Laurel Chain: May 2013

Laurel Chain Enews

The trees have bloomed on the Mount Holyoke campus, creating a vibrant, beautiful backdrop for commencement and Reunion (despite some sniffling from seasonal allergies). View photos»

Art Article

Art in Many Classrooms

Professor Brodie’s biology students start the semester confident they know what to expect. Yet one day they’re analyzing not cell structure under a microscope, but a seventeenth-century Flemish painting.Read more»

Senior Zanna McKay ’13 captured the essence of the Mount Holyoke campus through the use of sound in this audio compilation, taking listeners through a day in the life of a current student.Listen Now»

My Voice

I am a junior now. And when I look out at the real world on the horizon, it’s decorated with ominous clouds. You see, this is the first time on this trip through life that I haven’t had a map to follow.Read more»


Alumnae, parents of current students, and MHC staff gathered in Minneapolis and Chicago last month to celebrate 175 years of Mount Holyoke with President Pasquerella and special guest Professor Martha Ackmann. Read more»

May 2013

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