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It’s been almost 10 years since Instagram was launched and almost seven years since the Alumnae Association joined the platform. While our intent is primarily to share beautiful photos of campus to “lure you home,” we also love learning about alums through their own Instagram accounts. Here we share images from a half-dozen alums who use the platform not only to showcase their artistic talents but also to promote a business in the arts. Are you an artist on Instagram? Tag us! @mhcalums

@TLDuryea, TL Duryea ’94

TL is an artist and creator of the Sheroes painting series and founder of the Duryea Project. Her portrait of Shirley Chisholm was featured in the fall 2019 Alumnae Quarterly.

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@claudiapalmiraa, Claudia Acunto Palmira ’95

Based in Rome, Claudia owns a digital design studio, leading art, web and graphic design projects for many clients. She also is an artist working in mixed media and digital collages.

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@savareseh2o, Lynn Ashby-Savarese ’78

Lynn is a fine arts photographer based in New York City. She manages two Instagram accounts for her work. This one is exclusively for images of water.  

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@sleepycier, Cierson Zambo ’19

Cierson is a trans+queer artist, whose work includes performance, installation, painting, printmaking, paper and fiber arts.

@emilyjdesign, Emily Cameron Brewster ’04

Emily is a self-described scientist turned designer and mom, whose work includes custom rings and personalized gifts.

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@marikapaz, Marika Malkerson Summers ’09

Marika is a self-taught artist and illustrator, whose art explores the relationships among animals, humans and nature.

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This article appeared as “On the Grid” in the winter 2020 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.

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