot1986
Honorary Degree RecipientTamara Dembo1986
Honorary Degree RecipientBrenda Milner1986
Honorary Degree RecipientXie Xide1986
Honorary Degree RecipientRiccardo Muti1986
Honorary Degree RecipientPatricia M. Wald1985
Honorary Degree RecipientShirley M. Hufstedler1985
Honorary Degree RecipientSissela Bok1985
Honorary Degree RecipientGjertrud C. Schnackenberg19851975
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret E. Atwood1985
Honorary Degree RecipientAnna J. Harrison1984
Honorary Degree RecipientMary Fieser1984
Honorary Degree RecipientEleanor Tobey Milliken1984
Honorary Degree RecipientBerta Vogel Scharrer1984
Honorary Degree RecipientSusanna Agnelli1984
Honorary Degree RecipientItalo Calvino1984
Honorary Degree RecipientMarilyn Wong Gleysteen19841964
Honorary Degree RecipientBarbara Bailey Kennelly1984
Honorary Degree RecipientBonnie E. Cone1984
Honorary Degree RecipientRuth C. Lawson19831933
Honorary Degree RecipientAlice Mitchell Rivlin1983
Honorary Degree RecipientNancy Hays Teeters1983
Honorary Degree RecipientPhyllis A. Wallace1983
Honorary Degree RecipientIsabel Bishop1983
Honorary Degree RecipientDenis Johnston1983
Honorary Degree RecipientZara Shakow Steiner1983
Honorary Degree RecipientGeorge Steiner1983
Honorary Degree RecipientCyrus R. Vance1982
Honorary Degree RecipientGeoffrey Young1982
Honorary Degree RecipientFlora Lewis1982
Honorary Degree RecipientShirley Chisholm1981
Honorary Degree RecipientBeverly A. Willis1981
Honorary Degree RecipientRosa Parks1981
Honorary Degree RecipientRoberta Lepak Green19801980
Honorary Degree RecipientJohn Irving1980
Honorary Degree RecipientMarina Whitman1980
Honorary Degree RecipientBarbara Wertheim Tuchman1979
Honorary Degree RecipientEudora Welty1975
Honorary Degree RecipientHelvi Sipila1975
Honorary Degree RecipientEmily L. Wick19721943
Honorary Degree RecipientKarl Williams Lehmann1971
Honorary Degree RecipientGeorgia O'Keeffe1971
Honorary Degree RecipientMeribeth Cameron1970
Honorary Degree RecipientHedley Donovan1967
Honorary Degree RecipientLouise Hall Tharp1967
Honorary Degree RecipientPeggy Wood Walling1966
Honorary Degree RecipientU Thant1963
Honorary Degree RecipientMarjorie Smith Terrell19621913
Honorary Degree RecipientFelisa de Gautier1962
Honorary Degree RecipientEthel B. Dietrich1962
Honorary Degree RecipientGermaine Bree1962
Honorary Degree RecipientRenuka Mukerji Somasekhar1962
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret Chase Smith1962
Honorary Degree RecipientMillicent Carey McIntosh1962
Honorary Degree RecipientMina Rees1962
Honorary Degree RecipientKatie Wilcox19611911
Honorary Degree RecipientMaria G. Mayer1961
Honorary Degree RecipientHelen C. Boyden1961
Honorary Degree RecipientOlive Copeland1960
Honorary Degree RecipientBirgit Vennesland1960
Honorary Degree RecipientRosemond Tuve1959
Honorary Degree RecipientPauline Frederick1959
Honorary Degree RecipientWinthrop H. Smith1958
Honorary Degree RecipientAlexander H. Meneely1958
Honorary Degree RecipientHenry P. Kendall1958
Honorary Degree RecipientFrances C. Perkins19571902
Honorary Degree RecipientRoswell G. Ham1957
Honorary Degree RecipientRosamond Cross1956
Honorary Degree RecipientEarl Warren1955
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret Morse Nice19551905
Honorary Degree RecipientEdward R. Murrow1955
Honorary Degree RecipientRosemary Park1955
Honorary Degree RecipientHelen R. Reid1954
Honorary Degree RecipientHelen M. Cam1954
Honorary Degree RecipientMartha M. Eliot1953
Honorary Degree RecipientWallace Stevens1952
Honorary Degree RecipientSarah G. Blanding1951
Honorary Degree RecipientMarianne Moore1950
Honorary Degree RecipientAlva Myrdal1950
Honorary Degree RecipientHerbert J. Davis1949
Honorary Degree RecipientFrederick M. Eliot1948
Honorary Degree RecipientHarriett M. Allyn1948
Honorary Degree RecipientKatharine E. McBride1947
Honorary Degree RecipientJohn Collyer1947
Honorary Degree RecipientHer Most Gracious M. The Queen1941
