Association Reimbursement Policy & Form

Reimbursement Form


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Expense Policy for Association Officers, Committee Members, and Volunteers

Reimbursement Philosophy

In an effort to manage the Alumnae Association’s volunteer travel expenses and focus our financial resources on the delivery of services to all alumnae, the Association is asking all volunteers to travel as economically as is reasonably possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Booking flights in advance to secure good rates, and flying coach.
  • Leasing most economical price bracket vehicle offered by the rental agency only if it is more economical than airport shuttles, carpooling when possible.
  • Selecting transportation to and from airports based on cost as well as convenience.
  • Choosing economical parking, such as “long-­term” parking at the airport rather than “short-­term.”
  • When staying overnight on campus, using Willits-­‐Hallowell (or a nearby hotel if Willits is full), and sharing the room with another alumna if possible.
  • Choosing economical dining options.

We understand that some of our volunteers will choose not to follow our travel guidelines. In those cases, the Association will ask the volunteer to share the costs, with the Association’s portion based on the estimated cost had the travel guidelines been utilized.

We hope this policy will allow our volunteers to travel in a manner that accommodates their preferences and circumstances, while also controlling Association costs.

Qualifying Expenses

The Alumnae Association will reimburse expenses for volunteers only. Expenses for spouses/partners or children who accompany the volunteer are not reimbursable.

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Transportation: Auto mileage over 350 miles each way must be preauthorized
  • Transportation: Airfare, train, bus, car rental, mileage, taxi, airport shuttle
  • Associated transportation: parking fees, tolls
  • Hotel accommodations 1
  • Meals 2

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Air travel insurance

Reimbursement Options

We are frequently asked which of the available reimbursement options is best for the Alumnae Association. The answer is “some of each”. Alumnae who choose not to submit for reimbursement assist the Association in controlling costs and meeting our operating budget. Alumnae who donate reimbursements to the Founder’s Fund help us grow the fund, which we consider critical to providing for the long-­‐term stability of the organization. Donations to the Mount Holyoke Fund advance the many goals of the College. We encourage volunteers to choose the reimbursement option that works best for them.


If you have any questions, please call Kathy Cadorette, Financial Analyst at (413) 538-2735.

1. The Association will reimburse/pay for a shared double room, or for half the cost of a single room should the alumna choose not to share a room.

2. The Association will reimburse for meals incurred while en route to your meeting/event (for example, during a layover between flights), and for meals purchased once you have arrived on campus. Note that most meals are provided while you are on campus. The Association does not reimburse for a meal purchased in lieu of one provided. We generally do not pay for meals purchased prior to an alumna leaving to come to campus, or after an alumna arrives back home.