MHC Lynk and Summer Intern Welcome

Washington, DC

June 14, 2016
6:00–8:00 p.m.

Below you will find the profiles of students that who will be summer interns in Washington, DC, as well as for alumnae that have registered for the evening networking reception. Stickers and name tags will be shared at the reception check-in table as an added feature for students to identify alumnae.

Questions? Call Jonencia Wood, Senior Director of Programs, at 413-538-2738 or email

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Student Attendees

Name: Michelle Ali
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior
Minor: Graphic Narrative & Visual Storytelling
Internship Site: Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Janelia)
Background interests: Scientific research, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics.
Questions for Alumnae: How to navigate being an international student and wanting to become a scientist with funding?

Name: Nicole Annunziata
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: History & Africana Studies
Internship Site: Department of Labor Civil Rights Center/ OASAM CRC
Background interests: Nicole Annunziata is an intern with the Department of Labor Civil Rights Center. She is the chapter head of the Roosevelt Institute at Mount Holyoke College, a national think tank dedicated to teaching college students how to both research and write policy, as well as how to approach the political process from a sustainable, solution-oriented standpoint. Influenced by her childhood in New York City, Nicole is interested in increasing the accessibility of the policy-making process to marginalized groups, as well as housing and public health policy.
Questions for Alumnae: How, in a society so deeply entrenched in misogyny, have you been able to navigate in your respective field? What path did you take to get where you are today? Was it clear-cut/did you graduate from Mount Holyoke knowing exactly what it was you wanted? In your opinion, what are some of the most useful skills one can have in your respective field? Did Mount Holyoke help you build those skills? How do you combat burnout? (Particularly for those who work in policy-making, as the process is frustrating and oftentimes doesn’t yield the results you are looking for.) If you could go back to Mount Holyoke, what are things you would do differently both during your time at the college and your time post-graduation?

Name: Maryam Awais
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Economics & International Relations
Internship Site: The Fund for American Studies-Institute of Economics and International Affairs
Background interests: Maryam Awais will be taking a class on International Economic Policy as part of her summer internship program at TFAS. She hopes to pursue a career in public policy with a focus on mitigating energy crises in developing countries.
Questions for Alumnae: How did your Mount Holyoke major in either Economics or IR help you in your professional career?

Name: KellyAnn Cameron
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Religion & Middle Eastern Studies
Internship Site: Network, a Catholic Social Justice Lobbying & Advocacy Organization
Background interests: KellyAnn Cameron is a summer intern at Network, a Catholic Social Justice Advocacy and Lobbying Organization, which lobbies for progressive bills, educates on social justice issues, and organizes grassroots mobilization of faith communities and people of faith for progressive social justice related issues such as healthcare, immigration, and increasing the minimum wage. She is also volunteering with research at the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, though at the time of writing/registering she hasn’t started yet! On campus she is involved with the Office of Religious and Spiritual life, is a research assistant for a religion professor (among other jobs), and volunteers as an ESL tutor in Amherst. She’s interested in intersections of faith and politics- particularly how progressive religious thought can be used to enact social and political change- but isn’t really sure what she wants to do in the future. That’s part of why she’s here!
Questions for Alumnae: What was your path to your current job? Worst job after graduation? Craziest? Most fun? What were your interests in undergrad and how did they play into your career path? If you could start over at your graduation from MHC, what would you do differently? What advice would you give a senior in college about entering the workforce? 

Name: Kaila Cantens
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Environmental Studies & Philosophy
Internship Site: Senator Bob Casey’s Office
Background interests: Kaila Cantens is an aspiring politician with a passionate for the environment and a vegan diet. She spent last semester at American University studying and interning for the Sierra Club. She’s on the Model UN team at MHC and is the captain of the Club Ice Hockey team. Also loves Latino music and culture.
Questions for Alumnae: How does being in DC compare to the challenges of a small liberal arts college in a small town? What was your favorite tradition at MHC? After graduation did you travel or work or both?

Name: Emily Chang
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: English & Politics (Law)
Internship Site: Environmental Law Institute
Background interests: Emily Chang is a summer Research and Publications Intern with the Environmental Law Institute. She’s interested in pursuing environmental litigation and achieving environmental justice. Emily also works on Mount Holyoke’s fossil fuel divestment campaign, competes for the varsity squash team, and will sail around the Islands of Samoa in the fall.
Questions for Alumnae: If you pursued a graduate degree, why? Do you feel that it has tangibly helped you pursue your goals and ambitions? 

