More books: Summer 2011

Mount Holyoke authors are a prolific lot, and we don’t always have space to feature in the printed magazine all the books we receive. Here are more recently published books for your consideration.


Pip-Pip to Hemingway in Something from Marge



Marge Bump, the author’s mother, met Ernest Hemingway in Northern Michigan in 1915 when they were both out fishing. He invited her to troll for rainbow trout with him again one day, and so began a lifelong friendship in letters. Bump was the inspiration for the character Marge in Hemingway’s “Nick Adams stories.” Photos of Hemingway and Bump and their families highlight this chronicle of a fascinating personal and historic friendship.

Georgiana Main Dickinson ’47 is a retired educator living in Carmel, California. She researched the book in the Hemingway Room of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, where her mother’s letters to Hemingway have been preserved.


Edward Gorey Plays Cape Cod: Puppets, People, Places, & Plots



The artist and writer Edward Gorey, whose creepy drawings and animated introduction to the PBS series Mystery! garnered him a cult following, for many years wrote, designed, and directed theatrical “entertainments” on Cape Cod. Starring local actors and a troupe of handmade puppets, these plays were directed by Verburg, his friend and neighbor. Their ten-year adventure onstage is chronicled in this affectionate memoir.

Carol Verburg ’70 is a playwright, director, and author of Croaked: An Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery (available in print and for e-readers)