More Books: Fall 2011


Fairy Tale Capitalism: Fact and Fiction Behind Too Big To Fail



Financial analyst Emily Eisenlohr reveals the poorly understood financial products and deals leading up to the recent banking crisis. In simple terms, she explains over-the-counter derivatives, counterparty risk, credit ratings, and how risk-management practices and mergers tie the biggest banks together. Residential mortgage securitization is a major component of the disaster outlined in Too Big To Fail.

Emily Eisenlohr ’73 spent two years researching and writing this book, drawing on twenty years in the financial services industry, first as a Citibank corporate vice president and then as a senior credit officer at Moody’s Investors Services.



The Magic Door



A third-grade teacher, Marina Jones found that her students struggled to grasp the concept of measuring time. Rote memorization of math vocabulary didn’t help. So she wrote this story centered around Old Man Millennium, who stumbles on a magic door to the universe. Inside, time is easily visualized with cute illustrations, and repetition and simple language help young readers discover the patterns of time.

Marina Jones (MA’98) teaches at Coburn Elementary School in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This is her first book.


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