Parking is free of charge

» View the campus map. Orange indicates parking areas.

Parking for check-in and unloading

  • You may park temporarily next to Mary E. Woolley Hall on Chapin Road to register. Please do not park on Route 116—you will be ticketed. To unload your car, you may park temporarily in one of the spots adjacent to your headquarters dorm.

Long-term parking
After unloading, please park your car in one of the following lots:

  • Dunlap (on corner of Route 116 and Dunlap Place)
  • Equestrian Center
  • Gorse (across the street from Creighton Hall)
  • Ham-MacGregor (across the street from Ham and MacGregor Halls)
  • Kendall Sports and Dance Complex
  • Mandelles/1837 Hall (the lot that runs between 1837 and North and South Mandelle)
  • Mary Lyon (across from the main gate)
  • Morgan Street (grass lot, corner of Route 116 and Morgan Street)
  • Observatory
  • Prospect

Prohibited parking 

  • No parking is allowed in the Gaylord Library lot (located across the street from the College).
  • Cars that block the Saturday morning parade route (which will be clearly marked) or that impede access to residence halls in any way will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Central campus roads are closed to through traffic (with the exception of special-access needs).
  • No parking is allowed on Morgan Street, Park Street, or Route 116.