2016 Slate of Nominees for Alumnae Association Board and Committee Positions

The Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of candidates for election at the Annual Meeting to be held on May 14, 2016. Each candidate has been fully informed of the responsibility and rights of the position and has indicated consent to serve if elected. Members may submit additional nominations as outlined in the bylaws.

Board of Directors Positions

Vice President (2016–2019)
Susan Brennan Grosel ’82, Boston, MA. Director of annual funds and donor relations, Boston Symphony Orchestra. Association: clerk 1999–2002, Alumnae Development Committee member 1984–1987. Class: former class agent, reunion lead gift committee member, cornerstone representative, head class agent, reunion gift chair. Club of Boston: former vice president. Club of Philadelphia: former program chair, alumnae admissions representative. Club of Western Suburbs: former program committee member. Loyalty Award 2007.

Committee Chairs

Classes and Reunion Committee (2016–2017)

Danielle M. Germain 93, Washington, DC. Senior associate, Booz Allen Hamilton. MA, Johns Hopkins University. Association: Classes and Reunion Committee chair 2013–present, Classes and Reunion Committee member 2009–2012. Class: former class president.

Clubs Committee (2016–2019)

Elizabeth McInerny McHugh ’87, Boston, MA. Vice president, market insights, Fidelity Investments. Association: Clubs Committee member 2011–2014. Class: former vice president, reunion chair, nominating committee member, cornerstone chair, class agent, reunion dinner chair, reunion room chair, reunion gift caller. Club of Cincinnati: former president, vice president, program chair. Club of Western Suburbs: former first vice president.

Volunteer Stewardship Committee (2016–2019)

Charlotte N. Church ’70, Bronxville, NY. Retired, director of human resources, Boys’ Club of New York. BA, Tufts; MA in education, Galludet University. Association: Volunteer Stewardship Committee member 2014–2015. Class: former head class agent, class agent, reunion gift caller. Westchester Club: former membership chair.

Committee Members

Alumnae Quarterly Committee (2016–2019)

Carolyn E. Roesler ’86, Hinesburg, VT. Director of class giving, Norwich University; online community manager, Front Porch Forum. Class: former class agent, vice president, reunion gift caller, nominating committee member. Burlington Alumnae Informal Club: former alumnae representative assistant.

Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2016–2019)

Maureen McHale Hood ’87, Coppet, Switzerland. Retired marketing director, The Procter and Gamble Company. MBA, Georgetown University. Association: vice president 2008–2010, director at large 2005–2008, Affiliate Group Ad Hoc Committee member 2006–2009, Communications Ad Hoc Committee member 2005–2006. Class: current class agent; former reunion gift caller, reunion sign chair, and reunion welcome/hospitality chair. Club of Cincinnati: former president, vice president, program chair, newsletter/directory editor, alumnae representative assistant. Medal of Honor 2007.

Classes and Reunion Committee (2016–2019)

Melissa Anderson Russell ’01, East Sandwich, MA. Preschool director, The Hundred Acre School at Heritage Museum and Gardens. MA in education, Lesley University. Association: Nominating Committee member 2013–present. Class: current treasurer; former treasurer, class agent, reunion welcome/hospitality chair, reunion gift caller. Cape Cod Club: current president, website coordinator; former membership chair. Rhode Island Club: former alumnae representative assistant.

Clubs Committee (2016–2019)

Lisa N. Dell’Angelo ’81, Houston, TX. Geomechanics advisor for Southwestern Energy. PhD, Brown University. Class: former copresident. Club of Houston: former copresident. Mary Lyon Award 1995.

Shauna K. O’Boyle ’87, San Francisco, CA. Finance manager, Oracle Corp. MBA, San Francisco State University. Northern California Club: former president, vice president.

Communications Committee (2016–2019)

Elizabeth (Libby) Park DeLana 84, Newburyport, MA. Founding partner, Mechanica. Class: current class agent.

External Achievement Awards Committee

Susan E. Edwards ’68 (2016–2017), Phoenix, AZ. Retired, first vice president, investments, Morgan Stanley. College: Legacy of Leadership Campaign National Major Gifts Committee member. Association: External Achievement Awards Committee member 2014–present, Nomination of Alumnae Trustee Committee member 1985–1988, Classes and Reunion Committee member 1974–1976. Class: former president, nominating committee chair, Mary Lyon Society class chair, class agent, reunion sign chair, reunion booklet chair, reunion gift caller. Boston Club: former committee chair. Phoenix Alumnae Region: former first vice president and leadership gift chair. Alumnae Achievement Award 2013.

Joan Corcoran Steiger 60 (2016–2019), South Hadley, MA. Retired. JD, Western New England University. College: Trustee 1976–1986, National Major Gifts Committee member 1998–2003. Association: Nomination of Alumnae Trustee Committee chair 1990–1993, Class: current committee member, former reunion co-chair. Medal of Honor 1995.

Finance Committee (2016–2019)

Carolyn (Kerrie) Berninger Grover ’92, Wellesley Hills, MA. Senior budget and procurement analyst, Babson College. MA and MBA, Northeastern University. Club of Western Suburbs: former treasurer.

Internal Achievement Awards Committee (2016–2019)

Judith (Judy) Shepherd DeBrandt ’66, Rockville, MD. Writer, US Department of Agriculture Graduate School. MAT, Northwestern University; MBA, American University. Association: Programs Committee chair 2001–2005 and 1983–1986, Programs Ad Hoc Committee member 2003–2004, Nominating Committee member 2006–2009. Class: current head class agent; former vice president, head class agent, cornerstone chair, cornerstone representative, class agent, reunion program chair, reunion gift caller. Club of Westchester, New York: former president, nominating committee member, officer. DC Club: former nominating committee member, leadership gift volunteer. Medal of Honor 2006.

Maria Sherry Murphy 82, Manassas, VA. Association: Classes and Reunion Committee member 2010–2013. Class: current vice president; former president, vice president, reunion chair, scribe, nominating committee member, class agent, reunion dinner chair, reunion gift caller. Loyalty Award 2007.

Nominating Committee (2016–2019)

Lois A. Graham 82, Stratham, NH. Major gifts office researcher, institutional advancement, Phillips Exeter Academy. Class: current website coordinator; former nominating committee member, class agent, reunion gift caller. Boston Club: former vice president, second vice president, nominating committee member, sesquicentennial planning committee. Northern California Club: former board member. Southern New Hampshire Alumnae Region: current alumnae representative assistant, former book award sponsor.

Kayla R. Jackson 86, Mitchellville, MD. Program director, children’s programs, AASA, The School Superintendents Association. Masters of Public Administration, New York University. Association: vice president 2004–2007, Classes and Reunion Committee chair 1998–2001, Classes and Reunion Committee member 1993–1994 and 1994–1996. Class: former president, class agent, reunion welcome committee. DC Club: former program chair, alumnae representative assistant, former class agent.

Lisa Utzinger Shen 02, Cambridge, MA. Doctoral student and master’s of education, Harvard Graduate School of Education. Association: Young Alumnae Representative 2005–2008, Executive Director Search Committee 2008–2009, College Fellowship Committee 2011–2012. Class: former nominating committee member, reunion committee, nametag chair, class agent, reunion gift caller. Boston Club: former copresident, young alumnae chair, nominating committee chair. Young Alumnae Loyalty Award 2008, Mary Lyon Award 2009.

Volunteer Stewardship Committee (2016–2019)

Donna Criscione Vieraitis ’80, Boston, MA. Dormer director, human resources, Intel. MBA, Babson College. Class: former reunion gift caller, reunion sign chair, parade chair, costume chair.