fall 2016

Ode to the Pepper Box

From October 10, 2016, through December 18, 2016, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum will feature the exhibit The Recovered History of Prospect Hill, exploring forgotten campus sites Goodnow Park, Lake Nonotuck, and the Pepper Box. Learn more about the exhibit by visiting the Mount…... » Read more

How to Use a Sundial

Sundials are the earliest type of clock and use the Sun and its position to indicate the time of day, commonly known as solar time. We haven't relied on sundials to tell time for centuries—not since time has been standardized across the world—but it can…... » Read more

Leslie Smith Green ’94 and Nada Al-Thawr ’19

Find Your People: Leslie Smith Green ’94 and Nada Al-Thawr ’19

In 2014 Leslie Smith Green ’94 began an informal program of matching incoming international students with alumnae. Alums provide advice, emotional support, and, often, a well-stocked shower caddy—a luxury students don’t think to pack. In fall 2015 Leslie “adopted” Nada Al-Thawr ’19, who is from…... » Read more

More Fall 2016 Books

Torches in Shadows CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Combining contemporary poetry and painting, Torches in Shadows is a selection of the work of collaborating artists Cornelia Rohde and Hester Ohbi. Whether shadow dancing in the Amatola Mountains, gazing into the eye of an octopus on the…... » Read more