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Mount Holyoke Alumna Establishes Language Lab in Auroville, India

Mita Radhakrishnan ’90 has built a life and a career in Auroville—a unique and evolving community in India that is

Mount Holyoke Alumna Offers Strategies on How to See the World

I believe in the transformative nature of travel, both on a philosophical and a practical level. Exposure to new cultures

Mount Holyoke Alumna Embraced Both Parts of Her Cultural Identity

Ruth Muskrat Bronson, class of 1925, belonged to two different worlds. Her father was Cherokee, and she was raised in

MHC Professor Lauret Savoy Explores Race and the American Landscape

Supported by a Carnegie Fellowship, Professor Lauret Savoy Digs into the Essential Questions of Her—and Our—American Past David B. Truman

Lauret Savoy: Teacher, Author, Cultural Explorer

Teacher and Mentor A teacher, earth scientist, writer, photographer, and pilot, Professor Lauret Savoy is also a woman of mixed African-American,