Honorary Degree RecipientWilliam A. Neilson1938
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret Tyler Johnson19371913
Honorary Degree RecipientFrances L. Warner19371911
Honorary Degree RecipientLeonie Villard1937
Honorary Degree RecipientAnna Pell1937
Honorary Degree RecipientMargaret S. Morriss1937
Honorary Degree RecipientYau T. Law1937
Honorary Degree RecipientMalvina Hoffman1937
Honorary Degree RecipientVirginia C. Gildersleeve1937
Honorary Degree RecipientMargery Corbett1937
Honorary Degree RecipientAnnie J. Cannon1937
Honorary Degree RecipientFlorence E. Allen1936
Honorary Degree RecipientJosephine A. Roche1935
Honorary Degree RecipientMeta Glass1935
Honorary Degree RecipientArnold Welfers1934
Honorary Degree RecipientMarjorie H. Nicolson1933
Honorary Degree RecipientWilliam C. Hill1933
Honorary Degree RecipientJane L. Mesick1930
Honorary Degree RecipientRuth S. Baker1930
Honorary Degree RecipientOlive S. Hoyt1929
Honorary Degree RecipientFlorence M. Read19291909
Honorary Degree RecipientMarion E. Park1925
Honorary Degree RecipientTetsu Yasui1923
Honorary Degree RecipientLouise B. Wallace19191898
Honorary Degree RecipientAlexander Meiklejohn1912
Honorary Degree RecipientSoshitsu Sen
Honorary Degree RecipientMary O'Connell Ryan
Honorary Degree RecipientDavid B. Truman
Honorary Degree RecipientHelen Mosel Wolff
Innovator AwardKatherine S. Hunter20201975
Innovator AwardLeslie Green20191994
Laurie Priest Alum Scholar-Athlete AwardLibby Sams20212021
Laurie Priest Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardHannah LeBlanc20202020
Laurie Priest Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardMirjam L. Keochakian20192019
Laurie Priest Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardKaitlin B. Braz20182018
Laurie Priests Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardElizabeth
Laurie Priests Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardCathleen Pruden20162016
Laurie Priests Alumnae Scholar-Athlete AwardHannah E. Arbach20152015
Loyalty AwardJoan E. Hartman20211951
Loyalty AwardAstrid Jensen Berkson20211956
Loyalty AwardRoberta Albert Kaufman20211956
Loyalty AwardMary Ginn Weinland20211961
Loyalty AwardMartha Mason Denzel20211966
Loyalty AwardAlice J. Capson20211971
Loyalty AwardMargaret Gere Harris20211971
Loyalty AwardLaurie Bent20211976
Loyalty AwardSusan Alicia Mann Whitten20211981
Loyalty AwardTara Mia Paone20211981
Loyalty AwardNina Paisley Hoban20211986
Loyalty AwardShannon Dalton Giordano20211991
Loyalty AwardNaomi M. Barry-Perez20211996
Loyalty AwardKrysia Lycette Villón20211996
Loyalty AwardIoli Christopoulou20212001
Loyalty AwardBeverly Braman Harrison20201965
Loyalty AwardBonnie Penney Ulrich20201965
Loyalty AwardHelen Elizabeth Disenhaus20201970
Loyalty AwardSusan E. Ellis20201970
Loyalty AwardDiane Mayer Murphy20201970
Loyalty AwardJudith Karlen Stein20201975
Loyalty AwardFrances Hyun Sook Lee20201985
Loyalty AwardJacquie Marumoto20201990
Loyalty AwardPerrin McCormick Menashi20201990
Loyalty AwardNancy Cousins Wilder20191949
Loyalty AwardDiane Kelley Fenton20191964
Loyalty AwardJane Milliken Finleon20191959
Loyalty AwardPriscilla Jane Morse Huston20191964
Loyalty AwardEllen Manfredonia Nutter20191964
Loyalty AwardJennett Gower Teece20191959
Loyalty AwardNancy Beal Allen20181953
Loyalty Award Alice Godfrey Andrus20181963
Loyalty AwardElizabeth A. Clarke20181973
Loyalty AwardCarolyn Conant-Hiley20181983
Loyalty AwardLauren E. Cook20181998
Loyalty AwardCarolyn E. Dorais20181968
Loyalty AwardEllen J. Flannery20181973
Loyalty AwardDanielle Germain20181993
Loyalty AwardChristine A. Gora20181998
Loyalty AwardPaula Braga Leidich20181968
Loyalty AwardCheryl Ryan Maloney
Loyalty AwardJoan Miller Moran20181958
Loyalty AwardNancy G. Rosoff20181978
Loyalty AwardSusan Graham Simpson20181968
Loyalty AwardKaren Kelly Taggart20181968
Loyalty AwardJudith G. Urquhart20181983
Loyalty AwardDiana Marston Wood
Loyalty AwardLaura S.
