Theater at MHC Brings Susan Daniels ’79 Full Circle

Every morning, as Mount Holyoke theater arts department chair Susan Daniels ’79 walks through the Rooke Theater lobby on her way to one of her acting classes, she passes a large gold plaque bearing the names of seniors honored for “excelling in dramatic arts.” Susan’s…... » Read more

A Playwright’s Perspective on Wendy Wasserstein

Like many women in theatre who came of age in the 1980s, I looked to the playwright Wendy Wasserstein ’71 as my lodestar. She was a successful, widely produced theatre artist who talked frankly about sex and relationships (or the lack thereof ). She wrote…... » Read more

Dream Big! The Imaginarium of Lucia Neare ‘88

Lucia Neare ’88 just dropped a magical acorn in my hand. We have never met before, so I am struck by the unique greeting. No pleasantries about the weather. No “It’s nice to meet you.” Just a golden acorn. Correction: not just a golden acorn, an acorn made entirely of…... » Read more

Listening to Clothes

Archive Captures Women’s History Through Dress Above Chapin Auditorium, high up in Mary E. Woolley Hall, we climb the stairs to reach the Mount Holyoke Clothing Archive. I feel a ghost hunter’s anticipation as my guide unlocks the first door and I step into a storage room under the…... » Read more