Web extras for fall 2009 Quarterly: "China: Heaven or Hell for Female Execs?"

More articles about female execs in China

Women in China finally making a great leap forward
From The Christian Science Monitor: Women and girls have been making strides in every aspect of life in China, but some still say a “macho” business culture prevails.

Gree Electric’s Dong Mingzhu: why China’s leading businesswoman doesn’t do holidays
From telegraph.co.uk: The vice-chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances, the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer, sets an example for her staff by living up to her own high expectations.

Women under-represented on global corporate boards
From the Inquirer: According to a 2007 report issued by Corporate Women Directors International, women have made little progress in business on the international scale. Out of a pool of 200 companies (including China), men hold nearly 89 percent of the board positions.

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