Dos and Don’ts

  • Do take advantage of the many resources the Alumnae Association offers.
  • Do communicate with your constituents regularly.
  • If your club/group has a website, do keep it updated. Keeping a website current with up-to-date content is one of the keys to a successful web presence.
  • If your club has bylaws, do make sure the operations of the club are consistent with them.
  • Do maintain contact on club/group activities with the Alumnae Association’s director of clubs and groups and with the Clubs Committee liaison for your region.
  • If sending out your own club/group communications, be sure to send a copy to the director of clubs and groups.
  • Do check with the director of clubs and groups before initiating a fundraising project other than the Alumnae Scholar Program.
  • Do be extremely cautious with alumnae contact lists or any other lists that contain alumnae information. They should not be shared with anyone else who is not affiliated with Mount Holyoke College, nor should the information be used for commercial, political, or private fundraising purposes. The file should be deleted after use. If the information is printed, the pages should be shredded after use.
  • Do be in touch immediately if you need help with a club/group matter or are not able to continue in your volunteer role.
  • The Mount Holyoke College seal is reserved for use by the Office of the President. The Mount Holyoke College name, seal, logo, and other official marks and images are the property of the College. If you need to use the College seal or logo, please contact the Office of Communications.
  • When organizing events, do be inclusive—it is critical that everyone feel welcome. Please read more here.
  • The name of a club or group should not include “Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College,” “Mount Holyoke College,” or “MHC,” as these words indicate specific legal entities. Clubs and groups may use the name “Mount Holyoke” in their titles.
  • Do not use your club or group’s platform for personal, commercial, or political initiatives.

Questions? Email the director of clubs and groups.