Clubs and Groups

Clubs and groups affiliated with the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College connect alumnae with one another and with the College. Membership in alumnae clubs is open to any alumna, graduate or non­graduate, who attended Mount Holyoke for at least a year, or any recipient of a graduate degree.

Geographic clubs serve the local community, provide career networking opportunities, and build relationships with MHC students in a particular area. Club or group affiliation is determined by the zip code of an alumna’s primary address on record. The Alumnae Association has more than 100 unique regional clubs worldwide.

Clubs and groups can also be based on a shared interest or affinity, providing opportunities to connect for career networking and building relationships with MHC students related to that particular interest.

An affiliated CLUB is a formal entity with bylaws, officers elected on a regular schedule, and able to have a bank account. An affiliated GROUP is less formal and organized by a committee of volunteers or a Key Alumnae Representative. Both follow Alumnae Association guidelines.

An alumna can belong to more than one club or group.