Even Our Examples Lead by Example

Marija Vulfs ’08 (shown here wearing her MHC Dressage polo shirt at a Pony Club competition, with a student) is passing along her love of all things equestrian.

“My plan out of MHC was to work as an equestrian architect,” Vulfs explains. “I am excited to have the first project I designed actually in the planning stages of being built. I am currently working as a dressage instructor at my trainer’s farm, Classical Hoofbeats Dressage, in addition to my equestrian architectural pursuits.

The girl pictured is a student of mine who plans on trying to qualify and taking her pony to the Northern California Junior/Young Rider Championships this summer. She is also a part of a special accelerated learning program at the local community college that allows students of high school age to get high school credit while taking community college classes. She is a member of a part of a local branch of the United States Pony Club. The organization is focused on the development of the complete equestrian.

The show we were at was put on by the local branch of the Pony Club. I have been acting as a guest instructor during the last month for all of the members and am planning a special lecture about my experiences riding on a team while in college and the advantages of choosing MHC.

Just like the members of our exceptional [MHC] team, my student won her class even though she was up against a professional rider. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, she was so busy clapping for the competitor who rode before her that I had to remind her to shorten her reins before she went in the ring. She acted as a true ambassador of the sport, volunteering her time to help run the show all day and encouraging the younger riders. We MHC women lead by example, and apparently our examples lead by example too!”



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