Name: Melisa Danz
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Philosophy & Religion
Internship Site: International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
Background interests: Melissa Danz is a summer intern with the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, an organization whose mission is to prevent and resolve identity-based conflicts that exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy by incorporating religion as part of the solution. She is Co-Chair of MHC’s Philosophy Society and Copy Chief of Mount Holyoke News. She hopes to pursue a PhD in philosophy and eventually teach at the college level.
Questions for Alumnae: How did your experiences at MHC prepare you for your career or lead to your particular interests?

Name: Kasandra Dillion
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies
Internship Site: Council for National Policy
Background interests: Kasandra Dillion is an intern working on strengthening the conservative movement.
Questions for Alumnae: How did your time at MHC prepare you for politics?

Name: Saadia El Karfi
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Economics & French
Internship Site: Global America Business Institute
Background interests: Saadia El Karfi is interested in policy and management consulting. This summer she will be working at Global America Business Institute as an intern. GABI is especially interested in finding solutions and bridging the understanding of nuclear and renewable energy as it relates to the US and Korea.
Questions for Alumnae: How would you advise a rising senior to market themselves best and their liberal arts education and background? 

Name: Ntombikayise Gilman
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: International Relations
Minor: Geography
Internship Site: TBD
Background interests: Ntombikayise Gladwin Gilman is an international student from Johannesburg South Africa. She took the spring semester off to intern for GMMB, the communications firm that did the Obama campaign. She is currently applying to various communications, international development and education internship in DC and Annapolis, MD. She is a member of MHACASA and works in the office of student programs on campus. After she graduates in December, she hopes to pursue a career working for an organization that focuses on education policy for migrant children while they are in the process of living in refugee camps around the world.
Questions for Alumnae: I am sure that you are aware that finding a good job in Washington DC can be tricky. Can you provide either personal experience examples and/or advice on how to overcome this challenge? What advice to do you have for international students who are looking to get sponsorship in Washington DC, which seems to be anti-international students? 

Name: Erin Hutchinson
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: History & Education
Internship Site: Department of Labor Civil Rights Center
Background interests: Erin Hutchinson is a summer intern with the Department of Labor Civil Rights Center. This internship is enabling her to explore her interests in anti-discrimination law and public policy. At Mount Holyoke, Erin is a SAW mentor. She hopes to earn her JD and pursue a career in teaching and education public policy.
Questions for Alumnae: How have your experiences at MHC prepared you for post grad life? How have you managed starting a career and dealing with student debt? What was the best advice you received as a recent graduate?

Name: Anjelica Jarrett
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: International Relations & French
Internship Site: The Women’s Foreign Policy Group
Background interests: Anjelica Jarrett is currently a communications intern at the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, a non-profit organization that promotes women’s leadership in international affairs. She is very interested in human rights, ethics, social movements, and reproductive rights. She plays trombone in Amherst College’s big band and jazz combo program. Anjelica hopes to pursue a career in human rights advocacy at an NGO, in human rights law, or in academia.
Questions for Alumnae: What advice would you give a student who is interested in human rights, but doesn’t know what career path to choose (and is overwhelmed by the options)? How would you advise a student who feels as though the work they have done at their human rights internships have not made a positive change? 

Name: Maham Khan
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Computer Science & Pre Med
Background interests: Maham Khan lives in the area and as a rising sophomore she has a lot of questions regarding her next three years at Mount Holyoke. She’s interested in pursuing computer science, pre-med and may be a minor in international relations. Maham is an executive member of MHC’s Model UN team and is currently figuring out how to amalgamate her three distinct interests – coding, politics and science.
Questions for Alumnae: How would you advise someone pursuing both computer science and pre-med to manage time and internships?

