Q & A with Carol Egan FP’99 : Promoting Health for Busy Professionals

Carol Egan FP'99Carol Egan FP’99 is an executive health coach and the founder of More Than a Detox. In this role, Egan works with clients one-on-one, in groups, and at corporate events, sharing tools to help accomplished professionals look and feel as healthy as they are successful.

What motivates you most about what you do?

The statistics of chronic disease are staggering, with one out of every four Americans suffering from two or more chronic diseases. I was one of those four, and no one could help me, so I looked to the natural health world for answers and started healing my body. In fact, I made my greatest headway while at Mount Holyoke! Because I healed myself, which changed the whole course of my life, I am driven to share with everyone I meet all that I know is possible when we live in a healthy body.

What are your professional goals?

My goal is to help accomplished professionals who are troubled by excess weight, exhaustion, and foggy thinking take control of their health so they can focus on what matters most to them, unconstrained by illness and chronic symptoms.

What lessons might someone learn from your experiences?

The two main lessons that I teach my clients are:

1) their chronic symptoms and chronic health problems are NOT who they think they are, and

2) they can balance their emotions, control their cravings, lose weight, and increase their energy and mental clarity by healing their digestive system. My clients experience great success. One client put her autoimmune disease in remission. Another reduced her insulin by seventy-five percent. Many others went off high-cholesterol and high-blood pressure medications.

What’s one piece of advice you would give for health benefits?

My top recommendation is to drink green juice every day. If you’ve never had green juice, start with one serving per day and increase incrementally, with the goal of drinking 32 ounces every day. Green juice delivers live, vital nutrition directly into the cells of your body, which is especially helpful for most of us who experience digestive problems. Fresh pressed green juice does not require digestion, so the bodily readily absorbs all its nutrition.

Do you have any mentors from Mount Holyoke who influenced your work?

Though I was closer with others, Professor of History Lynda Morgan stands out because she took me under her wing to teach me how to write, though I didn’t initially realize she was out to help me. On every paper I handed in, she would cross out what I wrote and rewrite it with proper grammar and sentence structure to teach me. Because I had quit high school and had little to no writing experience, the process was difficult, but she never gave up. When at Boston College in a master’s program, I contacted her to tell her what a BC professor said to me, “Carol, whatever you do, don’t stop writing.” I would have never gotten that acknowledgement without Lynda’s relentless commitment to me.

4 responses to “Q & A with Carol Egan FP’99 : Promoting Health for Busy Professionals”

  1. Amy Bazuzi, MHC '85 says:

    Carol, I only recently discovered you and your great work. Can I make this green juice in my vitamix rather than a juicer?

  2. Laura Bellusci says:


    Congratulations, and best wishes in all your endeavors.

    Laura Bellusci, FP ’96

  3. Lynda Morgan says:

    Carol, what a joy to hear that you are doing so well. I still remember your earlier appreciation, and this later one is just as special. Keep up the good work and send me your favorite green juice recipe! All the very best, Lynda

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