Lynk on the Road: Alumnae Reception

New York City

March 10, 2016
6:00–8:00 p.m.

Below you will find the profiles of students that were specially selected to attend the daylong excursion to New York City as part of the Lynk on the Road event as well as for alumnae that have registered for the evening networking reception. Stickers and name tags will be shared at the reception check-in table as an added feature for students to identify alumnae.

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Student Attendees

Mariam Aamir ’16
Major: Economics
Minor: International Relations
Background/Interests: Mariam is exploring international work and advocacy, and seeks to pursue post-graduate opportunities that address welfare concerns on a global level. She is especially interested in international organizations and forums such as the U.N., along with international businesses engaged in social enterprises. Mariam is co-chair of MHC’s Kuch Karo that focuses on earthquake relief and women’s rights in Pakistan.

Zainab Amjad ’17
Major: International Relations
Minor: Economics
Background/Interests: Zainab is passionate about political activism for human rights. Her work with Engage Pakistan focused on reforming the country’s blasphemy laws. She also interned at a law firm to investigate state action on enforced disappearances. Zainab is an active member of Kuch Karo at MHC.

Saltanat Ansari ’18
Major: International Relations
Background/Interests: Saltanat’s IR focus is in international ethics where she examines international forums such as the UN in establishing and ensuring ethics standards. She was an intern at the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, which is a statutory and autonomous body that works for women’s rights in the Punjab Province. Saltanat is a student leader in MHC’s Kuch Karo.

Onji Bae ’17
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Critical Social Thought
Background/Interests: Onji is passionate about expanding computer science education and technological innovation to all people, especially members of inner city communities who may be least likely to be involved in engineering/STEM. Onji is a co-founder of Pipelines Programming, which teaches technical coding skills to inmates at local prison centers. She will be presenting this initiative at the Clinton Global Institute University.

Katherine Bianchi ’16
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Geography; Culture, Health, and Science
Background/Interests: Katherine wishes to work for the government where she can apply her science background in the field of international policy. She has researched human trafficking in Nigeria, stem cell research in Saudi Arabia, and health care infrastructure in Rwanda. She has worked closely with refugees of many nationalities while interning with the Refugee Immigration Ministry in Boston.

KellyAnn Cameron ’17

Major: Asian Studies
Minor: Religion
Background/Interests: KellyAnn is interested in advocacy work that incorporates faith communities and human rights issues. She is also interested in opportunities with the federal government that involve Middle Eastern policy and/or use of the Arabic language. KellyAnn is a board member of the Arab Student Association and Unitarian Universalist community at MHC.

Emily Chang ’18
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Law and Public Policy Nexus
Background/Interests: Emily is investigating the Flint, Michigan water crises by conducting independent research on tracking water infrastructure bills through the United States legislative and executive branches. On campus, she is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA), and works with various committees involving faculty and senior staff.

Rockia Coulibaly ’16
Major: Economics
Minor: French
Background/Interests: Rockia is interested in combining her interests in law and public service. Throughout high school, she participated in Legal Outreach, a nonprofit that prepares students from low-income areas for success in college through SAT prep, constitutional law debates, and mock trials. This past summer, Rockia taught at Legal Outreach and oversaw student placements in law firms throughout NYC. At MHC, Rockia participates in the MHC Student Government Association Appointing Board, Pre-Law Association, French Club, Association of Pan African Unity, and was involved with Students Against Mass Incarceration.

Jacquelyn D’Angio ’16
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Philosophy
Background/Interests: Jacquelyn has accepted a position in finance and consulting for the public service sector (government, nonprofits, education) where she will assist entities to achieve financial and managerial success. She has previously worked in the government sector at the New York City Parks Department, and for the nonprofit Council for European Studies at Columbia University.

Arielle Derival ’17
Major: African American and African Studies
Minor: Law and Public Policy Nexus
Background/Interests: Arielle is interested in broadening her horizons in public service fields, and seeks to build on her past experience as an intern with the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office, and a law firm specializing in foreclosure defense. She interned in Peru where she worked with women domestic service workers on legal rights and protections.

