More Books: Summer 2013


Elegy for PaulaElegy for Paula
(Trap Dock Press)
Dennison’s debut novel is a riveting combination of romance, deceit, mystery, and justice. The main character, widow Anna Wells, believes that she may have found a new life when a charming Scotsman and recent widower begins courting her after he appears at her seaside church. Described as “one woman’s quest for truth in a universe built on chicanery and fabrication,” you won’t put it down until justice prevails.

Mary Anne Dennison is a Frances Perkins Scholar from the class of 1992.


Baking Bree

Baking Bree

(Amazon Digital Services, Inc.)

No one expects her grandmother to die in a hang-gliding collision. But when this freak accident occurs, Bree inherits a small fortune and a house, enabling her to escape a dull life and dead-end job. To her family’s dismay, she quits her job and enrolls in a culinary course taught by the charming Chef Simon. When things start to heat up both in and out of the kitchen, Bree must decide exactly what she wants in life.

Passion’s Tide, the first novel by Sarah M. Westendorf ’10, was recently a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. She also has a food blog,, where she stretches her photography and cooking muscles.

Hoppys Leap of FaithHoppy’s Leap of Faith

This beautifully illustrated book follows Hoppy the grasshopper’s journey as he expands his horizons by taking new risks. It is heartfelt and educational, and will make children want to go out and meet a grasshopper in their own yard.

Before becoming a children’s book author, Marianne diPalma Jacobs ’54 taught kindergarten for thirty years. This is her first book.

(Grey Kestrel Press)

When celebrity photographer Marta falls out of her perch in a tree at the feet of Jane Reilly, wife of a famous actor, Jane’s quiet, secluded life is turned upside down. While Jane struggles to decide what she would trade for Marta’s photos, her husband is 6,000 miles away, playing the role of Odysseus and grappling with a decision of his own—whether to immerse himself fully in the role of the ancient hero, known for his cunning and deceit, or to fight against temptation to save his marriage.

This is Kristen Lovgren Goodwin’s ’91 first novel. She has two forthcoming, Sea Change and Book of Light and Shadows.

Pulling TaffyPulling Taffy: A Year with Dementia and Other Adventures
(Merry Lion Press)

Through journal entries, family stories, photos, and recipes, Tinky Weisblat gives a candid account of the last year with Taffy, her mother (Jan Hallett Weisblat ’39). A loving, enduring mother-daughter relationship shines through on the page even under the frustration and stress caused by the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. There’s no shortage of reality in Pulling Taffy, which achieves that everyday-life blend of the pain of caring for an ailing parent and the joy that can be found in the simplest things, such as cooking together.

Tinky Weisblat ’76 is a food writer, singer, and blogger. She divides her time between northern Virginia and western Massachusetts.

Thats So YouThat’s So You! Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style, and Grace
(Balboa Press)

As president of Total Image Consultants, Ginger Burr has made a career of helping women of all sorts create a personal image. She has directed seminars everywhere from Harvard to Unilever and was one of VegNews’s “25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians.” Now you can get her advice on your style with her compassionately written guide, based on both personal and professional experience.

Virginia C. Burr ’78 is known for making style about more than just what meets the eye. She has written for publications including the Boston Globe, Women’s Health Magazine, and Elegant Wedding Magazine.