Reunion 2017

Alumnae Descend on South Hadley for Reunion 2017

Bird-watching. Transcribing historical documents. Face painting. Touring an eco-house. Singing in Abbey Chapel. Participating in a Japanese tea ceremony. And of course, parading in white.

A Mount Holyoke reunion is unlike any other.

Over two weekends in May more than 1,750 alumnae from classes ending in sevens and twos, plus the class of 2015, and generations that span nearly a century traveled back to campus from across the globe to reconnect with each other and the idyllic campus they still call home.

Mount Holyoke alumnae played a huge role in planning the two weekends. Each returning class organized dinners, social hours, and special programming. Paired with the Alumnae Association’s events such as the Welcome New Alumnae Ceremony, Back to Class, the Laurel Parade and Annual Meeting, and the Picnic on the Green, reunion is a very special weekend.

Acting President Sonya Stephens updated alumnae about current initiatives at the College and spent time with several classes over breakfasts, social hours, and dinners. “And I am impressed over and over again by the dedication and devotion of Mount Holyoke alumnae to their alma mater,” she said in her address at the Annual Meeting.

More than Forty Awards Bestowed to Alumnae

The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College congratulates the 2017 alumnae award winners who have taken the values of Mount Holyoke College out into the world as well as donated their time, expertise, and service to the Alumnae Association and the College.

Learn more about each award winner.

Reunion in Photos

Below is just a glimpse of the beautiful photos taken during the two weekends. Visit our Flickr gallery to see more photos.


Mount Holyoke alumnae posted to Facebook, Tweeted, and shared photos on Instagram almost every moment of Reunion 2017. Scroll through below to see highlights from the two weekends.