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  • Susannah Sirkin ’76, longtime deputy director for Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), has worked extensively on studies of sexual violence in war zones. She is currently focused on ending rape in war through PHR’s new program, which is training legal and medical practitioners in the proper forensic documentation of sexual assault in order to help prosecute cases of sexual violence in East and Central Africa. Read about the project here.
  • See video of Chiedza Christine Mufunde ’12 explaining to an international audience at the White House what’s needed for women in Zimbabwe to enter political life. She was the only student on a panel high-powered women including feminist writer/activist Gloria Steinem and U.S. Rep. Nita Melnikoff Lowey ’59 during The Women in Public Service Project kickoff colloquium in December 2011.
  • founded by Jennifer Kyker ’02; Tariro’s program coordinator and manager is Fadzi Muzhandu ’05.

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