Loyalty AwardRobin Rolfe Bagley20171957
Loyalty AwardLudmila Schwarzenberg Bidwell20171967
Loyalty AwardAnn Wadhams Cobrain20171947
Loyalty AwardMarion Fitch Connell20171962
Loyalty AwardMargaret Credle Cunningham20171962
Loyalty AwardHarriet Farber Friedlander20171952
Loyalty AwardStephanie
Jaffe Green
Loyalty AwardLynn Tacket Kinch20171972
Loyalty AwardElizabeth
McInerny McHugh
Loyalty AwardSusan Abert Noonan20171982
Loyalty AwardLeslie Fu Pang20171997
Loyalty AwardSusan Long Quainton20171957
Loyalty AwardAnne Wagner Raphael20171962
Loyalty AwardElisabeth
Krabisch Sandler
Loyalty AwardLisa Gaye Tompkins20171982
Loyalty AwardAbigail M.
Loyalty AwardAnne Wright20171967
Loyalty AwardHope Hockenberry Yelich20171972
Loyalty AwardAnne Davidson Lester20161946
Loyalty AwardVirginia K. Ross20161966
Loyalty AwardCarol Cramer Mills20161971
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Hottel Barrett20161961
Loyalty AwardGracia Chin Barry20161966
Loyalty AwardJane Pollard Mayo20161971
Loyalty AwardJanet Crozier O'Rourke20161956
Loyalty AwardLael Stevens Carter20161966
Loyalty AwardLydia Wright Beaumont20161946
Loyalty AwardLynette P. Rizzo20161996
Loyalty AwardPhoebe Zablow McBee20161971
Loyalty AwardSarah “Sally” Michalec20161976
Loyalty AwardSherrerd Welles Urner20161961
Loyalty AwardSusan Laredo Thompson20161971
Loyalty AwardSusan Wheatley Carr20161961
Loyalty AwardSilvia Maulini20151980
Loyalty AwardDiana S. Deane20151975
Loyalty AwardSabrina L. Maurer20151990
Loyalty AwardMichele DeRosa O’Connell20151985
Loyalty AwardDorothy Goerner Ducker20151945
Loyalty AwardGay Chaffee Hartman20151955
Loyalty AwardDiane Howland McIntyre20151965
Loyalty AwardJoanne Griffith Domingue20151965
Loyalty AwardC Dale Gadsden20141984
Loyalty AwardSusan Fulmer Ritchie20141949
Loyalty AwardHelene Phillips Herzig20141949
Loyalty AwardMartha E. Lane20141979
Loyalty AwardNorene Duthie Coller20141959
Loyalty AwardChuckie Raye Blaney20141959
Loyalty AwardMargaret Slaybaugh Larson20141954
Loyalty AwardDeirdre McKibbin-Vaughan20141984
Loyalty AwardDeborah J. Hall20141974
Loyalty AwardMarilyn Coburn Kincaid20141969
Loyalty AwardLisa McConnell20141984
Loyalty AwardGweneth A. Cheney20141949
Loyalty AwardKatherine G. Rodi20141994
Loyalty AwardGail Simons Humphreys20141964
Loyalty AwardHeather S. Wilcauskas20141964
Loyalty AwardJane Homan Antin20141974
Loyalty AwardEllen Taylor Bacon20141954
Loyalty AwardNaomi Friedman Lindower20141984
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Love Rothe20131938
Loyalty AwardFrances M. Lussier20131973
Loyalty AwardBernarda Smith Erwin20131943
Loyalty AwardDonna J. Albino20131983
Loyalty AwardRobin Wilcox Brooksbank20131978
Loyalty AwardTracy Philbrick Truman20131963
Loyalty AwardElinor Shulman Bartolozzi20131975
Loyalty AwardAbbie Holcomb Deneen20131983
Loyalty AwardConstance Mitchell Madara20131953
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Collyer Hayes20131948
Loyalty AwardDŒ_sirŒ_e Gordon Bruggeman20131988
