Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dates for Reunion?
How do I register for Reunion?
I'm having a problem viewing registration online.
Can I attend Reunion if it’s not my reunion year?
I have to cancel my registration. Will I get a refund?
What is the registration deadline?
I need ADA accommodations while I am on campus. How do I arrange them?
Why am I only able to purchase a package instead of individual meals?
If I do not participate in all the meals, do I pay less to attend?
I will be observing Ramadan this year. How do I make special meal requests?


What overnight accommodations are available?
Will I be able stay near my friends?
What are the rooming arrangements for children?
When will I find out where I am staying?
Are dormitory bathrooms single-sex or co-ed?
I have physical/medical difficulties. Will I be able to stay in a dormitory?


How much does it cost to attend Reunion?
Can I register now and pay when I arrive at Reunion?
What methods of payment are accepted?
What does the Alumnae Association registration fee cover?
What is the class fee used for?
How do I make a donation to the Mount Holyoke Fund that will count toward my class’s reunion total?
I have to cancel my registration. Will I get a refund?


What are the check-in hours?
Where do I go to check in once I arrive on campus?
What if I need to arrive on campus outside of check-in hours?
Can I have my classmate pick up my dorm room key for me since I will be arriving late?
What time do I need to arrive on Friday to attend the Back-to-Class sessions?
Where may I park?
May I use the Kendall athletic facilities?
Will there be any transportation offered on campus?

Is there a lost and found?


I did not receive a letter or email from my class board about Reunion this year. Why not?

How do I access guest wireless while on campus?

How do I get my reunion schedule on my phone?
I have questions not answered here. What should I do?