Jillian Duclos ’17
Major: Politics
Minor: Education and Society Nexus
Background/Interests: Jillian is intent on working in the government sector where she can leverage her eight years of experience in the political realm. Jillian worked on local campaigns for State Representative Aaron Vega and Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse. She interned for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office in Washington, D.C. Jillian is currently vice chair for the Holyoke Democratic Committee, and attended the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact, a nonpartisan program of the Women’s Fund of Western MA, for women interested in running for public office/working on political campaigns.

Violet Fortier ’18
Major: English
Background/Interests: Violet’s career aspirations are to work as an attorney in discrimination law. She is currently an enforcement intern with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination where she investigates cases of discrimination in employment, housing, and other areas. Violet is the Organizations Senator for the MHC Pre-Law Association.

Yujia Guan ’16
Major: Politics
Minor: Statistics
Background/Interests: After graduation, Yujia will be working in the Antitrust Group of Nera Economic Consulting in New York City where she will blend her interests in policy-making and social justice. Yujia has worked as an online and print journalist, and is member of the Best Buddy Program. She is currently conducting independent research on the relationship between municipal government and regional economic development.

Denise Huang ’16
Major: Politics
Minor: History
Background/Interests: Denise is most interested in working at the urban level to address issues in public education, and/or housing and development. She is especially interested in public affairs and minority populations, including immigrants and low-income communities.

Umme Hani Imani ’17
Major: History
Minor: Philosophy
Background/Interests: Umme’s ambition is to work with, and possibly reform, the government institutions in her country of Pakistan. She has an academic and career interest in uncovering the factors that contribute to government stability. She worked with the Women’s Foundation of Pakistan, served as president of the Interact Club of Karachi Continental, and participated in Model UN conferences.

Katherine (Katy) Johnston ’16
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Environmental Studies
Background/Interests: Katy is interested in environmental work through a career with the government or an NGO. She interned with the United States Forest Service through the Student Conservation Association where she was exposed to the roles of multiple stakeholders in advancing policy. Katy was a crewmember of National Civilian Community Corps at AmeriCorps where she worked on policy advocacy.

Jemimah (Jemmie) Kamau ’16
Major: Politics
Minor: African Studies
Background/Interests: Jemmie is interested in public policy to advance social justice. She was awarded a Weissman Center grant to attend the Public Leadership Education Network seminar in Washington D.C. focused on policy making on Capitol Hill, the legislative process, and legal careers. She was selected as the lead Student Ambassador for the Women in Public Service Project at MHC, Smith, and Simmons College, where she hosted women leaders from African and East Asian countries. Jemmie is creating a library in her home country of Kenya to promote peace, social justice, and equality.
Meghan Kymal ’16
Major: International Relations
Minor: Complex Organizations
Background/Interests: Meghan is interested in consulting in the public service sphere. She has engaged in leadership activities through the Weissman Center’s Student Ambassador Program and its Leadership and Public Service course, and the Women in Public Service Summit at MHC. Meghan worked on vocational education initiatives to increase education throughout India through the organization, Embracing the World.

Congyi Li ’17
Major: International Relations
Minor: French
Background/Interests: With nearly six years of experience in Model United Nations, Congyi is inspired to work in international forums or NGO’s where she can also apply her language skills of English, Chinese, and French. She is the Secretary General of the Five College Model United National Conference.

Ashley Lund ’17
Major: Politics and History
Background/Interests: Ashley has dreamed of a career in government since her youth when she lobbied Congress on girl’s issues and worked on the first Obama campaign. She has since interned in government affairs at Yelp and in the office of Representative Betty McCollum in Washington, D.C. Ashley is a member of SGA Senate, the SGA Ways and Means Committee, and President of Mt. Holyoke for Hillary.

Emily Myers ’16

Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Spanish (Hispanophone Studies)
Background/Interests: Emily is keenly interested in politics and government. She intends to apply to law school in a year and move into a career in international environmental law. She has been an active member of MHC College Democrats, and the College Democrats of Massachusetts.

