Hot Mamas: cooling hot flashes without hormones

How to cool hot flashes without hormones: 

Acupuncture—Several small studies have shown that this traditional Chinese therapy can curb the severity of hot flashes. Acupuncture boosts the production of endorphins, which may stabilize the body’s temperature controls.

Avoid triggers—Red wine, coffee, and other hot drinks can trigger hot flashes, as can smoking and warm weather.

Effexor—This antidepressant can stop hot flashes, especially for women who can’t take hormones.

Black Cohosh—Of all the herbal remedies for hot flashes, black cohosh has the most research behind it—including several randomized controlled trials.

Phytoestrogens—Legumes, especially soybeans, are high in these plant-based estrogens, and it’s been suggested that high consumption of soy is a reason Japanese women experience fewer menopausal symptoms.

Moisture-wicking sleepwear can make nighttime more comfortable.

Stop smoking—Smokers get more severe hot flashes than non-smokers.

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