Laird and her children, from left, Brendan, Evelyn, and Colleen

My Voice: What is Enough?

I used to stage whisper my dreams of motherhood, not sure if attending Mount Holyoke would mean I had to view my future in a different light. Would I be a disappointment to this prestigious women’s college if I did not go forth and stand…... » Read more

Nissreen Haram ’86: Learning to Play and Playing to Learn

Nissreen Haram knows her work is successful when children start screaming—screaming because they enjoy the museum she directs so much they don't want to leave. Since 2008, Nissreen has guided the Children's Museum in Amman, Jordan. A visit to the nonprofit's Web site ( shows…... » Read more

Laraine Masters Glidden ’64: Researching Resilient Parents

In the 1970s, parents of children with special needs found less societal support than they would come to receive. But when Laraine Masters Glidden '64 started researching these families in the early 1980s, her discoveries made her optimistic. "Parents and families are remarkably resilient; crises…... » Read more