Clubs FAQ

What types of communications work best for clubs and groups?
It is best to have a balanced approach that includes broadcast email, print mailing, and social media.
Does my club or group need its own website?
See the website hosting page.
What is the turnaround time for broadcast email?
Five business days. See the broadcast email page.
What is the turnaround time for print mailings
14 business days. See the print mailing page.
What are the expectations of a club president?
What is the difference between a club and a group?
See the types of clubs page.
How do I start a club in my region?
See the Starting a Club page.
How can the Association assist my club or group?
The director of clubs of clubs and the Clubs and Groups Committee act as a resource for club volunteers. They can offer guidance on matters concerning succession planning, revitalization, programs and activities, and overall club development. if a club is faced with a dilemma, the committee liaison and the director of clubs works with the club to find a solution.
Where can I find my contact on the Clubs Committee?
See the Clubs and Groups Committee contact page.