2015 Slate of Nominees for Alumnae Association Board and Committee Positions

The Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of candidates for election at the Annual Meeting to be held on May 16, 2015. Each candidate has been fully informed of the responsibility and rights of the position and has indicated consent to serve if elected. Members may submit additional nominations as outlined in the bylaws.

Additional nominations for Board and committee members may be submitted provided that such nominations shall be by written petition approved by at least one thousand (1000) voting members, no more than ten (10) percent of whom shall be from the same class or from the same club area, and such written petition shall be received by the executive director no later than May 6(ten (10) calendar days prior to the Annual Meeting at which election is to be held). Nominations by petition shall include the written consent of the nominee to serve if elected.

Board of Directors 

Treasurer (2015–2018)
Tara Mia Paone ’81, New York, New York. Chief financial officer, Geller & Company. MPA, New York University. Association: Finance Committee member, 2013–present. New York Club: former president, nominating committee member, membership chair, and secretary.

Chair, Clubs Committee (2015–2016)
Elizabeth Redmond VanWinkle (Beth) ’82, Falls Church, Virginia. Manager, Fannie Mae Mortgage Operations. Association: Clubs Committee chair 2012–present, member 2006–2009. Class: current class agent, former reunion gift caller, reunion lead gift committee member, co-scribe. DC Club: former president and alumnae admissions representative. Northern New Jersey Club: former alumnae admissions representative. Virginia Suburbs Club: former alumnae admissions representative.


Committee Positions

Alumnae Quarterly Committee

Chair, Alumnae Quarterly Committee (2015–2018)
Elizabeth B. Mulligan Dunn ’93, Dennis Port, Massachusetts. Writer and editor, UX Team and HubSpot. MBA, Simmons College. Class: current website coordinator. Club of Cape Cod: current vice president; former young alumnae chair.

Member, Alumnae Quarterly Committee (2015–2018)
Katharine Ramsden ’80
, Rowayton, Connecticut. Global head, thought leadership, Thomson Reuters. Master of Science in journalism, Columbia College. Class: current reunion chair, former reunion program chair, reunion booklet chair, secretary/scribe, co-scribe, reunion gift caller. Fairfield Villages Club: former program chair, newsletter/directory editor, nominating committee chair, president, public relations representative, program chair. Northwest CT/Danbury Alumnae Region.


Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee

Chair, Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2015–2017)
Maureen Kuhn ’78, Cooperstown, New York. Family nurse practitioner, Bassett Healthcare. Master of Science in nursing, Pace University. Association: chair, Alumnae Trustee Taskforce 2013–2015; chair, Classes and Reunion Committee 2004–2006, member 1994–1997; Executive Director Search Committee member 2002–2003; Nominating Committee member 1988–1991. Class: current co-president, former president, reunion chair, nominating committee member, class agent, reunion gift chair, reunion lead gift chair, reunion gift caller. Mary Lyon Award 1990. Medal of Honor 2003. 

Member, Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2015–2016)
Susan Beers Betzer ’65, St. Petersburg, Florida. Family physician/geriatrician (retired). Ph.D. Oceanography/marine studies, University of Rhode Island; MD, University of Miami, Coral Gables. College: Campaign for 2011 Steering Committee; Clapp Renovation Steering Committee 1982–1983; Association: Alumnae Trustee Taskforce member 2013–2015, President 2003–2006; Executive Director Search Committee member 2008–2009; Alumnae Development Committee member 1996–2003; Alumnae Honors Research Committee member 1988–1991. Class: current reunion lead gift committee member, current captain; former secretary, cornerstone representative, class agent, reunion lead gift committee member, reunion gift caller. St. Petersburg Alumnae Region: former book award sponsor and book award chair. Medal of Honor 2000. 

