Alumnae Association welcomes new president

Maria Mossaides ’73. Photo by Lisa Quinones

After a one-year term as president-elect, on July 1 Maria Z. Mossaides ’73 assumed the role of president of the Alumnae Association. As the Association’s next leader, Mossaides will guide the organization in its mission to provide diverse programs, expertise and resources to foster lifelong learning and to empower alumnae to connect with each other and with the College.

“I am very fortunate to be the first person to serve as the Alumnae Association’s president-elect,” said Mossaides. “The opportunity to serve on the board and to participate in the committees has given me a deeper understanding of the varied work of the Association.”

A Worcester, Massachusetts, resident, Mossaides has dedicated herself to social service, holding a wide range of positions in the public and independent sectors as an attorney and an administrator. She served for several years as executive director of Cambridge Family and Children’s Service until, in 2015, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker appointed her child advocate for the Commonwealth, a position she still holds.

Mossaides has served for more than 30 years in a number of volunteer roles for Mount Holyoke, including as committee chair for The Mount Holyoke Fund. When her daughter, Sophia Apostola ’04, enrolled at the College she began to see the many opportunities to foster connections between alumnae and students.

“Mary Lyon recognized that her graduates needed to support each other in order for them to achieve success in their chosen profession,” Mossaides said. “Early graduates paved the way for the next generation of students to follow. I cannot imagine the difficulties that these pioneers faced, proving that women could benefit from higher education. The one constant has been to support Mount Holyoke so that the College can educate the next generation of leaders. We can continue this commitment by connecting our alumnae with current students and providing the support to launch their careers and lives.”

Outgoing Alumnae Association president Marcia Brumit Kropf ’67 stepped down from her role June 30. “It has been my great pleasure to work with Maria this past year,” she said. “She is an experienced executive and leader, as well as a devoted volunteer. I am excited about her ideas for the future of the Alumnae Association.”

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11 responses to “Alumnae Association welcomes new president”

  1. Leila Quinn says:

    Congratulations, Maria! I still often think of the conversation I had with you and Sophia at an alumnae networking event in Boston in 2015 as I prepared to enter politics and public service. I am still grateful to this day for the insights you both provided!
    Leila ‘12

  2. Diane Kadlec says:

    Congratulations Maria. You dedicated countless hours over many, many years to Mount Holyoke. I can say with confidence you will do a wonderful job as Alumnae President.

  3. Sue Hershner Chehrenegar says:

    I add my congratulations to that of all the other women who knew Maria and graduated with her in 1973.

  4. Elaine Stevens says:

    Maria, this is Elaine. We left James Monroe High School together and went to Mt. Holyoke. I am so proud of your accomplishments as a daughter of the Bronx.

  5. Linda DeMarco Miller says:

    Congratulations, Maria! Exciting times ahead for MHC with you at the helm of the Alumnae Association.

  6. Ruth Rotundo Whitney '66 says:

    I had the pleasure of serving on the Board on Cambridge Family and Children’s Services while Maria was Executive Director. She is the ultimate example of “If you want something done well, ask a busy person.” The Alumnae Association is very lucky to have her.

  7. Leslie Anne Miller says:

    The Alumnae Association and, in turn, Mount Holyoke is in great hands with Maria at the helm.
    She is a great representative of the Class of ’73.

  8. Doris Hamburg says:

    I am excited for the Alumnae Association and the College to have you assume this leadership role! Wonderful news! Thanks for all you do!

  9. Lorain (Heindel) Giles says:

    I am so delighted that a classmate is now the President of the Alumnae Association. You rock, Maria!

  10. Nancy Kessler says:

    Congratulations to Maria! I remember her in college as energetic and vivacious. I am sure she will be a great alumnae Association president.
    Nancy Rosenbaum Kessler, class of 73

  11. Kris Aulenbach says:

    The class of 73 is very proud of you, Maria!

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