fall 2011

Making the Grade: What’s Right with U.S. Public Education

  Amid the drumbeat of bad news about America’s educational system, Mount Holyoke alumnae are using their skills to make improvements—one student, one classroom, and one school at a time. When Meredith Louria '77, an English teacher at Santa Monica High School in California, opened the newspaper early one June morning and saw…... » Read more

Mercury Rising: What Happened When Lauren Smith Stirred Up the Mud

Like most waterways, the bottom of the Savannah River is full of dark, mucky sediment. In 2005, when Lauren Wooten Smith '11 got down and dirty to analyze what was in that mud, she discovered a toxic metal—methyl mercury—at more than 100 times the level considered lethal. Muckraking…... » Read more

Taking Birth Back: Alums Give a Big Push For Midwifery

"My mother has very little memory of what it was like to give birth,” says Jainee McCarroll ’93. "She was knocked out and was traumatized by the experience. I wanted to shift the paradigm of my family’s birth history by giving my child the gift of my presence." So…... » Read more