Member, Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2015-2018)
Arleen McGrath Heiss ’70. Washington, DC. Executive organization consultant, Independent Consulting Services. MPA, American University. College: Alumnae Trustee 2002–2007. Association: Director-at-Large 2000–2003; Personnel Committee member 1989–2003; Strategic Planning Committee member 1997–1998; Clubs Committee member 1976–1979. Class: current nominating committee member, former nominating committee chair and member, reunion costume chair, class agent and reunion gift caller. DC Club: former president, first vice president, director-at-large and membership committee member. Medal of Honor 1995. 

Member, Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2015–2018)
Maria Mossaides ’73, Worcester, Massachusetts. Executive director, Cambridge Family and Children’s Service. MPA, Harvard University; JD, State University of New York, Buffalo. College: Annual Fund Review Committee 2012–2013; Annual Funds Committee member, 2003–2006, chair 2006–2011. Campaign for 2011 Steering Committee member 2008–2011; chair, Parent Development Committee 2004-2006. Association: Volunteer Recognition Taskforce member 2010; Alumnae Development Committee member 2002–2003. Class: current reunion chair and cornerstone chair, former head class agent, reunion gift caller, reunion gift chair, special gifts volunteer and reunion welcome/hospitality chair. Worcester Club: current alum rep. assistant, former secretary. Loyalty Award 2008. 

Member, Alumnae Trustee and Awards Committee (2015–2017)
Deborah A. Northcross ’73, Memphis, Tennessee. Master of Education, Memphis State University. College: ALANA Committee 2006–present ; Alumna Trustee 2004–2009; Legacy of Leadership Campaign Steering Committee 1998–2003. Association: Director-at-Large 2001–2002; Vice President 1998–2001; chair, Program Committee 1995–1998, member 1993–1995. Class: current class agent; former vice president, class agent and reunion gift caller. Memphis Alumnae Region: former alumnae admission representative, book award sponsor and book award chair. Alumnae Admission Recognition 2000. Medal of Honor 2003.


Classes and Reunion Committee

Member, Classes and Reunion Committee (2015–2018)
Lt. Colonel Melanie C. Carino ’92, FACHE, Alexandria, Virginia. Lt. Colonel US Air Force. MBA, University of California, Riverside. Class: current head class agent, former president, treasurer, and class agent. Loyalty Award 2012.

Member, Classes & Reunion Committee (2015–2018)
Mona J. Gubow ’72, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. International consultant to the State of Michigan. Class: current president and class agent, former head class agent, reunion gift chair and reunion caller. Detroit Club: current alumnae representative assistant. Greater Palm Beaches Club: former alumnae representative assistant. Alumnae Admission Recognition Award 2009. Loyalty Award 2012.


Clubs Committee

Member, Clubs Committee (2015–2018)
Jacquelyn Marumoto ’90, Westport, Connecticut. Senior practice director, Oracle Consulting. MBA, Santa Clara University. Association: Clubs Committee 2014–present. Class: current class agent, former class agent and reunion gift caller. Fairfield Villages Club: current newsletter/directory editor and website coordinator, former membership chair. East Bay Alumnae Region: former alumnae admission representative. Bridgeport Club: former alumnae admission representative book award sponsor. Northern California Club: former alumnae admission representative

Member, Clubs Committee (2015–2018)
Hilary Salmon ’03, Washington, DC. Chief of staff, Capital Area Food Bank. Association: Board Clerk 2011–14. Washington DC Club: current Nominating Committee chair; former Nominating Committee member and club president. Young Alumnae Volunteer Leadership Award 2013.


Communications Committee

Member, Communications Committee (2015–2018)
Jennifer Mele ’93, Arlington, Massachusetts. Director of marketing and communications, Suffolk University. Association: Communications Committee member 2014–present; Alumnae Relations Committee member 2008–2008; Program Committee member 1999–2003; Strategic Planning Committee member 2003–2010. Class: former co–scribe and reunion sign chair. Boston Club: former director–at–large, programming committee member, membership committee chair and alumnae admission representative assistant. Hartford Club: former alumnae admission representative


External Achievement Awards Committee

Member, External Achievement Awards Committee (2015–2018)
Nelia Dunbar ’83, Lemitar, New Mexico. Research geochemist and deputy director, New Mexico Bureau of Geology. Doctorate of geology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1989. Class: current website coordinator. Mary Lyon Award 1998. 