Name: Jaleh McTeigue
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: Neuroscience & Law
Internship Site: STEM Policy Intern with Congressman Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, Capitol Hill and Remote Research with the Francis Shen Neurolaw Laboratory
Background interests: Jaleh McTeigue is working both as a Science and Tech Policy Intern with Congressman Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, and remotely as a research intern with the Francis Shen Neurolaw Laboratory. At Mount Holyoke she is Vice President of the Class of 2018 and Vice President of Debate Society, where she advocates for passionate discussion stemming from students’ unique interests. Though she is not yet sure what the future holds, she is fascinated with the intersection of Neuroscience and Law, so much so that she designed a major program around it. She hopes to apply the intersection in litigation of brain injury, regulation of brain-machine interfaces, or development of cognitive enhancement ethics and policy.
Questions for Alumnae: The “Mount Holyoke education” is constantly changing. I have heard some alumna express that the quality has declined (for reasons such as students are less aware of world news because newspapers aren’t available in dorms or no Saturday courses). What suggestions do you have for gaining the positive qualities from the past for a generation that is not living in the time periods that required them?

Name: Julia Montiel
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Psychology
Minor: Latin American Studies
Employer: Cohen Milstein
Background interests: Julia Montiel is a recent graduate from MHC. She just started working at Cohen Milstein as a civil rights paralegal. She is interested in civil rights, women’s issues and immigration. Julia hopes to pursue a law degree in civil rights law.
Questions for Alumnae: How would you advise a recent graduate who is interested in civil and human rights law? What kind of opportunities should I seek out for? 

Name: Melissa Prez
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: International Relations
Internship Site: U.S. House of Representatives – Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Background interests: Melissa Pérez is a summer intern at Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s congressional office. Last summer she interned with Breakthrough Miami, a non-profit organization that works on closing the achievement gap by providing mentorship and tutoring services to inner-city youth. On campus, she is a member of two student government committees and MoZone, a pilot diversity peer education program led by students in collaboration with the Dean of Students office. Her primary policy interests include education, human rights, racism and women’s issues. She hopes to pursue a career in public service or advocacy.
Questions for Alumnae: What experiences would you recommend for someone interested in public service/advocacy work in DC post-grad?

Name: Adrienne Picciotto
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Anthropology & Film Studies
Background interests: Adrienne Picciotto is a recent grad interested in pursuing a career in the television/film industry, as well as writing for all form of media. Her ultimate goal is to write/direct/produce tv, and film, as well as have a successful comedy career making jokes that are socially conscious. Currently, she is looking for jobs in the social media and videography spheres.
Questions for Alumnae: If I’m seeking a creative career, where do I begin? I know there’s a ton of ways to start, though how do I balance making money and making my art? I feel like I’m pursuing two careers at once: the practical and the artistic. It’s a bit overwhelming. 

Name: Ruth Sangree
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: History
Minor: Politics
Internship Site: Department of Education
Background Interests: Ruth Sangree hopes to pursue a career in academia or public service.

Name: Tessa Schwarz
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Politics & Latin
Internship Site: Friends Committee on National Legislation
Background interests: Tessa Schwarz is a communications intern with the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobbying organization with a focus on changing public policy. Tessa is a News Editor for Mount Holyoke News, an active member of several SGA committees (including All Campus Elections and Appointing Board), and a participant in Mount Holyoke College Democrats. She has just completed a year-long internship with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office in Springfield, MA. Tessa hopes to pursue a career in public service, lobbying, or journalism.
Questions for Alumnae: How would you advise a student coming from a small town and a lower-middle class background to start making connections in the political world? Can you identify one moment, either in your studies or in your early employment, when you were able to take advantage of an opportunity that changed the trajectory of your future career?

Name: Simone Serhan
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: American Studies & Geography
Internship Site: Council for a Strong America
Background interests: Simone Serhan is a summer development intern with Council for a Strong America. She is a member in MHC’s United Immigrant Alliance and interns with the Prison Birth Project in Holyoke during the academic year. She hopes to become an Immigration Lawyer in the future.
Questions for Alumnae: Is there something you wish you left Mount Holyoke more prepared to take on?

Name: Margaret Smith
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: History
Internship Site: Historic Annapolis
Background interests: Margaret Smith is currently interning at a museum in Annapolis, working with their historians and curators as well as their educational outreach programs to the surrounding community. She hopes to pursue a career in either museum studies or library science.
Questions for Alumnae: How would you advice a student interested in a career in history, museum studies, or library science to pursue her goals during and after her time at Mount Holyoke?

