Parade Signs Order Form

Parade sign reading "From 'I Love Lucy' to 'Desperate Housewives'"
Reunion Chair or Sign Chair: Please review the list of current class signs for your class and indicate your order for this year below, including which signs you’d like to reuse and whether you’d like to discard (recycle) any. For larger groups estimate one sign for every twenty alumnae marching. For smaller groups estimate one sign for every ten alumnae marching.

New signs provided through the Association cost $30 each and measure 22” x 28.” The signs are corrugated plastic in your class color with white lettering (yellow classes will have black lettering). If you order stakes for homemade signs, you will need to bring an industrial stapler to attach them to the signs.
This form is due by January 15, 2019.

Address any questions to Janet Glick, director of classes and reunions, at or 413-538-2652.