Amelia Neumayer ’16

Major: Politics
Minor: Romance Languages and Literatures
Background/Interests: Amelia is interested in doing policy work at the international level where she can combine her global education with language skills. She has conducted political research on minorities in Iraq for the Karuna Center, interned with the National Priorities Project (nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize) on government transparency, and is about to begin a project with the ACLU in Springfield to work with high school students to change governmental policies that affect their lives.

Yitong (Nora) Qiu ’17
Major: Economics
Minor: History
Background/Interests: Nora is interested in work at the UN or with international NGO’s. With the Economics Department, she produced a policy research paper using a statistical program on nitrogen dioxide green gas emissions and the economic development index of 121 countries. Later, with the IR and History Departments, Nora analyzed high administrative court decisions regarding human rights, and minority and children protections in Central Europe and East Asia.

Sara Staedicke ’16
Major: Geography
Minor: Asian Studies
Background/Interests: Sara is especially interested in a career with a government agency or organization focused on immigration, refugee resettlement, foreign aid, or humanitarian assistance. She interned at the International Organization for Migration in Bangkok, Thailand, the International Rescue Committee, and the Center for Migration Studies. In her experiences, she assisted recently resettled refugees with English language, created social media campaigns on migration, and prepared large-scale meetings of international organizations on gender and migration.

Yun Zhu ’16
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Asian Studies
Background/Interests: Yun was recently accepted into the School of Public Health at Columbia University. She is committed to pursuing a career with a health-related NGO or international organization in New York City. Yun has a background in health research at MHC and Harvard University. She was a volunteer in the Springfield MA Housing Court where she helped low-income residents gain access to legal assistance.

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Alumnae Attendees

Janice Abert ’82
Company: Abert Associates LLC
Title: Managing Partner
Undergraduate Major(s): Biology

Humera Afridi ’93
Company: The New York Women’s Foundation
Title: Writer
Specialization: Communications
Educational Institutions: Carnegie Mellon; New York University
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other Degrees: MA; MFA.

Lena Afridi ’08
Company: ANHD
Title: Policy Coordinator, Equitable Economic Development
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: MRP
Educational Institutions: Cornell University

Lori-Anne Ashwood ’09
Company: Squarespace
Title: Community Specialist
Specialization: Customer Operations
Undergraduate Major(s): Computer Science

Margaux Avedisian ’06
Company: Bitcoin Capital Partners
Title: Founder
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology
Other Degrees: Master of Fine Arts
Educational Institutions: Academy of Art University

Valerie Barr ’77
Company: Union College
Title: Professor
Specialization: Computer Science
Undergraduate Major(s): Mathematics
Other Degrees: PhD
Educational Institutions: Rutgers University

Meryl Berkowitz ’77
Company: Nassau County
Title: County Court Judge
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: Yeshiva University New York

Jonee’ Billy ’06
Company: St. Nicks Alliance
Title: Multi-Site Supervisor
Specialization: Community Engagement
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: MS in Sports Management
Educational Institutions: Brooklyn College

Mindy Blackstock ’88
Company: City of New York, New York
Title: Agency Attorney
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology and Special Major

Claire Botnick ’08
Company: Cravath, Swaine & Moore
Title: Associate
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: JD/MSW
Educational Institutions: Washington University

Lydia Bowers ’12
Company: Ellevest
Title: Operations Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major

Theresa Brockett ’15
Undergraduate Major(s): Art Studio
Chi Chen ’83
Company: BlackRock
Undergraduate Major(s): History
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Psychology
Educational Institutions: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Elaine Cheung ’09
Company: New York City Council
Title: Chief of Staff
Undergraduate Major(s): History

Simrit Chhabra ’13
Undergraduate Major(s): Philosophy
Educational Institutions: Colombia University

Elizabeth Connelly ’06
Company: M&W
Title: Attorney
Specialization: Employment, education, and civil rights
Undergraduate Major(s): European Studies
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: Rutgers

Cheryl Daley Williams ’94

Katherine Duceman ’11
Company: Edelman
Title: Account Executive
Specialization: Business and Social Purpose
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Other Degrees: Master of Public Administration; Master of Public Affairs
Educational Institutions: Sciences Po Paris, Columbia University, and Queen Mary University of London

