A Sneak Peak into the Chicken Coop

Andrea LeClair ’02 had no farming experience when she first got chickens, but now she has a flock of ten in her five-acre backyard in Western Massachusetts. Get a peek inside her chicken coop to see firsthand what raising backyard poultry really entails.

» Read LeClair’s tips for raising backyard chickens in the article “The Maven: Raising Backyard Chickens,”from the winter 2015 Alumnae Quarterly.

—Video by Kimberlyn Fong ’15

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One response to “A Sneak Peak into the Chicken Coop”

  1. James says:

    I like your video. Your chickens are very spoiled to have oatmeal for breakfast! I was surprised when I started keeping chickens a few years ago how entertaining they can be. Our chickens run to the door of the run whenever any of the family stand by our back door- they are spoiled rotten!

    My website address links to a free infographic that I have created that details 23 elements that you need to consider if you want to create the perfect run or coop. Accompanying the infographic is a 9000 word article that provides all of the best research that I could find for each of those elements.

    If you have the time to read it, I would appreciate your feedback.


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