148th Annual Meeting

June 6, 2020
Noon EDT

All alumnae are welcome to attend this virtual meeting.

For any questions, please contact Janet Glick, associate director of on-campus events. 

Annual Meeting Program

Convening of the 148th Annual Meeting 

Welcome from Alumnae Association President Maria Z. Mossaides ’73 and conferring of the Mary Graham Davis Leadership Award

Welcome from Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stephens

Alumnae Association Business Meeting

Reading of Class Histories: Class of 1970 and Class of 2020

Recognition of Donors and Presentation of Advancement Awards by Vice President for Advancement Kassandra Jolley

When you invest in Mount Holyoke, you inspire our students to pursue their passions and to stretch their perceptions of what is possible. With your support, Mount Holyoke forever shall be. A celebration of reunion giving and a full list of award winners will be shared here in early June. 

The Sphinx Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest total participation in giving to Mount Holyoke during the reunion fiscal year. 

The Pegasus Award

Awarded to the reunion class that raises the most total dollars for immediate use through The Mount Holyoke Fund during the reunion fiscal year. 

The Lion Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest total giving to all funds for the previous four years and the current reunion year.

The Griffin Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest percentage of Laurel Chain Society members. 

Reading of Class Histories: Class of 1995 and Class of 2015

Presentation of Alumnae Association Awards

Mary Graham Davis Leadership Award

Awarded to an individual who demonstrates exceptional leadership in service of both the College and the Alumnae Association.

Achievement Award

Awarded to an alum for outstanding achievements and service to society that exemplify the values and virtues set forth by the College.

 Alumnae Medal of Honor

Awarded to an alum at their twentieth reunion or beyond for long-term eminent service and significant leadership in promoting the effectiveness of the Alumnae Association and/or College.

 Innovator Award

Awarded to an alum who has demonstrated innovative leadership in a single area of service or for a singular accomplishment that has resulted in significant change and exemplifies the values and virtues set forth by the College. 

Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award

Awarded to an alum for outstanding achievement in and contributions to the field of education that exemplify the values and virtues set forth by the College.

Loyalty Award

Awarded to an alum who has demonstrated exceptional loyalty to the Alumnae Association and/or College through her consistent effort and active involvement over an extended period of time. Volunteer effort may be on behalf of a class, club, affinity group, global region, the Alumnae Association or the College.

Volunteer Leadership Award

Awarded to an alum who has demonstrated strong leadership, consistent effort over time and active involvement in one or more areas of service. Volunteer effort may be on behalf of a class, club, affinity group, global region, the Alumnae Association or the College.

Mary Lyon Award

Awarded to a recent alum (graduated fifteen or fewer years ago) who demonstrates exceptional promise or sustained achievement in their life, profession or community, and whose work embodies the humane values which Mary Lyon exemplified in her life and inspired in others. 

Reading of Class History: Class of 1945

Closing Remarks and Virtual Laurel Parade


Class of 1955

Joan Winkel Ripley, president, head class agent, web coordinator

Nancy Nutting Lane, co-vice president, scribe

Sylvia Johnson Lucas, co-vice president

Judith S. Vernon, head class agent

Nancy Stratford Zambelli, head class agent

Jane Barth, treasurer

Gay Hartman, web coordinator

Joan Willenbrok Leonard, officer at large

MC Bachmann Churchill, officer at large

Class of 1960

Jean Mahoney, president

Nancy Bloom, vice president

Katherine Kingsbury, reunion co-chair

Heidi Keller Moon, reunion co-chair

Lucy T. Eubanks, head class agent

Joyce Johnson Spencer, head class agent

Patricia Kennedy Ascher, Nominating Committee chair

Katherine Bracher, Nominating Committee member

Barbara Blanco Gaab, Nominating Committee member

Judith S. Olmer, Nominating Committee member and class scribe

Sandra Germond Pritz, Nominating Committee member

Janet Herridge Keffer, treasurer

Ann K. Williams, website coordinator

Nancy F. Bireley, officer

Class of 1965

Judith Burger-Gossart, president

Roberta Aber, vice president and reunion co-chair

Dianne Middleton Lee, reunion co-chair, communications chair

Karen Kelly Becker, head class agent

Caroline E. Sloat, head class agent

Deborah Page Cooper, reunion hospitality chair

Elizabeth D. Archambeault, captain

Katharine Swan, Nominating Committee chair

Alicia Irene Barela, Nominating Committee member

Sarah Jane Deats, Nominating Committee member

Dorothy B. Derick, Nominating Committee member

Helen R. Desfosses, Nominating Committee member

Beverly B. Harrison, treasurer

Judith C. Harris, assistant treasurer

Margaret Wright Conkey, co-scribe

Nancy Kuehler, co-scribe

Linda H. Wilson, co-scribe

Class of 1970

Ann Richardson Berkey, president, Reunion Planning Committee

Katherine Moore Hart, vice president, Reunion Planning Committee

Jane Hiller Farran, reunion chair

Barbara Cooke Monks, reunion chair

Yvonne V. Watford-McKinney, reunion chair

Susan E. Ellis, head class agent, Reunion Planning Committee

Martha Doolittle McIver, head class agent, Reunion Planning Committee, Nominating Committee member

