New Class Officers


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The Alumnae Association will cover the costs of your class president and communications/web coordinator (classes ending in 0 or 5, plus 2013) to attend the conference. If these officers cannot attend, please submit an alternative to Janet Glick, the director of classes and reunion, by September 11, 2015.

Other members of your class board are welcome to attend, but their travel expenses must be covered by the class or the individual volunteer. Overnight accommodations for these additional class board members will be billed to your class treasury, so please inform your treasurer. While programming for new class officers will be held on Saturday and Sunday, you are welcome to attend Mount Holyoke Fund workshops on Friday. Dinner and accommodations will be available on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Pre-Event Reading for New Class Officers

Please review class officer job descriptions and the Class Officer Handbook. Please do some initial planning with your board. You can find an overview of how to plan for your term in the Class Officer Handbook under “Creating a Five-Year Plan.” The items we would like you to bring to the weekend are: a rough mission statement, a drafts five-year plan, a draft communications/outreach plan, password to website and other social media outlets and some creative ideas that you hope to implement during your term.