Loyalty AwardGail Thompson Hesse20131958
Loyalty AwardJerrienne M. Barrett20131983
Loyalty AwardJudith McNall MacKnight20131968
Loyalty AwardJudith Moulton Kerr20131943
Loyalty AwardKaren Kayser Benson20131963
Loyalty AwardKaren M. Wilbur20131968
Loyalty AwardKimberly A. Fletcher20131973
Loyalty AwardLynne Jones Osborn20131958
Loyalty AwardMarjorie Clifton Marcotte20131973
Loyalty AwardNancy Crosier McKersie20131953
Loyalty AwardNancy J. Dietz20131973
Loyalty AwardSonya Peterson Reutelhuber20131958
Loyalty AwardVirginia Gommi Vieira20131953
Loyalty AwardDanetta Lyn Beaushaw20131988
Loyalty AwardMelanie C. Carino20121992
Loyalty AwardSue Ellen Utley20121967
Loyalty AwardMona J. Gubow20121972
Loyalty AwardLynne Owen Penczer20121957
Loyalty AwardJean Davis Gandek20121952
Loyalty AwardM. Esther Nasjleti20121992
Loyalty AwardAnn Quimby Southworth20121952
Loyalty AwardBeverly Parks Greenberg20121962
Loyalty AwardCarol DeMar Mulready20121952
Loyalty AwardCarolyn Killian Staley20121952
Loyalty AwardCatherine Zastrow Onyemelukwe20121962
Loyalty AwardChristina A. Zwart20121987
Loyalty AwardChristine L. Sledge20121977
Loyalty AwardDeborah Olene Sinderson20121987
Loyalty AwardGail Donovan20121967
Loyalty AwardJanice Chamberlaine Pierce20121952
Loyalty AwardJanice E. Abert20121982
Loyalty AwardMary Cushman Colwell20121947
Loyalty AwardSue Perreault Bonafini20121982
Loyalty AwardPatricia Perreault Bennett20121972
Loyalty AwardMary Ferol Enyart DiFilippo20121972
Loyalty AwardJulia Doig Wilcox20121987
Loyalty AwardKristen Kelly Fisher20121992
Loyalty AwardKristen M. Scheyder20121992
Loyalty AwardLinda Meyers Crootof20121967
Loyalty AwardLucille H. Sutton20121967
Loyalty AwardSusan Higinbotham Holcombe20121962
Loyalty AwardAudrey Kellogg Hafford20111946
Loyalty AwardRuth Dillingham Cowan20111951
Loyalty AwardBarbara Childs Sampson20111961
Loyalty AwardAlice Wright Conkey20111941
Loyalty AwardMildred Clayton Darrow20111951
Loyalty AwardMary Young Stamper20111941
Loyalty AwardMary Lapp Hodgson20111951
Loyalty AwardMartha Yeames Wise20111941
Loyalty AwardMargaret Bloete Shilling20111961
Loyalty AwardMarcy Wilkov Waterman20111971
Loyalty AwardLeslyn Anderson Thorne20111956
Loyalty AwardJudith Rutherford Sewell20111956
Loyalty AwardJudith Katzenelson Brownstein20111971
Loyalty AwardJean Fedderman Winner20111946
Loyalty AwardJanet Hickey Tague20111966
Loyalty AwardEllen Rogowski Landowne20111956
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Thompson Lozier20111946
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Hankin Potter20111941
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Cannon Gump20111956
Loyalty AwardEleanor Tomb Cicerchi20111966
Loyalty AwardEdith S. Kaselis20111976
Loyalty AwardCharlotte Huston Reischer Clark20111951
Loyalty AwardCaroline Carosso Griep20111986
Loyalty AwardCarol Sweeney Benson20111961
Loyalty AwardBeverly D. Wise20111976
Loyalty AwardBarbara Legg Heald20111946
Loyalty AwardBarbara Clancy MacLeod20111976