Grace Ehlers ’11
Company: Metropolis Magazine
Title: Director of Brand Strategy
Specialization: Marketing
Undergraduate Major(s): Art History

Eviana Englert ’09
Company: NYC Law Department
Title: Assistant Corporation Counsel
Undergraduate Major(s): Philosophy
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: Vermont Law School

Elettra Fiumi ’05
Company: Granny Cart Productions
Title: CEO/Cofounder
Specialization: Film Production/Journalism/Advertising
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: Masters Science
Educational Institutions: Columbia Journalism School

Joele Frank ’70
Company: Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher
Title: Managing Partner
Specialization: PR
Undergraduate Major(s): Chemistry
Other Degrees: Masters of Business Administration, Finance
Educational Institutions: Long Island University Brooklyn

Susan Friedman ’05
Company: The Innocence Project
Title: Staff Attorney
Undergraduate Major(s): Biochemistry
Other Degrees: Masters of Science, JD
Educational Institutions: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, George Washington University

Tea Gongadze ’12
Company: A Gary Shilling & Co Inc.
Title: Director of Trading Operations
Specialization: Investments
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics

Kristen Guest ’09
Company: Arthritis Foundation
Title: Field/Programming Intern
Undergraduate Major(s): Religion
Other Degrees: MDivc, MSWc
Educational Institutions: Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University

Kristine Haag ’75
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/ Government
Other Degrees: Master of Arts
Educational Institutions: Harvard University

Mary Haddad ’98
Company: Omnicom Media Group
Title: Advertising Executive
Undergraduate Major(s): Theatre

Jolina Harris ’16
Company: Offer from Accenture’s Federal Services Divis
Undergraduate Major: BA in International Relations

Julie Holley ’87
Company: Right Hook
Title: Founder
Other Degrees: Journalism
Educational Institutions: Columbia University
Undergraduate Major(s): Women’s Studies
Specialization: Technology,Veterans Affairs

Michelle Julian ’00
Company: Covington and Burling LLP
Title: Senior Litigation Paralegal
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations

Lily Klebanoff Blake ’64
Undergraduate Major(s): History

Sarah Krautheim ’09
Company: Urban Land Institute
Title: Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): Sociology
Specialization: Urban Planning, Public Affairs

Marcia Brumit Kropf ’67
Company: Self-Employed
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): French
Other Degrees: Doctorate of Education
Educational Institutions: New York University

Emily Lamia ’06
Company: Girl Scouts of the USA
Title: Senior Team Leader
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: Masters of Public Administration
Educational Institutions: New York University

Audrey Lapiner ’07
Company: Pratt Institute
Title: Assistant to the Chair, Industrial Design
Undergraduate Major(s): Geology
Other Degrees: Masters of Public Administration
Educational Institutions: New York University

Pia Matthes ’14
Company: J.P. Morgan
Title: Analyst
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics and German Studies

Lia McCaffery ’13
Company: Digitas
Title: Search Analyst


Gregg McCarty ’83
Company: Mount Holyoke College
Title: Leadership Gifts Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): Anthropology

Nancy Minett ’79
Company: Javelin
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: Catholic University of America

Marianna Nash ’11
Company: Razorfish
Title: Copywriter
Specialization: Branded Content + Scriptwriting
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other Degrees: MS Journalism
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Ariel Nash Hahn ’10
Company: Capricious Publishing
Undergraduate Major(s): Five College Film Studies

Meredith Nelson ’11
Company: Pernod Ricard USA
Title: Event Marketing Manager
Specialization: Marketing/PR
Undergraduate Major(s): French

Christina Nicholas ’11
Company: Nacios Maritine Holdings
Title: Research Analyst
Undergraduate Major(s): Asian Studies and Economics

