Indelible Images by Roberta Friedman Dixon ’77


“Each time I paint, it is with abandon, as if I have erased time and gone back to true innocence,” says Dixon about her abstract images.   For her, painting is a way of “embracing chaos” by imposing control, but her works feel spontaneous and are often “bold, bright, and dramatic.”

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Read her article in ARTisSpectrum, “Find Your Own Road,” about reawakening the artistic sensibility inside every one of us.


In mid-October, a group show that included Dixon’s work opened at NYC’s Agora Gallery. Read the review.


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  1. Roberta is a great abstract art artist. I love how she seamlessly combines the colors and shapes. In my opinion, her artwork is very interesting, charming and intriguing at the same time. One of her collections that I like the most is the one called “High Line”, emphasizing white outlines.

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