Celebrating 100 Years of the Alumnae Quarterly

img_4655_readissueThe Alumnae Quarterly as we know it began as The Mount Holyoke, a combination literary magazine, student newspaper, and alumnae publication. In 1916, the publication split, and the Mount Holyoke News student newspaper and the Alumnae Quarterly were born.

In our winter 2017 issue, we celebrate our unique history with more than thirty pages of archival content pulled from as early as the very first issue. You can read the full magazine by clicking on the cover image to your left.

Below are a few “extras” we’ve put together as a supplement to the anniversary issue. Fun, funny, humbling—we’ve tried to select a range of content from the publication as it has evolved over a century. We’ll be adding to this page during the year, so come back often, enjoy, and be in touch. Whether you’ve read a few issues or hundreds over the years, we’d love to know what the Quarterly has meant to you.

—Jennifer Grow ’94, editor



What it Took: Creating the 100th Anniversary Issue



The Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly celebrates 100 years!