Loyalty AwardBarbara Cooke Monks20101970
Loyalty AwardJean Horton Davis20101945
Loyalty AwardElizabeth M. Stone20101975
Loyalty AwardPeggy L. Andrews20101990
Loyalty AwardNancy Leech Mohr20101955
Loyalty AwardMargaret Broughton Tenney20101955
Loyalty AwardDiana Bosse Mathis20101970
Loyalty AwardHelen Loring Ensign20101950
Loyalty AwardR. Jill Agruss Breckenridge20101965
Loyalty AwardPatricia Kennedy Ascher20101960
Loyalty AwardBarbara Main Derbyshire20101960
Loyalty AwardBarbara Johnson Rugg20101950
Loyalty AwardBarbara Harrington Murphy20101975
Loyalty AwardNancy Boggie Kuehler20101965
Loyalty AwardElizabeth Worman Bauer20091959
Loyalty AwardVirginia Couch Jensen20091959
Loyalty AwardSandra Fulton Rosenthal20091979
Loyalty AwardMuriel Kent Graham20091944
Loyalty AwardMarjorie E. Stewart20091939
Loyalty AwardMargaret Bliss Harms20091949
Loyalty AwardMarcia Lepri Coleman20091969
Loyalty AwardLucille Mandalian Blocksom20091949
Loyalty AwardCarmen Boston20091984
Loyalty AwardArzu Gurz Abay20091994
Loyalty AwardEllen M. Telker20081973
Loyalty AwardSuzanne Fresh Anderson20081958
Loyalty AwardPatricia Hope Edmonds20081953
Loyalty AwardMary Waldron Smith20081938
Loyalty AwardMaria Z. Mossaides20081973
Loyalty AwardLucy M. Effron20081978
Loyalty AwardEloise Prescott Killeffer20081968
Loyalty AwardCatherine Hanifan Connor20081948
Loyalty AwardCarol Wenk Bellisio20081968
Loyalty AwardBetty Didcoct Burrill20081938
Loyalty AwardAhyoung Kwak Chyun20081983
Loyalty AwardSusan Brennan Grosel20071982
Loyalty AwardRosalind Wallander Renouard20071957
Loyalty AwardPatricia Bancker Duane20071952
Loyalty AwardMichaelanne Magrane Rosenzweig20071967
Loyalty AwardMary E. Rider20071982
Loyalty AwardMary Cochrane Kloepfer20071947
Loyalty AwardMarilyn Harrow Birenbaum20071952
Loyalty AwardMarie Franz Stone20071942
Loyalty AwardMaria Sherry Murphy20071982
Loyalty AwardMargaret Walser Shutler20071947
Loyalty AwardMargaret Daus Schwartz20071962
Loyalty AwardJean Johnson King20071947
Loyalty AwardHolly A. Hirst20071982
Loyalty AwardCarol Brown Miller20071937
Loyalty AwardAlicechandra B. Fritz20071992
Loyalty AwardJulianne Trabucchi Puckett20061991
Loyalty AwardLori Hiratani Rough20061981
Loyalty AwardLouise Whittemore Hine20061951
Loyalty AwardMary Dethloff Dryselius20061966
Loyalty AwardSusan Ham Heldman20061976
Mary Graham Davis Leadership AwardSusan Beers Betzer20201965
Mary Graham Davis Leadership AwardMary Graham Davis20151965
Mary Lyon AwardYedalis Ruíz2021Frances Perkins Scholar 2008
Mary Lyon AwardElizabeth L. Tighe20212010
Mary Lyon AwardEyitemi Popo20212012
Mary Lyon AwardAleefia Somji20202009
Mary Lyon AwardMay Yang20202010
Mary Lyon AwardChmba Chilemba20202017
Mary Lyon AwardGabrielle Gregg20192008
Mary Lyon AwardMerli V. Guerra20192009
Mary Lyon AwardBrooke Fokker Nichols20192009
Mary Lyon AwardNayantara Gurung Kakshapati20182005
Mary Lyon AwardSuchi Saria20182004
Mary Lyon AwardChloé Zhao20182005
Mary Lyon AwardTamara J.