Tammy Oruwariye ’14
Undergraduate Major(s): Anthropology

Tara Pandalai ’11
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Mason Patenaude ’09
Company: NYU School of Medicine
Title: Program Coordinator
Undergraduate Major(s): African American and African Studies
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Social Work
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Natasha Payes ’10
Company: Shift Communications
Title: Intern
Specialization: Public Relations
Undergraduate Major(s): Latin American Studies
Other Degrees: Masters of Science in Journalism
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Nancy Perez ’76
Company: Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College
Title: Interim Executive Director
Undergraduate Major(s): French

Namuun Purevdorj ’15
Company: Impendi Analytics
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations

Barbara Reed ’69
Undergraduate Major(s): Art
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Art History; Masters of Arts, Library Science
Educational Institutions: Boston University; University of Denver

Ellen Rehnberg ’15
Company: Blank Rome LLP
Title: Paralegal
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics

Jessica Reid ’10
Company: New York Board of Education
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Other Degrees: Masters of Public Policy
Educational Institutions: New York University

Christine Roch ’96
Undergraduate Major(s): Art and History
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Art History; JD
Educational Institutions: University of Chicago MA ’98, JD ’05

Lisa Romano ’89
Company: Iona College
Title: Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Specialization: Education
Undergraduate Major(s): History
Other Degrees: Master of Science, Education; Master of Science, Journalism
Educational Institutions: University of Bridgeport; University of Illinois-Urbana

Nataly Sabharwal ’03
Company: Deloitte
Title: Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Other Degrees: MPA/ID
Educational Institutions: Harvard Kennedy School

Victoria Schmidt-Scheuber ’12
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Art Hisory
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Carla Skodinski ’72
Company: KCM, LLC
Title: Vp and Chief Investment Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): Art
Other Degrees: Masters of Business Administration, Accounting
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Amany Soliman ’10
Company: Uncommon Schools
Title: Math teacher; curriculum specialistUndergraduate Major(s): Biology and Psychology

Sarayu Srinivasan ’91
Other Degrees: Masters of Business Administration; BA Architectural Studies and English
Educational Institutions: Harvard University; Barnard College Columbia University

Lindsay Steadman ’13
Company: Regional Multicultural Magnet School
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology
Educational Institutions: Columbia University

Jill Stern ’84
Company: Mount Holyoke College
Title: Associate Director-Mount Holyoke Fund
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics

Laurel Stokes ’09
Undergraduate Major(s): Art history
Other Degrees: Masters in Library Information Services
Educational Institutions: McGill University

Julie Tan ’84
Company: Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Specialization: Partnerships and business development
Undergraduate Major(s): English and History

Jean Taylor ’66
Company: New York University
Title: Professor Emerita II
Undergraduate Major(s): Chemistry

Phyu-Sin Than ’15
Company: Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Title: Corporate Paralegal
Specialization: Asset Management
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics

Kristina Varade ’02
Company: City Universirty of New York
Undergraduate Major(s): English and Italian
Other Degrees: Masters of Arts, Italian; Doctorate, Comparative literature
Educational Institutions: New York University; City University of New York

Marcy Wilkov Waterman ’71
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: NYU School of Law

Cheryl Williams ’79
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science
Other Degrees: Master of International Affaits, Internalt Relations
Educational Institutions: Columbia College

Clara Wong ’70
Company: Various
Undergraduate Major(s): Religion
Other Degrees: M.Div. and S.T.M.
Educational Institutions: Colgate Rochester Divinity School; Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Haeinn Woo ’11
Company: Scribe America
Title: Chief Medical Scribe
Medicine, Global Health, Public Health, Education, Social Entrepreneurship.
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Educational Institutions: NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nicole Woods ’04
Company: Queens Legal Services Corp
Title: Staff Attorney
Specialization: public benefits
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations and Special Major
Other Degrees: Juris Doctorate
Educational Institutions: New York university School of Law

Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter FP’07
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other Degrees: Liberal Arts Major; Liberal Arts Major
Educational Institutions: Holyoke Community College; Duke University

Grace Yoon ’07
Company: SmartAsset
Title: Operations Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations

Marilyn Zelin ’78
Undergraduate Major(s): Philosphy
Other Degrees: JD
Educational Institutions: NYU School of Law
Specialization: International Development