winter 2011

Books or Bytes: Are You Ready For The Future?

Libraries are serving lattes and muffins, and local bookstores seem to be going the way of the blacksmith shop. Last summer, Amazon announced that e-book sales outpaced hardcover books by almost two to one. And several companies are developing ATM-like machines that dispense print-on-demand books…... » Read more

Is Being Lesbian Hazardous to Your Health?

A pioneering alumna doctor delivers a mixed prognosis The state of lesbian healthcare is like the classic cartoon in which a doctor says to a patient, “Well, I have good news and bad news …” According to Patricia A. Robertson ‘72, a physician and professor…... » Read more

A Closer Look: Caring Full Circle

Joanna Lillian Brown '73 hopes that you will buy her book before you really need it. Caring for Dying Loved Ones: A Helpful Guide for Families and Friends is the result of nineteen years of caregiving for relatives and friends. In it, Brown shares the…... » Read more