Mary Lyon AwardKaty Simpson Smith20172006
Mary Lyon AwardMeredith Bambrick20162005
Mary Lyon AwardCasey Brienza20162003
Mary Lyon AwardHanna Pylväinen20152007
Mary Lyon AwardLisa R. Nonken20142003
Mary Lyon AwardMaimuna N. Ahmad20142009
Mary Lyon AwardEmily Usher Shrair20142008
Mary Lyon AwardJennifer W. Kyker20132002
Mary Lyon AwardTashi Zangmo2012FP 1999
Mary Lyon AwardSadiqa Basiri Saleem2012FP 2009
Mary Lyon AwardSonali Gulati20111996
Mary Lyon AwardAnna V. Ross20111997
Mary Lyon AwardMaria H. Ivanova20101996
Mary Lyon AwardKatey Walter Anthony20101998
Mary Lyon AwardTahmima Anam20091997
Mary Lyon AwardSally A. McFarlane20091997
Mary Lyon AwardLisa M. Utzinger20092002
Mary Lyon AwardIngrid Ukstins Peate20091994
Mary Lyon AwardSusan Baker Manning20081993
Mary Lyon AwardAshfia Huq Huq20081996
Mary Lyon AwardSarah Cureton Chinn20071997
Mary Lyon AwardSara C. Vecchiotti20071995
Mary Lyon AwardHollee A. McGinnis20071994
Mary Lyon AwardMara Bonde Ricker20061991
Mary Lyon AwardJennifer Rochlis Zumbado20051994
Mary Lyon AwardBlossom A. Damania20051992
Mary Lyon AwardMei Hong20041992
Mary Lyon AwardGianna Pedace-Allentuck20041993
Mary Lyon AwardCatherine A. Allgor2002MHFP
Mary Lyon AwardSuzanne A. George20021990
Mary Lyon AwardMona K. Sutphen20011989
Mary Lyon AwardElizabeth Onyemelukwe Garner20011989
Mary Lyon AwardDeborah E. Harkness20001986
Mary Lyon AwardMarie Dillon Dahleh20001985
Mary Lyon AwardElizabeth A. Talbot19991988
Mary Lyon AwardRajyalakshmi Seshadri19991987
Mary Lyon AwardAnne Conger McCants19991984
Mary Lyon AwardNelia W. Dunbar19981983
Mary Lyon AwardNorean Radke Sharpe19981982
Mary Lyon AwardKatherine R. McCall19971985
Mary Lyon AwardMargaret Stark19971985
Mary Lyon AwardMary C. Mazzio19971983
Mary Lyon AwardMary Y. Chen19961983
Mary Lyon AwardWendy S. Sloane19961985
Mary Lyon AwardYvonne P. Chireau19961982
Mary Lyon AwardCynthia W. Rodman19951982
Mary Lyon AwardLisa N. DellÍAngelo19951981
Mary Lyon AwardPriscilla Painton19951980
Mary Lyon AwardW. Rochelle Calhoun19951983
Mary Lyon AwardCarol Bandura Cowley19941980
Mary Lyon AwardElizabeth Webb Rowe19941979
Mary Lyon AwardFelicia Y. Thomas19941984
Mary Lyon AwardMary OÍConnor Bruzzese19941980
Mary Lyon AwardCamilla Parham19931978
Mary Lyon AwardKatherine E. Brighty19931978
Mary Lyon AwardKatherine J. Gill19931978
Mary Lyon AwardSuzan-Lori Parks19931985
Mary Lyon AwardTina Young Poussaint19931979
Mary Lyon AwardAlexandra J. Baran19921977
Mary Lyon AwardBarbara McClearn Baumann19921977
Mary Lyon AwardCorinne A. Manogue19921977
Mary Lyon AwardKaren Flodman Dow19911982
Mary Lyon AwardLuz S Vasquez19911979
Mary Lyon AwardMargaret Olofson Thickstun19911977
Mary Lyon AwardKaren M. Hendricks19901976
Mary Lyon AwardMaureen A. Callanan19901978
Mary Lyon AwardMaureen E. Kuhn19901978
Mary Lyon AwardSally A. Savoia19901977
Mary Lyon AwardSusannah M. Sirkin19901976
Mary Lyon AwardBarbara Symonds Beltz19891974
Mary Lyon AwardJody Cohen-Gavarian19891976
Mary Lyon AwardJudith E. Tarr19891976
Mary Lyon AwardMindy McWilliams Lewis19891975
Mary Lyon AwardAlison E. Hale19881975
Mary Lyon AwardLorain Heindel Giles19881973
Mary Lyon AwardPamela B. Hoffman19881973
Mary Lyon AwardSandra Beers Tuttle19871974
Mary Lyon AwardEleanor B. McGrath19871974
Mary Lyon AwardNancy J. Gustafson19871978
Mary Lyon AwardSusan M. Shwartz19871972
Mary Lyon AwardJane E. Alexander19861980
Mary Lyon AwardNora B. Wilcox19861972
Mary Lyon AwardRosemarie Maddi19861971
Mary Lyon AwardLila M. Gierasch DSC19851970
Mary Lyon AwardWendy J. Wasserstein DHLE19851971
Mary Lyon AwardJane Bachman Wulf19851976
Mary Lyon AwardJanet L. Mitchell19851972
Mary Lyon AwardLeslie A. Miller19851973
Mary Lyon AwardElaine L. Chao19841975
Mary Lyon AwardK. Fontaine Syer19841969
Mary Lyon AwardMaureen A. Flannery19841971
Mary Lyon ScholarJacquelin M. Jackter2014
Mary Lyon ScholarHannah M. Kass2015
Mary Lyon ScholarSharon D. Kwabi2014
