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The class notes section of the Alumnae Quarterly occupies about forty pages—or half—of every issue and keeps readers connected to each other and to Mount Holyoke and the Alumnae Association. Each class has a class scribe who is key to fulfilling this mission. Readers consistently tell us that they turn to class notes first, eager to catch up on news from old friends.

It’s easy to reach out to your scribe and share your updates. Scroll down to find your class scribe. Click on your class year to send an email. If your class does not have a scribe listed, please send your news to

When sending news please include your full name, including your name as an undergraduate, if different. Remember, Class Notes is your space in the magazine. Your classmates love to read about you! Let them know what you’ve been up to, big or small.

Please keep the following production timelines in mind when submitting your news:

Issue Deadline Magazine Mails
Fall August 1 mid-November
Winter November 1 mid-February
Spring February 1 mid-May
Summer May 1 late-August
Questions? Email class notes editor Jessica Ayer at
Class Name
1946 Barbara (Bobbie) Knafel Scherlis
1949 Class Notes editor
1950 Elizabeth Frolich Bachman
1951 Class Notes editor
1952 Inez Chase Zimmerman
1953 Pat Leahy Preston
1954 Elaine Fisher Marshack, Ellin Rosenzweig
1955 Sue Nutter Keller
1956 Ellie Rogowski Landowne
1957 Minxie Jensvold Fannin, Frances Ward Weller
1958 Joan (Smudge) Heyman Rosen
1959 Chuckie Raye Blaney
1960 Sarah Koerner Peterson, Linda Webber Sturtevant
1961 Nancy Desmond Cox, Kim Kimball Holmquist
1962 Carol Kent, Judy Osborne
1963 Paula Yurkanis Bruice, Jenni Macdonald DeWolf, Edith Dulles, Diane Demont Rapp
1964 Jean Vnenchak, Priscilla Morse Huston
1965 Nancy Boggie Kuehler, Margaret Conkey, Katharine Swan
1966 Mary Duffy-Guerrero
1967 Lucille Sutton, Sally Crooks Myers
1968 Eloise Prescott Killeffer
1969 Ida Quackenbush Nystrom
1970 Ellen Cochran Hirzy, Diane Mayer Murphy
1971 Linda Keown
1972 Kimberly Jones Blake
1973 Nancy Friedman Ross
1974 Marylloyd Claytor
1975 Eileen Leahy Epstein, Judith Karlen Stein
1976 Anne Schneider McNulty
1977 Andrea Popik Taber, Nancy Herman Jarrett
1978 Diana Fischer Baker, Corina Gochoco-Bautista
1979 Bobbi Horowitz Langer, Anne Davis Livingston
1980 Anne Archibald Williams
1981 Elizabeth Dawley Hanson
1982 Virginia Lincoln, Mary-Alice Austin
1983 Lisa Hawley Hiley, Charlotte Lehmann
1984 Ellen Cosgrove, Naomi Friedman Lindower
1985 Bekah Torges Cotton, Renée Lewis
1986 Betsy Mark Meyerson, Amy Terrell Mabley
1987 Joyce McGhee, Noelle Thurlow
1988 Diane Giombetti Clue
1989 Janet Buhlmann
1990 Ellen Curran
1991 Nicole Ratté Guttormsen, Jennifer Beens Harper
1992 Krys Cheetham Cooper, Ari Stern-Gottschalk
1993 Olivia Boler, Peggy Eagan, Shelly Wu
1994 Vickie Jones Conner, Melanie Megginson
1995 Becky Waterman Chan, Sara Stall-Ryan
1996 Natasha Domina, Lynette Rizzo
1997 Caissa McClinton Hadash, Stephanie Trauner
1998 Shannon Burns Conners, Adrienne Sharpe
1999 Kira de Long, Carol McGinnis Manahan, Deanne Ochoa-Durrell
2000 Catherine Herrold, Rita MacRae
2001 Mariana Perez-Helling Campbell, Liese Schneider
2002 Jen Garrow, Maggie Lichter Grady
2003 Stephanie Clarke-Mayberg Lander, Catherine O’Brien
2004 Gabby Templet Bachhuber, Kori Binette
2005 Joanna Chlebus, Heather DiGiovanni
2006 Emily Giglierano, Annie Brinkmann Speedie
2007 Elisabeth (Eli) D’Agosto, Courtney Reinfried, Carly Steier Covieo
2008 Emily Wagner, Natasha Sokol
2009 Kathleen (Katie) Banaszak, Emily Myer
2010 Abby Goldman, Emma (EJ) Scarloss
2011 Sealia Thevenau
2012 Miriam Cantor-Stone, Emma Loy-Santelli
2013 Veronica Farmer, Natalie Johnson
2014 Maxana Weiss, Sarah Flagg
2015 Meaghan Haenn, Kay Heffernan
2016 Ymani Monét Francis, Alicia Winokur
2017 Caedyn Busche
2018 Helena Valvur
2019 Rachel Yousman
2020 Grace Remillard
2021 Phoebe Murtagh
2022 Cait Mallery
2023 Lasya Priya Rao Jarugumilli
FP Marion Altieri FP’88
MA Beth Ricardi Jarzabek