Jean L. Olson, head class agent, reunion scribe

Helen E. Disenhaus, reunion program chair, Nominating Committee member

Arleen McGrath Heiss, reunion program chair, Nominating Committee chair

Judith L. Case, reunion hospitality chair

Beverly Jo Walker, reunion hospitality chair

Jill V. Blackwood, Reunion Planning Committee, website coordinator

Jill M. Brethauer, Reunion Planning Committee, treasurer

Diane Mayer Murphy, Reunion Planning Committee, co-scribe

Susan Swart Rice, Reunion Planning Committee, hospitality chair

Elizabeth T. Gould, reunion sign chair

Charlotte N. Church, reunion connections chair

Linda Graves, reunion connections chair

Linda Morehous Goodwin, connections chair

Ellen Cochran Hirzy, reunion booklet chair, co-scribe

Patricia S. Mitchell, reunion memorial service chair

Jamie Schwarzfeld, reunion hospitality chair

Pamela Thiele, reunion costume chair

Antoinette Ward Tschann, reunion social chair

Class of 1975

Rhonda C. Berney, co-president, website coordinator

Elaine Coutanche Milnor, co-president

Judith K. Stein, vice president

Denise Terrazas, reunion chair

Alexandra M. Fotiades, head class agent

Coral May Grout, Nominating Committee member

Eileen L. Epstein, treasurer, scribe

Alice C. Maroni, treasurer

Class of 1980

Susan Conway Jablonski, co-president, reunion chair

Catherine E. Meikle, co-president, reunion chair

Lori J. Souder, vice president

Donna C. Vieraitis, vice president, treasurer 

Anne F. Campbell, reunion chair

Beth Somers Stutzman, head class agent

Catharine Kane Irwin, website coordinator

Carol A. Sliwa, scribe

Class of 1985

Melinda Anne Smith, president

Mary D. Partyka, vice president

Anne-Marie McGonnigal, head class agent

Sharon Dennis, Nominating Committee member

Julie A. Dwyer, Nominating Committee member

Jane S. Ely, Nominating Committee member

P. Brooke Russell-Zaccone, website coordinator

Steva L. Stowell-Hardcastle, treasurer

Michele D. O’Connell, scribe

Class of 1990

Sunaina Virendra, president

Julie Treumann, vice president, reunion chair

Julie E. Murphy, head class agent

Camille M. Gagliardi, Nominating Committee member

Elizabeth Kivela Barrett, website coordinator

Sabrina L. Maurer, treasurer

Ellen J. Curran, scribe

Victoria Streiff, scribe

Class of 1995

Rebecca Esther Gold, president

Gretchen B. Connard, reunion co-chair, website coordinator

Nitza M. Diaz, reunion co-chair

Saira J. Malik, head class agent

Carin D. Zinter, head class agent

Sara Leikin, Nominating Committee member

Claire V. Ricker, Nominating Committee member

Sara A. Taylor, Nominating Committee member

Michelle C. Zamperetti, treasurer

Julie Anne Green, co-scribe

Rebecca L. Jacques, co-scribe

Class of 2000

Cynthia M. Krohn, president

Laura G. Khoudari, vice president

Radley Emes, reunion chair

Wendy Fischer, reunion chair

Katherine H. O’Brien, head class agent

Colleen Eskin Blanchette, Nominating Committee member

Rita F. MacRae, Nominating Committee member

Trisha L. Tanner, Nominating Committee member

Alexis Davis Horn, website coordinator, secretary

Destiny McDonald Barletta, treasurer

Akilah Charlemagne, scribe

Catherine Herrold, scribe

Class of 2005

Emily Colgan, president, reunion name tag chair

Sierra C. Thomsen, vice president

Caroline M. Aranibar, reunion co-chair

Sharon T. Smith, reunion co-chair

Allison M. Butler, head class agent

Joanna Testa, head class agent

Kate B. Vigour, head class agent

Alexandra M. Bonomo, reunion costume chair

Claudia Calhoun, Nominating Committee member

Megan M. Hudson, Nominating Committee member

Laura O. Khor, Nominating Committee member

Joana I. Souza, treasurer

Katherine Stickles-Wynen, website coordinator

Joanna S. Chlebus, co-scribe

Heather M. DiGiovanni, co-scribe

Elizabeth J. DeCoster, secretary

Class of 2010

Lauren E. Darby, president

Ariel Hahn, vice president

Sonya Aziz-Zaman, reunion co-chair

Rahel I. Lippert, reunion co-chair

Cameron McCaugherty, reunion co-chair

Melanie S. Haber, head class agent

Kathleen C. Dahill, Nominating Committee member

Claire H. Nash, Nominating Committee chair

Sarah M. Wells, Nominating Committee member

Joanna Arcieri, website coordinator

Stephanie Rainaud, website coordinator

Nicole A. Chambers, treasurer

Lauren R. Becker, co-scribe

Emma J. Scarloss, co-scribe

Kati B. Stadum, secretary

Class of 2015

Hannah M. Yee, president, reunion chair 

Brooke Huynh, vice president, reunion chair

Jessica L. Avery, head class agent

Kristen E. Kilburn, head class agent

Rachael R. Smith, head class agent, reunion costume chair, reunion sign chair

Sara B. Watkins, head class agent

Zisang Yang, head class agent

Jessica M. Craig, Nominating Committee member

Amanda L. Roberts, Nominating Committee member, reunion hospitality chair

Julia S. Karron, reunion social media chair, reunion scribe

Larkin F. Turman, reunion social media chair, scribe

Erin A. Pierce, treasurer

Elena B. Eimert, scribe

Class of 2018

Isoke Samuel, president

Caroline H. Clowers, vice president

Sara Kamal, reunion co-chair

Yael. S. Silver, reunion co-chair

Rebecca S. Hughes, head class agent

Nicole M. Villacres-Reyes, head class agent

Alexandra J. Brennan, treasurer

Sara-Ann I. Yong, website coordinator, secretary

Emily C. Castner, co-scribe

Rochelle A. Malter, co-scribe