Transcript: Perfect Day Story

“What am I doing at this college that is basically summer camp?” 

Hannah: I think my most perfect day at Mount Holyoke was Mountain Day first year. Unfortunately, you weren’t there for that, but I just remember it being this amazing day where I woke up super early and I decided to go on the three hour long hike. So we wake up, we get on the bus, we get to the base of the hike and we just hike six miles in three hours. And I was with our friends and we took all these pictures and we were singing and I got to know some people. And we get there and we get free hats and ice cream and we’re on this mountain and it’s all perfect and I just feel like I’m at summer camp the whole time, like “What am I doing at this college that is basically summer camp?” And then we came back to Mount Holyoke and that was before we knew that we probably shouldn’t swim in Upper Lake [Laughter]. So a bunch of us went swimming because it was warm enough and the water was still warm enough. That was so much fun. That was probably my perfect, at least my first perfect day here.

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