insiders’s view

A look inside the Mount Holyoke Interfaith Sanctuary

Part of the original Mary Lyon Hall building constructed in 1897, the small chapel that now houses the Interfaith Sanctuary was originally a space used for Christian prayer, with a simple altar and wooden pews that seated about 60 people. Since the construction of Abbey…... » Read more

Insider’s View: The President’s House

Tucked away on the western edge of campus behind Pearsons Hall sits the house where the past eight Mount Holyoke presidents have lived. The pale yellow three-story stucco home was commissioned by the College’s eleventh president, Mary Woolley, designed by Horace Frazer of Boston, and…... » Read more

Studio Theater

Insider’s View: Studio Theater

Used as a classroom, rehearsal space, and performance venue, the Studio Theater in Kendall Hall is the dance department’s most sacred space, according to department chair Rose Flachs. One of three studios in the building, it is the only room exclusively designated for use by…... » Read more