Alumnae Playlist: Songs to Keep You Warm

Here are a few songs to keep you warm during this unusually cold winter! The mix starts out quiet (but happy) and heats you up as it goes along, until by the end you’re hopefully on your feet dancing! Do you have recommendations? Let us know in the comment box below and we’ll add it to the playlist!

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3 responses to “Alumnae Playlist: Songs to Keep You Warm”

  1. Laila Millar says:

    I love that you sent a playlist, especially because dancing is such a great way to exercise when it’s icy outside.
    A couple of dancing song suggestions: “Shake it Up, Baby!” and “Para Bailar la Bamba”

  2. Nancy Jarrett says:

    How about Maria Muldaur’s , “Midnight at the Oasis”? That would evoke my days as a freshman in the basement of North Rocky in the winter of 1974 (bonus, she’s a woman!)

  3. Jessica Dial says:

    Great songs, but why so few women artists? As a consequence, this doesn’t really evoke my MHC experience.

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