Member, External Achievement Awards Committee (2015–2018)
Leslie J. Gianelli ’83 Wallingford, Connecticut. Communications director, AmeriCares Foundation. Juris Doctorate Degree, University of Connecticut. Association: Classes & Reunion Committee member 1982–1987, 1990–1991. Class: former president, reunion room chair, reunion gift caller, and nominating committee member. Club: former alumnae admissions rep, second president, ways and means committee chair and officer. Medal of Honor 2008.


Finance Committee

Member, Finance Committee (2015–2018)
Carol Wire ’68, Portland, OR. Executive Director, Oregon, PTA. B.A., Public Administration, Portland State University. Portland Alumnae Region: former alumnae representative assistant and vice president.


Internal Achievement Awards Committee

Member, Internal Achievement Awards Committee (2015–2018)
Rachel Schaefer ’06, Seattle, Washington. Associate attorney, Riddle Williams P.S. Class: current president, former class agent, vice president, secretary and reunion gift caller. Baltimore Club: former alumnae admission representative. Queens Alumnae Region: former alumnae admission representative Seattle Alumnae Region: former alumnae admission representative Young Alumnae Loyalty Award 2011.

Member, Internal Achievement Awards Committee (2015–2018)
Kristen Scheyder ’92, Rye, New York. Senior vice president, Citigroup Foundation. MPP, University of Pennsylvania. Association: Nominating Committee member 2006–2009. Class: current co–scribe, class agent and reunion gift caller. New York Club: former president, vice–president and program chair. Philadelphia Club: former alumnae admission representative and treasurer. Loyalty Award 2012.


Nominating Committee

Chair, Nominating Committee (2016–2018)
Nancy J. Drake ’73, Little Canada, Minnesota. Principal project manager, Alquest Inc.; MA biochemistry, Rice University. College: Trustee 2003–2008; Legacy of Leadership Campaign and Special Gifts Committee chair 1998–2003, Legacy of Leadership Steering Committee member 1997–2003. Association: Nominating Committee member 2014 – ; Alumnae Development Committee chair 1995–2003; Communications Ad Hoc Committee member 2005–2006. Class: current nominating committee member; former president, reunion welcome/hospitality chair, head class agent, class agent, reunion gift caller, cornerstone representative, Mary Lyon society class chair. Cleveland Club: former president, alum rep. Hartford Club: former special gifts volunteer. Medal of Honor, 1998. 

Member, Nominating Committee (2015–2018)
Danetta L. Beaushaw ’88, Houston, Texas. Senior counsel, Power Operations, Calpine Corporation. Juris Doctorate Degree, University Michigan, Ann Arbor. Class: current volunteer program steering committee member (Mount Holyoke Fund) and class cornerstone chair, former president, vice president, social chair, class agent, secretary/scribe, reunion chair, reunion nametag chair, reunion costume chair, reunion web site coordinator, reunion booklet chair, nominating committee chair, and mini–reunion chair. Houston, Texas Club: former membership chair, secretary, and alumnae representative. Loyalty Award 2013.

Member, Nominating Committee (2015–2018)
Suzanne L. Janney ’68, Sarasota, Florida. Special assistant to the president, New College of Florida. Master of Arts in history, Columbia University. Class: current reunion lead gift committee member, former nominating committee member, president, reunion gift caller and class agent. Southwest FL Club: current program chair, former president, vice–president and secretary. Westchester NY Club: former president, nominating committee member, program chair and director at large. Medal of Honor 2008.


Volunteer Stewardship Committee

Member, Volunteer Stewardship Committee (2015–2018)
Wendy Fisher ’00, Westford, Massachusetts. Fidelity Investments, human resources director. M.B.A., Babson College. Association: Volunteer Stewardship Committee 2014–present. Class: former secretary, nominating committee member and reunion booklet chair.

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