Laurel Chain: August 2014

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Life of ApgarLife and Legacy of

Virginia Apgar ’29

The Quarterly article, “Life Blood,” examines the benefits of newborn screening. Virginia Apgar ’29 pioneered a quick way to assess newborn health. Read more»

Campus Transformed

Campus Transformations

Throughout the summer we’ve been posting then and now photos of Mount Holyoke buildings. See how the campus has changed, or in some cases, stayed the same. View more»


Are you more of a Safford, Rockefeller, Ham-MacGregor, or Wilder? Find out which dorm suits your personality. Take the quiz»

Mount Holyoke students have been busy this summer with Lynk-funded internships that span a wide range of career fields and the globe. View more»

MHC MomentMHC Moment: August

President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 traveled to Seoul, South Korea, this August to attend the World Congress of Global Partnership for Young Women, where she gave an opening keynote address. Read more»

August 2014


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