In Full Bloom: Springtime at MHC

The trees have bloomed on the Mount Holyoke campus, creating a vibrant, beautiful backdrop for Commencement and Reunion, despite some sniffling from seasonal allergies. View more photos of campus on our Instagram feed.

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3 responses to “In Full Bloom: Springtime at MHC”

  1. Diane Busher Russell says:

    I am a member of the class of ’69. So, many, many years ago I might have noticed the beauty of the campus at sping from tired eyes due to studying for exams and packing up to leave! Thank you for sharing with me now the beauty which I might have missed in younger days.

  2. Janet Morton Beaven says:

    I remember hanging out of the windows in Brigham listening to the spring peepers. Whenever I hear them, it reminds me of our beautiful campus.

  3. Naomi Bryant says:

    I do remember MHC in the Spring. Your never forget the beauty. N.Bryant ’74