Affiliate Application

Application Process

Any group of alumnae seeking affiliated club status must submit a charter or bylaws to the Alumnae Association. The Association’s Clubs and Groups Committee reviews applications and determines whether to grant affiliate status. The charter/bylaws must include the following:

  1. Name
    The name of the club may not include “Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College” or “Mount Holyoke College,” as these words indicate specific legal entities. Clubs may use the name “Mount Holyoke” in their titles.
  2. Purpose
    The purpose of the club must be consistent with the mission of the Association.
  3. Leadership and Reporting Requirements
    The charter or bylaws must specify the method of selecting officers and the titles and terms of the officers. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the officers shall be provided on an annual basis to the Alumnae Association and any changes in leadership must be communicated to the Association.
  4. Terms and Criteria for Membership
    The charter/bylaws must determine terms and criteria for membership. These terms may include annual payment of dues.
  5. Evidence of Interest
    The charter/bylaws must be accompanied by evidence of interest in the form of signatures and addresses of 50 alumnae.
  6. Collaborative Efforts with College Departments
    Members of an affiliated club must understand and use current policies and practices regarding admission and fundraising activities. The MHC Office of Admission manages all Alumnae Admission Representatives (AARs) and must approve any direct admission activities. The MHC Office of Advancement manages all fundraising efforts and must approve any direct fundraising activities. Fundraising activities related to alumnae outreach require approval from the Alumnae Association executive director or her designee.

Services Provided by the Alumnae Association

  1. Staff Liaison
    The Alumnae Association is an available resource.
  2. Membership and Mailing List
    The Alumnae Association may maintain a membership/mailing list for each affiliated club, and will provide one annual, free newsletter mailing to the entire membership.
  3. Treasury
    The club, if based in the United States, shall be a legal subordinate of the Alumnae Association entitled to the benefits of tax-exempt status and, as such, shall be required to file annual financial reports showing that its collections and disbursements were in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
  4. Annual Meeting
    Geographic clubs will have an annual meeting and clubs based on a shared interest will have a schedule for business meetings (this can be on a reunion schedule). Clubs send minutes from the meeting to the executive director and the designated staff member of the Alumnae Association.
  5. Volunteer Hub
    Officers will have access to the Volunteer Hub, the central, online resource that provides a comprehensive toolkit for volunteers.
  6. Other
    Services other than those specified in these guidelines may be provided to affiliated clubs at the discretion of the Alumnae Association executive director and designated staff member.
  7. Financial Support
    The Association does not typically provide financial support for affiliated club activities. Affiliated clubs may assess reasonable dues and other charges to cover costs of their activities and events. A club wishing to convene a conference or gathering with financial support from the Association or the College must follow the application process for that endeavor.
  8. Prohibited Activities
    Affiliated clubs must not engage in activities that would jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the Association under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).
  9. Annual Reports
    Affiliated clubs are required to submit annual reports (forms A, B, and C) to the Alumnae Association. These forms include information about the finances, officers, membership, and activities of the club.
  10. Dissolution
    Revocation of affiliate status will occur if the leadership of the affiliate club requests that the club be dissolved, or if the Association Board of Directors finds that the club is not in compliance with its charter or with these guidelines. Such a finding may be made only after the club is afforded the opportunity to hold a hearing before the board.