Mary Lyon ScholarViolette H. Levy2014
Mary Lyon ScholarZisiga Mukulu2015
Mary Lyon ScholarAlyssa N. Sheets2015
Mary Lyon ScholarCaroline P. Spivack2015
Mary Lyon ScholarEmily P. Wells2015
Mary Lyon ScholarAbigail L. Wise2015
Mary Lyon ScholarBezawit A. Woldemeskel2014
Mary Lyon ScholarLaurie Fendrich1970
Mary Lyon ScholarDana Feldshuh Whyte1960
Mary Lyon ScholarCarly S. Peltier2015
Mary Lyon ScholarMariah D. Cohen2015
Mary Lyon ScholarBeverly Parks Greenberg1962
Mary Lyon ScholarCaitlin E. Rajala2015
Mary Lyon ScholarMassange Kamara2015
Mary Lyon ScholarSophia K. Spector2015
Mary Lyon ScholarSilvia Maulini1980
Mary Lyon ScholarAkchheta Karki2015
Mary Lyon ScholarLydia W. Beaumont1946
Mary Lyon ScholarHuda Alawa2015
Mary Lyon ScholarJane Homan Antin1974
Mary Lyon ScholarBinderiya Byambasuren2015
Mary Lyon ScholarKatharine Lark DeLamater2015
Mary Lyon ScholarEsther A. Hayat2015
Mary Lyon ScholarHusna Anwar2015
Mary Lyon ScholarSangeeta Warrier2015
Mary Lyon ScholarCatherine E. Braine2011
Mary Lyon ScholarDiana S. Deane1975
Mary Lyon ScholarCandice N. Whitney2015
Mary Lyon ScholarAnna Bennett Robertson2004
Mary Lyon ScholarErica P. Lutes2015
Sesquicentennial AwardMaryanne Trump Barry19881958
Sesquicentennial AwardNancy Reynolds Beck19881948
Sesquicentennial AwardMarydell Rose Bright19881939
Sesquicentennial AwardJosephine Skinner Carr19881945
Sesquicentennial AwardJudith H. Clausen 19881958
Sesquicentennial AwardJanet Emig19881950
Sesquicentennial AwardSharon Fairley Francis19881959
Sesquicentennial AwardCatherine Russo Ippolito19881953
Sesquicentennial AwardDorothy Petrie Irving19881943
Sesquicentennial AwardMarie Therese Oliver Jackson-Thompson19881969
Sesquicentennial AwardJudith Katz19881971
Sesquicentennial AwardMary Lane19881937
Sesquicentennial AwardElizabeth Atwood Lawrence19881951
Sesquicentennial AwardMarion Branch Mason19881940
Sesquicentennial AwardSheryl McCarthy 19881969
Sesquicentennial AwardBarbara Bristol Rotundo19881942
Sesquicentennial AwardLorna Feinstein Sarrel 19881959
Sesquicentennial AwardDeborah Shaffer19881970
Sesquicentennial AwardBarbara Smith 19881969
Sesquicentennial AwardRuth Feinsilver Wolf19881947
Sesquicentennial AwardGillian Reynolds 1987MHGS 1958
Sesquicentennial AwardElizabeth Allen19871972
Sesquicentennial AwardLady Borton 19871964
Sesquicentennial AwardHattie Kawahara Colton19871943
Sesquicentennial AwardElizabeth Rathbun Dana19871946
Sesquicentennial AwardJoan Cox Danzansky 19871963
Sesquicentennial AwardElizabeth Fleming Putnam19871927
Sesquicentennial AwardNancy Stagner Giles19871965
Sesquicentennial AwardMarion Gillim Hamilton19871930
Sesquicentennial AwardElinor Miller Greenberg19871953
Sesquicentennial AwardMaisha Hamilton 19871970
Sesquicentennial AwardJudith Harris19871967
Sesquicentennial AwardFrances King Monroe19871942
Sesquicentennial AwardCatherine Lafarge19871957
Sesquicentennial AwardCharlotte Jaeger Levendosky19871956
Sesquicentennial AwardLeonora Nash-Morgan19871932
Sesquicentennial AwardNancy Button Nathan19871968
Sesquicentennial AwardGloria Cochrane Onque19871951
Sesquicentennial AwardElizabeth Wilson Poe19871972
Sesquicentennial AwardLilian Cramer Randall19871950
Sesquicentennial AwardDorothy Reilly19871941
Sesquicentennial AwardJulia Mills Shipman 19871933
Sesquicentennial AwardSusan Cane Stone19871946
Sesquicentennial AwardAudrey Smith Wegst19871956
Sesquicentennial AwardVirginia Bulkley Whitehill 19871950
Sesquicentennial AwardLinda Maria Yu Bien19861975
Sesquicentennial AwardEleanor L. Claus19861955
Sesquicentennial AwardKitty Eliopoulos19861945
Sesquicentennial AwardCatherine Higgs Miltion19861964
Sesquicentennial AwardJosephine Wood Smith 19861921
Volunteer Leadership AwardMarija Tesla20212011
Volunteer Leadership AwardCasey C. Accardi20202015
Volunteer Leadership AwardTarana J. Bhatia20202015
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardElaine C. Cheung20192009
