More Books from spring 2013 Off the Shelf

book cover: Cameron Can Too

Publisher: CreateSpace

Cameron Can Too
Written and illustrated by Allie Brooke

Cameron, a young, purple penguin is surrounded by other penguins—only they’re red and blue. He knows he’s different but that doesn’t stop him from finding happiness and being true to himself.

Allison B. Turner ’09 graduated from Western New England Law School in 2012 and is an attorney. In her spare time she writes children’s books. This is her first publication.


cook cover of Food Allergies

Publisher: Authorhouse

Food Allergies: A Recipe for Success at School

By Jan Hanson

The comprehensive handbook covers all areas of food-allergy management in schools. Hanson offers a clear summary of current research and medical information, the supporting law, the emotional impact of this health issue, recommended coping strategies, and practical, step-by-step guidance for each stage of a child’s education.

Janet Clement Hanson ’78 founded Educating for Food Allergies, LLC.


Book Cover: A Roller Coaster Down

Publisher: CreateSpace/Grist Mill Press

A Roller Coaster Down
By Mary Lash and Vasant Garcia

Bernadette “Bernie” O’Brien is an underachieving, overweight fourteen-year-old who happens to be blind. All she wants on her first day of high school is her average share of happiness. But with a best friend who ditches her, an unattainable crush, and health problems, Bernie’s rollercoaster ride doesn’t seem like it will ever go up.

Mary J. Lash ’71 is a writer living in Greenville, South Carolina.



Featured image by Vittorio Reggianini, used under public domain.


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