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As an alumna of Mount Holyoke College, you know that we view your liberal arts education as central to your success in both life and career. The Lynk is MHC’s signature initiative intended to help students translate their classroom experiences to the working world beyond the gates.

What exactly is The Lynk?

The Lynk is an essential part of Mount Holyoke’s promise to prepare students to face the future with confidence by enabling them to identify strengths, explore career possibilities, articulate learning outcomes, and network with successful professionals via four elements embedded within the undergraduate years: Goal Setting, Professional Development, Practical Experience, and The Launch.

How do I get involved?

The best way to participate is to join the Career Network and the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College LinkedIn group and keep your contact information and professional profile up-to-date. We ask you to join both groups so that students and alumnae can target searches in the Career Network and then follow-up via LinkedIn for additional career details and conversation.

» Join the Career Directory
» Join LinkedIn
» Find Career Resources
» Submit Lynk Activity Submission Form

What will I be asked to do?

This year, we are launching a series of pilot programs to test which types of student-alumnae interactions work best and you may be asked to participate in an informational phone interview or an online chat as part of a fall course. See an example of one of these pilot courses here. If contacted, you may be asked about how you entered your field or how you have developed relationships with mentors throughout your career. Due to the size of the student population compared to the alumnae body, not every alumna who signs up will be contacted this year.

What about career resources for alumnae?

We continue to develop alumnae-to-alumnae networking opportunities and offer a variety of resources depending on your career trajectory and interests. For example, the MHC Career Development Center offers access to online databases for career exploration and self-assessment. In addition, the Alumnae Association will be hosting a monthly #MtHolyokeAtWork virtual job shadow for students and alumnae interested in following a day-in-the-life of alumnae working in different fields.

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