Name: Emma Stanton
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Politics
Minor: Statistics
Internship Site: Lake Research Partners
Background interests: Emma Stanton is a summer intern with Lake Research Partners, a woman-owned firm that does polling and strategic research for political campaigns and issue advocacy groups. In the past she’s interned at five organizations, including Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office, Planned Parenthood, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Emma hopes to pursue a career in law or public policy, and right now she is in the process of figuring out which of my multiple interests to pursue after she graduate next spring.
Questions for Alumnae: I know that I want a career in public service, but I have multiple interests within that realm including law, advocacy, political strategy, and public policy. Should I keep exploring, or is now the time to specialize? 

Name: Rini Mayangsari
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: Biology
Minor: Culture, Health & Sciences
Internship Site: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Background interests: Rini Mayangsari is interested in non – profit organization that pertains to alleviate community building in Indonesia in a specific rural area by working on early childhood education and women empowerment. She is also interested in medical research that is related to molecular biology and genetics.
Questions for Alumnae: What would you suggest as the best way to know what choices are the best for you? If you had multiple options for a summer job, how would you go about choosing them?

Name: Andrea Toomey
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Middle Eastern Studies
Minor: Arabic
Internship Site: University of Maryland – Intensive Farsi Language Program
Background interests: Andrea Toomey is a Middle Eastern Studies major with a particular interest in history and linguistics. She studies Arabic and Farsi, and is currently in the DMV area participating in an intensive Farsi program at UMD. Back at Mount Holyoke, she participates in Model United Nations and the Student Arab Association. She hopes to pursue a career where she can utilize her language skills.
Questions for Alumnae: What advice would you give to a young student looking to graduate soon who has a lot of passion but not a clear career-field choice? 

Name: Marie Wheeler
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural History
Minor: Five College Coastal Marine Sciences Certificate
Internship Site: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Background interests: Marie Wheeler is a 2016 graduate of MHC, and this summer she is spending her time interning at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where she serves as the Activities and Events Leader in the administration department. Marie enjoys biology and admiring taxidermy displays as she also does while periodically volunteering at the Harvard Museum of Natural History where she served as a gallery sketcher. She hopes to pursue a career where she can be surrounded by ecological science and where she can exercise her artistic vigor.
Questions for Alumnae: If you are someone with multiple interests in different fields (ex: fine arts, biology, and literature/writing), how do you go about finding the right career? I have always been “undecided” in terms of what I want “to be” in life. Is pursuing a graduate degree in one a good way to start and narrow things down in a sense?

Name: Carrie Williams
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: East Asian Studies & Political Science
Background interests: Carrie Williams is a recent grad who hopes to pursue a career with the Department of State.
Questions for Alumnae: Who was your mentor after undergrad? A coworker, an alum, a community leader?


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Alumnae Attendees

Patricia Perkins Andringa ’66
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government

Rebecca Brenner Brenner ’15
Company: American University DC
Title: Public History Program Assistant
Undergraduate Major(s): History/Philosophy

Grace Brodsky Brodsky ’58
Title: Attorney
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other degree(s): LLB, New York University Law School

Lindsay Chura ’06
Company: American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Title: Chief Scientific Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): Biology/Psychology
Specialization: Global Council on Brain Health

Elizabeth Cocke ’81
Company: US Office of Policy Development
Title: Division Director
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics/History
Other degrees: PhD, Australian National University
Specialization: Urban Research
Pursuing: affordable housing research and housing technology

Amy Coyle ’87
Company: US Dept. Of Transportation
Title: Senior Attorney
Undergraduate Major(s): Music
Other degree(s): JD, University of Connecticut School of Law
Specialization: environmental law

Ann Croft ’95
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology/Education
Other degree(s): MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University

Judith Shepherd DeBrandt ’66
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other degree(s): MAT, MBA, Northwestern, American
Specialization: Writing, Technology Management

Sharon Dennis ’85
Company: Eyes Wide Open Mentoring
Title: Executive Director
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other degree(s): JD, University of Virginia School of Law

Sally Donner ’63
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government

Harriet Edleson ’74
Title: Journalist/Writer
Undergraduate Major(s): Sociology
Other degree(s): Georgetown University
Specialization: travel, neighborhoods, architecture and design, retirement topics

