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Spring 2011 Off the Shelf: More Books

Mount Holyoke authors are a prolific lot, and we don’t always have space to feature in the printed magazine all the books we receive. Here are more recently published books for your consideration.


Young Adult

I’m Not Crazy: A Workbook for teens with depression and bipolar disorder

By Linda de Sosa (iUniverse)

Following the suicide of her son and her own struggles with mental illness, de Sosa has worked to make sure other teens struggling with depression and bipolar disorder do not lose hope. This workbook offers a series of thought-provoking questions designed to start conversations among teens, as well as the writings of her own children with the hope of illuminating these difficult disorders and getting teens to seek the professional help they need.

Linda Sykes de Sosa ’78 is a travel consultant in Houston.



Writings, Volume II, The Anthology of the Montreal Branch, Canadian Authors Association

By Joan Lichtman, et al. (Canadian Authors Association)

In her first piece of “personal, creative writing” to be published, Lichtman describes in “Homecoming” a visit to Vancouver, Canada, where she is caught up in a Good Friday parade of people “exiled from the mainstream” who “speak their peace” and are heard.” She had, she writes, finally come home.

Joan Lichtman ’65 is severely dyslexic and says she didn’t learn to read properly until she was in her forties.


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