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardNatalya Marusich20192004
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardKaren McVey Loweth20172007
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMargaret Murray Trenis20172007
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardTamar Spitz Westphal20172012
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardBridget E. Mahoney20162006
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMelissa Anderson Russell20162001
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMeredith S. Nelson20162011
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMichelle Dilanian20162006
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardTrisha L. Tanner20152000
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardKira Yevtukhova20152010
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAnuja De Silva20142004
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAnna Bennett Robertson20142004
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardCarrie C. Ruzicka20141999
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardHilary M. Salmon20132003
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardCarrie A. Kortegast20131998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardErica P. Lutes20132002
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardChau Ly20121997
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMelani Cheers20122002
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardCarrianna K. Field20121997
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardDanyue Chen20121997
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardLindsay E. Theile20112004
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardRachel J. Schaefer20112006
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardEllen N. Pactor20112006
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAlyssa Whitbeck Rose20102002
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardDana A. Barta20102004
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAmanda L. Davis20102000
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardKatherine K. Gordon20091999
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardKatherine M. Axt20092001
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMarkeisha J. Miner20091999
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMellanye J. Lackey20081998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardLisa M. Utzinger20082002
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardMarybeth Gurske Doctor20081998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardCourtney Masland Skerritt20082001
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAili K. Petersen20082002
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardKimberly Kedziorek Olson20081998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardEvguenia A. Sokolova20082001
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardErin Otte Richards20071998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardErica Metzger-Hare20071998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAnnemarie O. Farrell20072001
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardJohanna Fausto-Di Dio20071998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardVirginia Radley Emes20072000
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardAmy Jo Schuppert Conroy20071998
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardLeslie Fu Pang20061997
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardVerity A. Chegar20062000
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardElizabeth M. Margolis20061996
Young Alumna Volunteer Leadership AwardChristine L. Roch20061996
Young Alumna Achievement AwardBeverlyn Z. Blanchard2002FP 1997
Young Alumna Achievement AwardCarrianna K. Field20021997