Zanethia Eubanks ’94
Company: US Department of Health & Human Services
Title: Lieutenant Commander
Undergraduate Major(s): Mathematics
Other degree(s): Master of Public Health, Emory University
Specialization: Health Policy & Management/IT Project Management
Pursuing: Doctor in Public Health Informatics and Mental Health

Lauren Fields ’09
Company: NOAA Sea Grant
Title: Knauss Fellow 2016
Undergraduate Major(s): Biology/Medieval Studies
Other degree(s): PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Specialization: Foreign Affairs
Pursuing: Federal government science and policy

Danielle Germain ’93
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Title: Senior Associate
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Other degree(s): MA, Johns Hopkins, SAIS

Caitlin Gullickson ’10
Company: CLS Strategies
Title: Managing Associate
Undergraduate Major(s): History/Politics

Isabel  Hale ’13
Company: Environmental Defense Fund
Title: Analyst
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations
Specialization: Oil and Gas

Karen Hendricks ’76
Company: US Department of Health & Human Services
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other degree(s): JD, New York University School of Law

Margaret Freeston Hennessey ’66
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other degree(s): JD, Georgetown Law Center

Jessica Hill ’06
Company: Myers Research
Title: Junior Analyst/Writer
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Pursuing: public opinion research

Maisha Islam ’10
Company: Charles River Associates
Title: Consulting Associate
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics/Statistics

Julia Karron ’15
Company: Reisman Karron Greene
Title: Legal Assistant
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Pursuing: Sports journalism and online media

Kimberly Kedziorek ’98
Company: Mount Holyoke College
Title: Senior Leadership Gifts Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): American Studies
Specialization: Fundraising

Nausheen Khan ’11
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics/Politics

Madeline Kirsch ’15
Company: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
Title: Staff Assistant
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics

AnnElizabeth Konke ’14
Company: Development Alternatives Inc.
Title: Executive Assistant
Undergraduate Major(s): History

Allison Lee ’87
Company: US Embassy
Title: Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): Anthropology

Meg Massey ’08
Company: Urban Institute
Title: Outreach & Communications Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): English
Other degree(s): MA, American Government, Georgetown University

Carolynn Morgan ’11
Undergraduate Major(s): French/International Relations

Chiedza Mufunde ’12
Company: The World Bank
Title: Strategy and Policy Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology
Other degree(s): MSW, Boston College
Specialization: Global Education Policy

Julia Nash ’10
Company: American Diabetes Association
Title: Senior Manager
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations
Specialization: Government Affairs/Advocacy

M. Esther Nasjleti ’92
Title: Computer Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): International Relations

Megan Nicholson ’11
Company: The National Academies
Title: Associate Program Officer
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics

Hillary Ossip ’10
Company: National Geographic
Title: Manager, Social Media
Undergraduate Major(s): Anthropology
Specialization: Television, Digital Media, Social Media, Marketing

Emma Pettit ’09
Company: Sustained Dialogue Institute
Title: Program Director
Undergraduate Major(s): Special Major
Other degree(s): MA, American Studies, George Washington University
Pursuing: Higher education, social justice consulting

Alyssa Sheets ’15
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Title: Consultant
Undergraduate Major(s): Politics
Specialization: Civil Health
Pursuing: Law/Legal services

Anna Sillers ’12
Company: Asian University for Women
Title: Senior Fellow
Undergraduate Major(s): Economics

Pamela Stuart ’70
Company: Pamela B Stuart, Attorney & Counsellor At Law
Title: Attorney & Counsellor At Law
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Other degree(s): JD, University of Michigan Law School
Pursuing: I’d love to join the Hillary Clinton administration

Michele Sumilas ’94
Title: US Agency for International Development
Position: Chief of Staff
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychobiology

Alice Tetelman ’62
Company: Italian Vacation Villas
Title: Co-Owner
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science/Government
Retired from a career in government/public policy, and the travel industry

Larkin Turman ’15
Company: Act for NIH
Title: Executive Assistant
Major: Art History/Economics
Specializaiton: Public policy

Charlene Van Dijk ’07
Company: United States Treasury
Title: Senior Portfolio Manager
Major: History
Other degree(s): Latin American Studies, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service