Happy New Year!

The Alumnae Association wishes our alumnae a fabulous 2016.

Did you miss our past New Year’s videos? Take a look now!

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6 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Leialoha Perkins says:

    Carla Lambert: Are you talking about Sam Cooke of Hawaiʻi (Honolulu). He WAS popular in the 50ʻs even when in Punahou. Charismatic, Iʻd say. He died recently (2015). Weʻre both dated. Or are you referring to someone else? If so, apologies. Happy New Year!

  2. Nancy Quad Cochran says:

    These three videos make me laugh, cry, and shiver
    all at once. Great job MHC. I’m still with you!!

  3. ellie miller greenberg'53 says:

    lovely…happy new year from Colorado !

  4. Pameła Herrick says:

    Loved the music and video.

  5. Jennett Teece says:

    Great photo images,. vocal accompaniment??? Guess that dates me.

    • Carla Lambert says:

      This is SO awesome! And Jennett, that’s Sam Cooke, popular during the late 50’s-early 60’s. Probably means I’m dating myself:-)!

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